[Approved] NxM DAO - Marketing February 2022


Funding Scheme: Monthly

Project: Social Media Management February

Council: @Monish016 @Paul @vandal

Links: NxM Live | Linktree

Target Address: nxm.sputnik-dao.near

Previous Creatives DAO proposals

Creatives DAO proposal Feb

Creatives DAO report Jan

Request amount: 1100 USD in NEAR


NxM Guild was established on July 21 as the first musical Guild on NEAR Protocol. Since that date, the Guild has accomplished many significant initiatives such as NxM Live events, BeatDAO, and DJ DAO launch, and it keeps funding many great music-oriented projects and activities; therefore, the purpose and mission of the NxM is to help support the creative musicians from around the world and build a robust music ecosystem for all interested users within the NEAR Protocol.

Aligning our Mission Nxm Has planned Various Projects throughout the Month of February and it needs a Social Media Management budget for Onboarding and Promotion of Events.

Social Media Management January Report

The monthly tasks for the social media management position are:

  • FB

    • Management: daily content, creating events for the online streams and events & sharing 200 USD x N
  • IG:

    • Management: posting daily, including NFT drops, stories & posts from other DAOs within the Ecosystem & the NEAR profile - 200 USD x N
  • Twitter:

    • min. 3 posts & retweets per week about streams, events, collaborations & funding options (through the gov. forum) - 200 USD x N
  • TG:

    • Community calls
    • Sharing of bounties/ possibilities in the ecosystem & nurturing DAO to DAO / artist collabs through actively connecting them with other artists
    • Reviewing funding proposals & updates, explaining DAO functions, payouts etc. - 300USD x N
  • Discord:
    *Active Community Participation, Syncing Events through telegram and Twitter, Discord Trivia - 200USD x N

Current numbers:

  • FB: 101 Followers
  • IG: 195 Followers
  • Twitter: 983 Followers
  • TG: 438 Members
  • Discord: To be updated


Reaching the following numbers by the end of the month:

FB: reaching 120 followers

IG: reaching 230 followers

Twitter: reach 1100 followers

TG: grow to 460 members

Discord: To be updated

Amount: 1100 USD

Thank You


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This is a very clear proposal with reasonable funding requested, transparent reporting and specific metrics for goals. Great job!


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Welldone you guys are doing well keep up.

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Sure we will! Thank you everyone for the support

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@marketingdao-council , Please Approve the Poll, Last Poll got Expired. Poll

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@Monish016 Voted. this proposal is now Approved

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