[Report] NxM DAO Management - April 2022

This payout request is for the management of the NxM DAO for April 2022.

April was an exciting month for NXM with a lot of developments, which I’m sure will lead to even cooler things in the future with our new Council @rhymetaylor @williamx @bonepolice. Yes, we are onboarding all three to the Nxm Council. as we Values Generated by Each one of the Council are Great and Essential for Nxm’s Growth and Development

Music in the Blockchain Era
Near Blog about Music in the Blockchain ERA Series is an exciting new series that will take a deep dive into musicians, labels, and industry professionals. We’re excited to be part of this
initiative. Thank you Fellow Councils to make this possible.

NxM Collaboration with Tomago
We are pleased to announce that the Nxm is on the Tamago Platform. we have a partnership with Tamago in order to expose our community music to a larger audience.

NxM Guides for Project/Event

NxM Project/Event Grants have been Updated as per inline with the Tamago Partnership.

in Terms of Social Media, I really Appreciate @Sleezy_Moss @AugustKinge & @Sammiee from the Social Media Team taking care of All the Social by Keeping the Community Engaged and Active.

Request - $1500

$300 - Monish016.near
$300 - crans.near
$300 - williamxx.near
$300 - bonepoliceofficial.near
$300 - rhymetaylor.near

Thank you


It was indeed a super April in NXM
And I must commend the efforts of the NxM councils and Our Members
Thank you all so much for such a productive month (A month in which your support and guidance saw me Create and Mint my very First NFT) I love you all and I look forward to an even grater MAY

@Monish016 @Paul @williamx @bonepolice @rhymetaylor
You are all wonderful


Thank you @Monish016

It’s awesome to be here. Thanks for the opportunity and guidance.

NxM stand up! :musical_note::fire::hugs: