Nxm DAO Management - July 2022

This payout request is for the management of the NxM DAO for July 2022.

It was a very slow month for all the DAOs on NEAR, This is Due to the Changes in the Community Payout, Yet we have funded 1 Event and 2 projects for July, and we have a couple of projects and events to be Funded for August as well.

Important Update
@Paul is no more part of NxM Due to the Creatives DAOs Guidelines, he took a step back from NxM Council

Also, @bonepolice has stepped down as council due to health conditions. Take Care bud :slight_smile:

we are Building an col Near hub Spaces for NxM, Which we are psyched to see in upcoming Months.

NxM Guides for Project/Event

There are no changes in the NxM Grant Guides. it remains the same from previous months.

In Social Media, I appreciate @Sleezy_Moss @AugustKinge & @Sammiee from the Social Media Team taking care of All the Social by Keeping the Community Engaged and Active.

Request - $1300

$400 - Monish016.near
$400 - williamxx.near
$400 - rhymetaylor.near
$100 - bonepoliceofficial.near

Thank you


Hello, good evening great NxM leaders and how was today?
Please i need you to take your time to check out my membership badge proposal @bonepolice @@rhymetaylor @MonishMuralidharan @williamxbf

I will be very glad if you check it out. Thanks in advance.

Link to my membership badge proposal