[REPORT] Near Korea DAO September 2023

Hi everyone,

We are excited to share with you our September 2023 report for the NEAR Korea DAO community.

Previous Proposal:

[PROPOSAL] Near Korea DAO Monthly Marketing and Community Growth Budget - September - Marketing / MarketingDAO - NEAR Forum

Guild name: NEAR Korea DAO

AstroDAO: nearkoreadao.sputnik-dao.near

Approved amount September: $0

Near.social of all core team members:

Introduction of our team members has been published on Near Social

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Main content:

8 Infographics (Total views: 8,000 from Telegram, X, Naver, and other platforms.):

Articles (Total views: 3,000 from Telegram, X, Naver, Medium, Naver Premium Contents and other platforms.):

Events :

NEAR Korea DAO Social Community, BOS Development Event with IamHuman authentication

This event serves as a testament to the effectiveness of our strategies. During this event:

  • Students from Korea Universities have submitted more than 20 BOS proposals, and we received votes from 554 community members on these submissions.
  • over 1,000 posts were curated and shared on NearSocial.
  • over 4,000 transactions were executed on-chain, underscoring the active engagement of our community.
  • Over 37 users have used the IamHuman authentication.

The triumphant success of this event exemplifies the potential and vigor of our community. It not only confirms the impact of our strategies but also sets the benchmark for future initiatives.

Please note : Even if users receive the highest number of votes, if they did not participate in NEAR’s IamHuman and NDC voting, they were not be eligible to receive rewards.

$500 has been distributed as rewards to participants of the NEAR Korea DAO Social Community BOS Development Event.

52 follow-up news items(Total views: 8,000 from Telegram, X, Naver, Near.Social and other platforms.)

Tutorials :

Partnerships :


Instagram :

Telegram chat Daily support : [Telegram: Contact @NEARKoreaDAO]

On our Twitter, we’ve seen an increase in impressions, mentions, and profile visits due to our consistent posting of articles, events, infographics, and tutorials.

Screenshot 2023-10-05 at 10.26.20 PM
Screenshot 2023-10-05 at 10.26.32 PM

Twitter : (2) NEAR Korea DAO (@NearKoreaDAO) / Twitter

NEAR Social

We are aiming over 250 Near.social followers. in October

In the field of Development and Builders, we’ve been actively sharing content on Near.org and doing our best to onboard more users to NEAR BOS.

On-chain activity on BOS from NEAR Korea DAO users

Our users have made more than 1000 on-chain postings this month via near.social transactions.

Onboarding 37 users on IamHuman

Our plans for the upcoming month include :

  • Onboarding New users to BOS and Ensuring Continuous Engagement Through Our Monthly Activity Leaderboards.
  • Publishing a proposal for October 2023
  • Establishing more partnerships with projects on the Near Ecosystem
  • Further growing our social media channels, especially Near Social, and Keypom
  • Building products on BOS
  • Developer Outreach: We have discovered that there are many local developer teams who are eager to build on BOS or are already in the process of building on BOS during our meetup event. Our plan for the upcoming month will focus on maintaining communication with these teams. Through regular follow-ups and support, we will ensure they have the resources and knowledge needed to successfully build on BOS. By facilitating their development process, we can encourage innovation and contribute to the growth of the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Applying a bounty for local developers who are already building or want to build on BOS.

Your inputs and collaborations are most welcome! If you wish to join our team, feel free to contact me on Telegram: @coineazy.

We appreciate your support, and we look forward to more exciting times ahead!

Thank you Community, @marketingdao-council, @Dacha, @cryptocredit, @Klint, @satojandro, @so608, advisors, and all concerned parties, Happy day, everyone :raised_hands: