[Approved] NxM Integrating a Full Web3 Experience at Local Music Festival


Title: [NxM] - FUNDING PROPOSAL FOR [April] - [2023]

  • DAO introduction

We hope to set a new precedent, and standard to serve as an example of what a thriving and productive web3 music community can be.

This is what we have planned to begin gradually deploying…

NxM Weekly Itinerary Proposal

reposts: twitter, IG, TikTok, additional hub spaces

Monday: What’s New in Music & Web3?

Every Monday, we host a weekly conversation discussing and highlighting what is happening in the world of music and web3.

Location: NEARHubs, Twitter Spaces

Tuesday: N/A (open for events and other activities)

Wednesday: Whippin’ Up Wednesday

The chemists are cookin’ up and collaborating with ecosystem partners Endlesss and/or BEATDAO. We want to host producer-focused events that educate on music production and encourage collaboration. Endlesss is a web3 music tool that allows multiple producers to share and collaborate on different tracks and keep a record of each contribution on-chain. BeatDAO is a DAO of music producers.

*The line between coders and producers and engineers is slim. Let’s use this to draw conversational parallels from producing and coding to crossover interest and inspire new devs

Thursday: NxM & Friends

Hosting conversations with key players in the musicsphere. Guests will include pioneers of web3, current projects, tools, and teams, along with traditional music industry professionals who will give industry insights and best practices while sharing their experiences and their thoughts on web3. It would be great to have a livestream or pre-recorded video with a Q&A.

Location: Nearhubs, Twitter Spaces, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Discord, Twitch.

Friday: DE-FI-Day

We want to focus on the role DeFi can play in artist communities, transcending the degen casino to discuss what DeFi can really mean for artists now and in the future of web3.

Also, I think continuing to tinker, furthering our DeFi experiments, and documenting the process would be valuable in practice and education.

Our Events:

Open Mic: a curated platform in our metaverse to facilitate community engagement and activity. Pre-register by signing up, anybody can participate in showing off their talents. Open mic is a chance to enjoy the company of peers and gain feedback if that is what you wish.

Need registration form, format, and flow. Open invite but will need a reasonable cap on signups per week. Should sign-ups become in such high demand, we will create a waiting list with slots fairly distributed.

Monthly Showcase/Concert: We are showcasing a featured artist to take the

metaverse stage for a live-streamed concert. Once a month, lineups from reputable regional, national, and international artists will perform, with the options for promotional NFTs airdropped to the audience and other web3 activities in collaboration with the featured artist.

We will use the entire month to promote.

Our goal for this event is to represent the highest quality of live music content in the metaverse.

Metaverse Writers Round

We have a global community and want to share the diverse cultures and creativity that compose it, featuring artists from regions across the globe coming together to celebrate the music of the world.

Inspired by the writer’s round tradition made famous in the Music City– Nashville, Tennessee, we will host two rounds with three artists. Each artist plays one song, passes the mic to the next artist, and goes around the horn until each artist has performed 3 songs. It is meant to be a simple but well-curated event, allowing artists to network and get comfortable performing new material.

To promote and market, we will include highlights about the country, culture, genre and artists participating. Submitting to perform will be open to the public but will be more selective than the open mic.

The goal of also hosting metaverse writer’s rounds in person is because the physical locations will allow us to expand our ecosystem and reach core markets. The opportunity for artists in music-focused regions to come together, learn, and experience web3. In addition, the physical locations listed have sophisticated live-streaming setups that will improve the online experience tenfold.

Physical Locations: (Nashville, Louisville, Atlanta, Indianapolis)

Non-US Event Spaces: TBD

Bonus: Performances are streamed throughout NEARhubs, and other 3D spaces when possible. For any event, we have the ability to airdrop NFTs during the artist performances, airdrop collectibles to the audience like songs, videos, static images etc. and other activations.

Quarterly: NxM Sponsored Live Event (onboarding)

Examples: Bringing NxM and Endlesss @ Beats and Brunch w/ LouiEvolve. One of the largest creative communities in the region hosts monthly get-togethers with industry professionals to talk shop, share ideas, and entertainment. Connecting with established events and partners for select dates makes sense for growing our ecosystem awareness and putting web3 directly into the hands of those that will most benefit and help move the space forward. Applicable for any similar event or region. The last large LouiEvolve event we hosted featured Jack Harlow.


Each performance will be minted, displayed in the store, and gifted to the performing artist in appreciation for participating.

Re-watch livestreams and other content in our archives and gallery in the NEARHubs metaverse.

We are creating a white-label marketplace for NxM to host exclusive content, NFTs and represent the best of the NEAR x MUSIC ecosystem, with the goal of becoming the gold standard for music NFT marketplaces and platforms for artists in web3.

