[Approved] june marketing activities for near nigeria

Guild Name: NPK Guild(NEAR NIGERIA)

Funding Scheme: Monthly
Guild Lead: @damboy22

Team involved

Detailed summary:

After success of the Bitcoin pizza day that occurred on the 22nd of may 2022, we plan on using the month of june and july to the the following
onboarding an average Nigerian into the NEAR ECOSYSTEM,
explaining NEAR TERMS as simple as possible,
bringing in both developers and creators into the NEAR ECOSYSTEM,
advising start-ups to build on NEAR,
encouraging the Nigerian government to see future in blockchain,
educating various Nigerian communities on what the Future holds for creative art and Nigeria culture,
telling Nigerians how Nigeria Financial sector can produce better results when blockchain is infused into their respective solutions,
showing Nigerians that entities that are in blockchain aren’t bot or people trying to hide their faces but are real humans like themselves,
making eNaira as a case study which is also built on a Blockchain,
collaborations with respective sectors in terms of promoting NEAR in Nigeria,
increase activities in all NEAR Protocol Nigerian communities,
bringing in local creators from Nigeria starting from Kano state into NEAR ECOSYSTEM,


  1. increasing activities within the NEAR Nigeria telegram group in terms of number and interactions.
  2. increasing activities in NEAR Nigeria social media accounts in popular platforms, so that individuals and corporate bodies can use it to get relevant information and stay updated.
    3)Creation of at least four quality written contents per month which will explain simple basics of blockchain, NEAR ecosystem and its vast use cases per month.
    4)Creation of one to two interactive videos addressing programming, creatives and any other issues Nigerians need further explanation on and graphical demonstration of some of the articles above which would be published on Medium Medium account and uploaded on our YouTube and made visible through our website. Website
    5)Creation of at least 6 graphics/Infographics/memes per week used to create short term education content which will be used to interact with our communities on various social media platforms and also creation of graphics for NEAR related activities and events.
    7)Translation of already prepared articles into the three major ethnic languages in Nigeria, meaning we expect to have a minimum of 12 translations by the end of the month.
    8)Continuation of NPK TALK series highlighting various topics in NEAR ecosystem, Nigerian involvement in blockchain, developers aspects of NEAR Nigeria and common issues generally talked about in Nigeria cryptosphere.
    9)Hosting at least two AMA sections; one in NEAR Protocol Nigeria telegram group and second in any of Nigeria creator or developer group or exchange groups as we noticed, many exchanges where $NEAR is trading that have a Nigerian community know little about NEAR and really don’t know how to explore the ecosystem or Dapps built on it.
    10)Setting up of NEAR NIGERIA community TUTORS. These educators are community members who have chosen interest in learning some aspects of the NEAR ecosystem and everyday each tutor gives a detailed but simple explanation of the particular topic assigned to him. This was practised in the month of January and it had a widely marked success.
    10)Partnership and collaboration as we aim to establish at least one partnership a month targeting popular crypto media blogs, developer hubs, university hubs and blockchain influencers here in Nigeria and Africa.
    11)Hosting of various small meetups once per month in high schools, polytechnics, school of technologies and various departments in various universities in various states in Nigeria.
    Supervision of the NEAR blockchain hub starting soon with Akwa Ibom State University.
    12)Hosting community quizes in NEAR Nigeria telegram group and creates support for growing ideas.

1)increase efficiency in delivering community based services by moderators of the telegram group and increase members in the community by at least 500 people, with campaigns that will promote community participation.
2)Hosting of campaign such as hosting spaces, referral contest etc that will increase followership in each of this social media accounts by at least 500 followers and increased participation online to near events and near Nigeria events
3)4 articles to be written by our content creation team of Near Nigeria which would be available via our website nearnigeria.org this is to provide readable Nigeria based materials that will easily be identified and understood by anyone passing through the site, also community participation is key as we plan on hosting events where special topics will be asked to write about and community members will be challenged to take up such topics and rewards distributed based on community vote
4)6 graphic design/meme/Infographic per week is to have content available to the Nigeria community so that complex ideas within the ecosystem can be made in simple form to the community and this will easy onboarding both in terms of community participation and draw key personnel in terms of skills and future investors into the near ecosystem. Despite the fact we already have a team dedicated to creations of such material, to increase community participation, we would involve the community and thereby raise capable hands that projects can employ. This graphics will be made available on our various social media platforms and telegram communities
5) weekly interactive section in the community as we plan daily activities ranging from quizes to AMAs down to creative artist days
6)Hosting our monthly get-together starting From kano state were we would discuss about NEAR, OCTOPUS and Aurora ECOSYSTEM

Looking at the above we have broken down the cost of operations as follows;


1a)Community Management
Telegram Community Management: $250

1b)Social Media Management
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram Management: $600, $150 per each account.
Marketing plans for all social media.


