[Approved] Social promotional machinery for near mixtape

I am writing this proposal to bring to the attention of the marketing DAO about the success of the Beats DAO so far after being funded for only two months. We have actualized solely community building and engagement projects such as the NEAR Mixtape and DIscord Beat competition/ submission.

These two activities has spread the gospel of the NEAR ecosystem by the evidence of how many active web 3 music producers we have onboarded so far and also the traction we have gotten from our social activities on Telegram, Twitter, and discord. image_2022-01-10_21-51-32

This proposal is about the NEAR mixtape, A project that was actualized in various phases, with which the last one was the recent premiere of the mixtape in the metaverse at the playground in crypto voxels. The NEAR mixtape has gotten positive reviews already because of the quality of the music recorded and also majorly because of its global signature of cross-cultural unity. Artistes and producers that participated in the mixtape spanned about 5 continents on the planet and this is a very unifying antecedent in the pursuit of oneness for humanity.

The NEAR mixtape was funded by the creatives DAO on the basis of recording and minting alone, and social activity was strictly restricted to DAO management. But at the moment, with the early success of the NEAR mixtape’s traction, I and fellow council member @Paul have seen the need for comprehensive social engagement machinery direly needed for the glory of the NEAR mixtape to radiate across many digital demographies. Below are the simple modalities of promotional logistics and what the BEATs DAO requests from Marketing

The NEAR Mixtape, being a cosmopolitan project that harbors artistes from different climes offers a tentative opportunity for awareness to various music producers, artistes, and creatives across the world who are not really fully aware of web 3 concepts yet, and a strong digital promotional reach would be an effective avenue to create curiosity and afterwards an onboarding into the NEAR ecosystem.

This comprehensive digital promotion would immensely enable the reach of the NEAR mixtape to the attention of NFT collectors and investors who are not familiar yet with mintbase or NEAR NFts.

It would also be a means of web 3 motivation and encouragement to the participating artistes and music producers on the nEAR mixtape by helping promote their brand and craft with the digital spread tentacles the NEAR Mixtape would acquire from this promotional initiative.

By contracting a social media professional who understands the intricacies of social engagement and also the algorithms that major social platforms work with. Succcess in commercially marketing the NEAR mixtape on a quite global perspective is assured

The NEAR Mixtape would get the attention of the global crypto community
NFT collectors would see the historical benefit of the acquisition
The Beats DAO community would expand exponentially by the influx of onboarded music creators and artistes (Meaning more opened near wallets and most probably more stakeholders within the NEAR blockchain)

The Beats DAO has been funded twice, Nov/DEC last year from which it got a good scorecard for its community recruitment and engagement activities through the NEAR Mixtape and Discord Beat competition activities. The second round of funding from Creatives DAO came on the 7th of this month, 3 days ago. We have been definite and prompt with results and reports

We are requesting $400 from Marketing to fund this digital promotion initiative for the NEAR mixtape

  • $200 for social media professional
  • $100 for paid ad platforms (to be administered by social media professional)
  • $100 ( for council to monitor the promotional activity and make sure social media professional is dutifully performing tasks and also utilizing paid ad platforms)

Happy New Year my people,

Cheers, its all love from John X

More peace and clarity to us all, i love you so much DAcha


Keep going , dude. I support you. Have a great day!


Yup, we need additional help, I’m doing what I can on Twitter, but we need some help to be on TikTok as well, I’ve already airdropped 1000 copies of NEAR Mixtape flyer, hope it’ll help too.
This funding will help us to grow!



Can you expand more on this, please? Where are you targeting the ads? What’s the goal(s)? The same as below?

Yes same as below, only that we’d be using Twitter mostly for this awareness campaign. The algorithms employed would focus on the global crypto community spanning other blockchain platforms, crypto enthusiats onboarded on other chains and to arouse curiosity in the web2 crowd about Web3 with the NEAR Protocol.

This activity would also promote the sales of the NeAR Mixtape as an NFT and would generate commensurate PR for the BeatsDAO while also helping the NEAR creators involved in the mixtape expand the scope of their brand and social profile

Promoted posts on twitter operate on a payment per engagement basis. We believe that before the engagement on the promoted tweet equals the budget we would have gained significant traction for the ecosystem, community biulding benefits plus NFT sales for the BEAT DAO.


Hey guys, happy to move this to Approved

Please note: The payout process is changing. Do not submit a funding request to the DAO. You will be notified when the new process is live. Thanks!

Thanks David…

We’ll sure give a detailed report of how funds were utilized for this social campaign



Thanks for your patience!

The new funding process is now live, you can follow the instructions here to request your funding:


Thank you so much David