Marketplace to Include:

NxM and Artist Merch

Blog/New Music News

Viral clips

General Community Updates and Highlights

Playlists of the Month

Playlists by Region

Playlists by Genre

Cross-Chain Compatible (eventually)

  • Why team is best for the funds

Please share details of your team members and showcase any retrospective value created by your team members and why your team is the best to receive the funding.

  • Achievement information about the DAO

What has your DAO achieved till now as a community? Quantitative and qualitative information.

The NxM is undergoing drastic changes to how it operates. I was brought onto the council last summer around the transitional period of creatives dao to revive the community and establish a more productive direction. Our roadmap to accomplish a more impactful NxM has been outlined above.

  • Content and Social media stats (web2/web3), on-chain activity, built dapps (if applicable only)


  1. Share the number of proposals created, How many councils, size of community, number of NFTs in mintbase, events done in metaverse.

Three council members include myself, Monish & Bone Police

  1. DApps if built and the purpose it solves, any traction metrics etc.

Our next proposal will be specifically towards tech builds and curating our own NxM marketplace and mediasphere.


  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under
  1. Art
  2. Music
  3. Culture
  4. Mixed-Media
  5. Any other

It falls into all of the above categories.

  • Impact

What kind of impact is creating or is on the track to create (e.g. defined by social impact, tech innovation, DAO to DAO collaboration, helping in mass onboarding, growth of NEARs name etc)

Website: https://www.louievolve.co/ 1

Goals: 20% of all attendees to interact on-chain in some way.

Establish use-cases and a relationship for future activations with LouiEvolve and NEAR.

Education. Education. Education.

Projects Involved: Mintbase, KeyPom, Meteor Wallet NearHubs, NxM, Charm3d, Harmonic. More are welcome where it makes sense. I’m very open to exploring.

Benefits to the Near Ecosystem: Prime case study to showcase a range of direct applications for an active and growing creative community and the opportunity to grow with them as we use this event to begin establishing and integrating long-term web3 strategies and activations.

Establish a new precedent and blueprint for NxM activities as a whole.

LouiEvolve NFT Marketplace featuring performing artists.

We are curating a white-label NFT marketplace to host NFTs for sale from select artists. (3-5).

Select artists will be airdropping NFTs to audience members on days of their set.

QR codes (keypom) will be displayed behind the artists on stage for users to scan. (projector pending) (2-3)

LouiEvolve will have posters displayed throughout the two venues for members to collect special edition LouiEvolve Branded NFTs that may be used for perks or access to future events. These will be free collectibles.

Producers Corner partners with other industry professionals for a presentation and discussion on niche subject matter like entertainment law and web3. For this iteration, we look to feature discussions surrounding the emergence of crypto, NFTs, and web3 in the entertainment industry, what artists need to know, and how they can take advantage of new opportunities.

Why do artists need to know about web3 & NFTs?

Blockchain technology and NFTs allow artists to take full ownership of their work and the platforms to distribute their work directly to fans.

NFTs are a tool to build and engage with your community. An extension of your brand, community and product offerings.

Key Concepts:



Royalty Splits

Community Building

There is a misconception that:

NFTs are/have to be expensive. (NFTs can actually be free minus gas fees)

NFTs are valuable just because they are an NFT. (NFTs are as valuable as the brand and community it represents.)

NFTs neither have to be expensive nor are they valuable just because they are an NFT.

NFTs are just the result of a process, authenticating a piece of work and storing that data on the blockchain. It is similar to a certificate of authenticity for a baseball card.

The value is determined like anything else. It is about the community it serves. Different communities will find different assets and rewards valuable just like any other brand and community.

A Few Examples of Uses for NFTs as Artists:

For an artist that plays shows often enough, they can use NFTs for something like a meet and greet before or after a show.

For an artist that releases a lot of content online, NFTs can be used to give fans exclusive or early access to new content, merch or other releases.

1 of 1 pieces of art. True fans are collectors and they will support their favorite artists by collecting whatever they release, if they’ve built that connection and value already.

NFTs are simply community assets used to serve a community.

Other benefits also include transparency in transactions. All transactions done on-chain are visible for all to see. No lost payments from PROs or confusion on where your money is going.

Royalty Splits

Automated royalty splits are also a huge benefit to artists using NFTs. Smart contracts allow the automation of payments among collaborators for the specified percentage. There is no admin. There is no third party. Artists get exactly what they are owed every time with full receipts.

Forever royalties are also available for artists using NFTs. If your NFT is resold after it is first purchased, forever royalties can be coded so that a percentage of future sales also go to the original artist(s).

The percentage of royalties can always be set by creators.


Project 1 (please make a copy for each different project)

Expected outcome: - Prime case study to showcase a range of direct applications for an active and growing creative community and the opportunity to grow with them as we use this event to begin establishing and integrating long-term web3 strategies and activations.