2)Graphics, Infographics and audiovisuals
In form of bounties and based on improved activities for both council and non-council members
Rewards: $500 as rewards splits among designers

3)Content creators rewards both written and video: $500

At Least two each of the local Nigerian languages Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba will be made available which means a minimum of 6 Translations: $300

5)NEAR Nigeria community tutor: 200$ Each month covering the tutors and their supervisor.

6)AMA section and giveaways: $450

7)NPK TALK series: $200

Grand total: $3000

@marketingdao-council thanks for the support


Let’s make the difference this month,by reaching out to all part of the country physically

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Let’s keep expanding the NEAR ecosystem in Nigeria. #TheFutureisNEAR

Good morning guys. We are recently re-opened a hub in Africa (Sankore 2.0). They support guilds and community members across Africa, host meetups, and have educational programs.

Did you try to connect with these awesome guys?


Yes, we are partners for over a year now

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Ok, thanks. Did you try to connect with them? They recently got a grant from NF as a regional hub. I don’t know about their road map (unfortunately, this information is hidden from Near community members). Still, probably, as a representative in Africa, they can cover some expenses (tutors, AMAs, etc.) from their budget.

Please, let me know. Thank you.


Ok i will reach out to them and see if Our activities is included in their budget, and way forward


Agree with @Dacha - This should be an interesting case for you to contact @Sankore2.0 to work out the budget


Am in contact with @Mazi now, waiting for his response

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Do you have any examples of the Marketing Plans for previous months? What is the time commitment to manage each one of these channels?

DO you have any examples of previous work done in this area? What content are you going to cover for the month ahead? How are the designers selected? Are these competitive rates?

Where are these translations posted? How many translations have been performed to date?

Can you provide more details on these? Who are the AMAs held with? Where are they hosted? What is the nature of the giveaways? How are the winners selected?

Can you please provide more information on this?


A) As summerized in our last proposal creted for Feb/may FEB/MARCH and a detailed report of our activities for the months of MARCH/APRIL
Our marketing strategy to grow the regional social media channels include

  1. Regular updates of happening in the NEAR ECOSYSTEM by the use of both written, video and graphics
  2. Regular AMA sections and twitter spaces
  3. Partnership with projects in and out of near ecosystem
  4. Attending and representing NEAR in various offline and online event as we did in the month of May BITCOIN PIZZA DAY
  5. our target each month is to grow active membership of each social media account by 300 followers

B) The NEAR NIGERIA team has 3 graphic designers and we also include the community to participate. That is why a sum total of $1000 was asked as each week we produce 6 graphics and 1 video spread across our various social media platforms. You can check out the work so far here.
The contents includes new months messages, important activities in the NEAR ECOSYSTEM, AMAs, and other activities in relation to articles created by the team.

C) All translations are pasted on the near Nigeria medium page and involves translations into various Nigeria Languages and with a rate of 3 to 5 translations per month since Dec 2020 when this guild was formed, estimates sees minimum of 50 translations

D)AMA SECTIONS were deem a good fit to increase awearness of NEAR in various crypto communities. As at match when we made our last Report we had AMA section with Nigeria communities of Gate.io and Bybit. Currently we are in discussion with FTX. We also have plans to include twitter spaces with various communities as seen in this forthcoming panel discussion

Winners are either selected based on the community rules as some you have to pay before you are allowed to host an AMA with them. As seen with gate.io

E) The NPK TALK SERIES is created to create a weekly summary of activities in relation to Nigeria, Africa, NEAR and the general ecosystem. This report is analysed and made available to the community to discuss on NEAR NIGERIA TELEGRAM COMMUNITY.


Please update us after you have more information from @Mazi and @Sankore2.0 – thanks!

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Am currently in contact with him, promised to get back to me that was 2 days ago

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Good evening, looking forward to seeing information .

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Reached out to @mazi of #sankore it seems there is no plan outside kenya or east Africa countries.
It seems we would have to advocate for a Regional hub in Nigeria soon.


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Dear @Grace, do you plan to include expenses on meet-ups, and AMAs in the Nigeria Hub budget? Or should we continue reviewing the proposals under Marketing DAO? Thanks


@mazi responded we are to continue receiving funds from marketing dao
@Dacha @Dacha @so608 @satojandro

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Thank You very much. Looking forward to seeing comments from Grace. Thanks

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Hi Damboy,

Thanks for the work you are doing!

Given the current market conditions, we are able and willing to offer you $3,000. We’d expect you to be able to prioritise among the several initiatives and make the most of these resources to create value for the ecosystem during these hard times.

Let me know if this would be an acceptable amount so we can move forward to approve.


Will talk to the team and get back to you soonest