[Approved] NxM Integrating a Full Web3 Experience at Local Music Festival

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The proposal was granted approval on April 16th within the funding vertical of CreativesDAO, delineating the following details:



We have been feverishly collaborating with other projects within NEAR to strengthen our offerings and support going forward.

By no means was this a perfect activation, but the proof of concept showed strong viability when given proper resources and the ability to consistently interact and engage with audiences and artists.


This is a recap video from the Producers Corner. This event was a Q&A style side-event for the performing artists and affiliated creatives to have a sitdown conversation about NFTs, blockchain, and deeper discussions about the opportunities and context for artists to leverage the tech, tools, and ideas. Unfortunately, due to tech letdowns, we were not able to onboard new users directly at this event as planned. The adjustments to rectify the issues in the future have been noted.

We decided to drop this recap video while in Milan to maximize its local impact. Doing this allowed us to extend the window and buzz of LouiEvolve’s working with NFTs, as well as continue the momentum and awareness going into 2024. There is also an unquantifiable “clout quotient” as I am calling it, that amplifies LouiEvolve’s status and perception amongst the community by having an internationally recognized art display. This cannot be overstated. Branding is intangible but its value is undisputed.

more than 1500 guests attended LouiEvolve 2023

One artist each night had an NFT available for the audience to collect during their performance set.

125 airdrop links were created

34 NFTs were completed to claim onsite during the performances.

8.3% of attendees interacted with the NFT display.

With proper tech support, we look to exponentially exceed these numbers and can compound upon these experiences, using NFTs as access points before, during and after the festival, throughout the year.

The NFT collection was completely passive in the sense that there was not an available representative to walk attendees through the process, making onboarding completely independent outside of the prompts from the artists to scan the code.

This was as much a feature as it was a bug though, because while having additional in-person support is always nice, stress-testing non-crypto natives in the space to interact independently was the end goal. We wanted to find out how people responded when left to their own devices, interests, and intuition.

It has now been decided that in 2024, the NFT holders from that first drop, will receive VIP ticket packages.

Our goal is to meet people where they are, not force web3 down their faces. We have to be real about the narratives and usability we face outside of our silos. NFTs have been misrepresented to the nth degree, and we need to take back control of the narratives. IMO, we do that by reshaping the understanding through context and tangible experiences. Meeting people where they are, not where we want them to be. People care about enjoying and improving their lives. I use the Internet everyday. I’ve never once thought about the tech.

LouiEvolve Festival Highlight Reel

Since the LouiEvolve Festival, we have had two other displays in which the festival and web3 integrations were featured. The data is as shown.

Unique Owners: 159

Unique Owners: 131

Unique Owners: 127

Unique Owners: 79

Total Unique Owners: 496