Establish use-cases and a relationship for future activations with LouiEvolve and NEAR.

Education. Education. Education.|
|Activities & timelines:|-LouiEvolve NFT Marketplace featuring performing artists.

  1. We are curating a white-label NFT marketplace to host NFTs from select artists.
  2. Select artists will be airdropping NFTs to audience members during their set.

Using QR codes (keypom) and posters/projectors on night of artists performance. (3)

  1. LouiEvolve will have posters displayed throughout the two venues for members to collect special edition LouiEvolve Branded NFTs that may be used for perks or access to future events. These will be free collectibles.


Side Event: Blockchain Brunch with the Producers Corner


Headline Performers: $750

Camera Crew: $1,500

Photo, video and editing

This includes video for metaverse performances, performance video and post production wrap-up videos.

Wristbands: $500

Materials: $450

Posters for QR Codes





Venue(s): $750

Community Outreach/Local Influencers/Potential Media Placements: $500

Vendors/Light Food/miscelleous: $500

Total: $4,650

(Detailed budget for each activities, target wallet (if any))|

  • What is the DAO’s goal or objective?
  • Roadmap to reach the goal?
  • How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?
  • What will the community or the team members’ role be?


Total request number: $4650

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): nxm.sputnik-dao.near


@creativesdao-council for visibility


Deck For More Details

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Good day! You need to get approval from NF events team.

What is the best way to go about that?

and is there not any avenue through the creatives DAOs for this proposal as NxM?

Please keep in touch the Creative DAO mods team.
Or let me know if you couldn’t reach them out. Thanks

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Creatives @creativesdao-council should be in touch with you soon. Appreciate the patience.


Hi @rhymetaylor, thank you for the proposal.

The project itself is clearly described in detail, however more information for the main proposal is needed (for the broad community to understand the context & DAO activities).

Please add more information following the proposal template before we can review this in full. Thank you very much!

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organizers are paying for security for the in-house teams at the venue. I’m not sure who or when you called but the venues are not the organizers. This comment was also made at 7am on Easter Sunday? I am more than happy to set up a call with anybody involved with this the event. There are four main organizers and I am one of them. None of them have been contacted But we are paying for security out of pocket.

So I’m not sure who was spoken to but it wasn’t the organizers.

Hi Dacha,

Drawing parallels between a criminal and someone who supports a cause on their personal account is not in the least a criminal activity and completely unrelated to the proposal.

Request you to please take that down as it’s an allegation with no basis and frankly, very demeaning.

To check the social media and the work the community is doing, I’ve shared their Twitter link.


Proposal is still under review.


I would also like to add the marketplace that is under construction. instead of artists being both for sale and airdrop, the artists chosen are going to all be airdrops and a ticket package for next year will be the NFT for sale. https://louevolve-git-evolve-harmonic-guild.vercel.app/

I have addressed the comment above. I’m more than happy to set up a call with the actual organizers. I’m not sure who was spoken to in this instance but they were either misinformed or misinterpreted. I also find it questionable that a venue would discuss the details of private dealings of a business with a stranger just because they called. Regardless, I have no problem providing whatever proofs or validation needed. And for what it’s worth, this fee this is also less than the total cost we will actually pay.

Hi William, thanks for the feedback. I will format our proposal to the template guidelines.

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According to the community driven guidelines that you agreed to, this is completely out of line. . There was nothing respectful or pragmatic. You assumed, accused and judged and attacked my character, and just missing facts.

I have been nothing but a positive reflection and advocate of Near for over two years and and fought for the best and against the worst in this ecosystem. . Your comments on this thread speak far more to your character than it does mine and it is as flagrantly wrong as it is unappreciated.

Every community member is able to review any proposals and do due diligence, but I’m not a decision maker.


There is a decorum. Its disrespectful and I shouldn’t have to explain that. You also claimed you spoke to an organizer, which you did not. So aside from the lack of decorum and respect, your comments were also falsified. It is far more of a shady action on your end than something of due diligence. You going behind our back to talk to “organizers” does nothing but make the people we work with question us, even when they give you the information to verify your questions. Its so so unprofessional and a gross overreach. By no means does what you did fall under the purview of “due diligence.”

At this point, your comments prove a lack of understanding of the situation. The definition of ignorance is lacking knowledge, and your comments by definition are ignorant.

Going forward, your comments and influence on this proposal and others in the future should be considered a conflict of interest due to a severe bias and lack of discerning fundamental information in favor of your own attempts of defamation and personal agenda.

Good day, and I’m looking forward to hosting one of the dopest events in the NEAR Ecosytem.


Have a great day and week!

You can keep your disingenuous comments to yourself.


since my previous comments were wrongfully deleted, I’m going to repost again. Its important that we are all aware of the legal definition for defamation of character and we all speak out against the abuses of power displayed today.

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