NxM DAO Hack at Createbase Hackathon

Coming up on the 14th of May Createbase will be hosting a Hackathon together with the Open Web Community Conference (link here)

NxM will be joining the Hackathon by coming up with a variety of “Micro-DAOs” that can facilitate the needs of the community and at the same time allow members to join the different DAO teams as a way to directly contribute to the community!

Participating community members have a chance to earn some NEAR!

You can add to this thread with your ideas for what DAOs we should be creating as a community! Some of the ideas we have currently rolling in our Discord are the following:

  • Events
  • Onboarding
  • Education
  • Bounties
  • Social Media
  • Marketing

Drop a reply with your thoughts and comment and ideas for what we should be focusing on for the DAO Hack!