[APPROVED] NEAR Chill&Shill Twitter Spaces Monthly Funding Request

NEAR Chill&Shill Proposal

What is $NEAR Chill&Shill?

“$NEAR Chill&Shill” is a daily space educating listeners about web3 and NEAR ecosystem, highlighting projects, and connecting builders into a tight community.

What we do:

  1. Serve as an educational resource for people learning about NEAR ecosystem

  2. Serve as a community hub, everyone who wants to join the conversation is always welcome and given the microphone. Networking and making new friends in the NEAR universe.

  3. Serve as a free promotional platform for NEAR projects to get exposure to our community and the broader NEAR community. Projects can educate people about their products, connect with other projects and builders for collaboration and mutual growth.


  • Started 05/24/2022 (3 month)
  • Over 30 spaces hosted
  • Over 20 teams pitched their projects
  • 30-90 people total per space, 10-25 concurrently
  • Multiple days a week (2-4 on average)
  • 1 hour long

Past guests:

  • Nightly
  • PawnProtocol
  • ReactorLabs
  • NearFuture
  • Real Birds
  • CycloClan
  • MurderMysteryCollective
  • Vexxed Apes
  • Mr Giggles
  • BareBones
  • Shitzu
  • Nestercity
  • Lacrove
  • DirtySockz
  • Signalcalls
  • Shardeezz
  • Popsicles NFT
  • Crowsword.xyz
  • SuperCoalas
  • BoredGirls

NEAR Chill&Shill have naturally grown into something amazing, creating friendships and bringing people together around their interest in NEAR ecosystem. We want to grow NEAR Chill&Shill even more and will bring it to the next level with the help of this grant.

The funding will allow us to scale our team and have high-quality spaces 4 days a week, add a medium blog with reviews of projects pitches and show summaries, have necessary media graphics designed, dedicate more resources towards growing the show through researching new NEAR projects and collaborating with them, host events and giveaways, create a strong identity, and attract more people to our spaces and NEAR ecosystem as a whole.

Requested Budget
2 hosts 4 spaces a week (16 episodes) = $2000
Graphics Designer services - $ 200
Collab/Marketing management - $300/month
Social media management - $300/month
Medium copywriter (8 articles) - 30*8 = $240
Giveaways/event rewards (NEAR+ buying NEAR NFTs) 100$/week = $400 - to be given away to the community
Totalbudget: $3040 +$400 (to be given away) = $3,440

Improvements expected
Hosting spaces 4 days a week
Banners made for each space with guests
Banners made for projects pitch summaries
Value-packed spaces - NEAR updates, valuable info, project summaries, upcoming mints
Hosting community events, contests, giveaways
A Medium blog summarizing projects, relevant events, concepts, and valuable information discussed in spaces.
Actively reaching out to other projects and scheduling them for spaces. At least 2 projects/week
Attract larger audience
More planned out and entertaining shows
Attracting more projects to build on $NEAR

Funding request summary:
$3,440 (826 NEAR at the moment of writing)
Address: chillandshill.near
Owner: Wax

Supporting files/links:

NEAR Chill&Shill are hosted form Wax twitter: https://twitter.com/waxnear
Recent Spaces recordings:
(The forum would only allow to attach 2 links total, more space recording can be provided if needed)


i enjoy this space on twitter. i can’t wait to see it get even better :purple_heart::crossed_fingers:t5:


Hi @waxnear very interesting!

I sure have very much enjoyed my time the 3-4 times I have been on the show. :grinning:

Questions on my side, that might help you refine the proposal:

  • should the funding be granted, how many attendees you think you could reach? (MarketingDAO likes to see Metrics)

  • is this separate from Near @ Night? How to ensure both shows dont clash?

  • would perhaps make sense to keep the show 2-3 times a week, instead of 4, and at least 1 session be on different timezone to try to catch the Asian community?

  • Nearweek receives funding from the Near Foundation. Some of the items you are listing here (like do a Medium article summarizing every project spotlighted in the Spaces) could be later used by them on their weekly recap. Perhaps that portion could be subsidized by them, @Aria is the person to discuss with

Cheers and keep it up! :clap:


Are you going to serve as an educational resource, where do you get your knowledge resources from? How does the training take place and who chooses the topics? Free advertising platform, what indicators did you have last month for advertising? Anyone from the Near ecosystem can contact you and get an advertisement for their product? What are the results of advertising on your platform?
Thx :blush:


  1. We don’t teach any specific skills, but we educate listeners about the NEAR ecosystem, its news, and different projects on it.
  2. We don’t provide advertising services, but our Twitter space serves as a platform for NEAR projects to talk about themselves to our audience, get some exposure and educate listeners about the project. It usually starts with a pitch and turns into a long discussion as hosts and listeners start to ask questions.
    There is a section in this proposal listing some of the projects who came to our space over the past 3 months.
  3. Any NEAR project is always welcome to come on one of our episodes and talk about themselves. We don’t sell advertisements, but we give projects the opportunity to be heard by more people.

Hey, thank you for your feedback, it has been great having you on the show with all the knowledge you bring to it!

  1. So far we have been doing the numbers mentioned in the proposal without any funding or reimbursements, just by being present, putting the work in, and creating a loyal community. With the funding, we will be able to significantly increase the quality of the show as well as bring more people in with giveaways and other community rewards. Having around 50 people concurrently per space and 200+ total listeners per space seems like a good milestone for the first month, but I believe we can exceed it. Although crypto Twitter activity is as volatile as the market itself so it is hard to predict.

  2. Near@ night is a separate space that had just started recently. We have been running our NEAR twitter space for over 3 months, and don’t have any affiliation with them except that both projects are part of the NEAR community. They have their own audience and run their space late at night, while ours runs at 12pm est. We capture different timezones and people with different schedules so I believe there is no potential for a clash, but for cooperation and mutual growth.

  3. Doing 4 shows a week will allow us to have some diversity in the space format. For example, some spaces are completely dedicated to a NEAR project with their team pitching and community AMA, some are rather casual, providing NEAR community with a place to exchange ideas verbally and connect, while others are focused on specific topics within NEAR ecosystem. The number of shows per week is something that can be adjusted as we grow and get feedback from the users. For now, we run all our spaces at 12pm est, and we have our audience used to that time, but we are open to exploring different timezones if there is a demand for that.

  4. We are open to collaborating with any other NEAR projects that find our material valuable and useful


The perfect afternoon delight. I often attend to learn about upcoming projects and the folks behind them. Wax is an incredibly patient host, and at times encounters unwelcome guests who are quick to disparage. He expertly and calmly handles the interruption. Furthermore, he encourages folks to feel comfortable about public speaking and encourages them to promote their project in a receptive environment. Near needs more unique spaces like this one.


Hi. Thank you.
Are there any results after placing ads on your channel? Anyone comes to you and gets information about Near, and if no one comes to you? How will you attract new Near users from other communities?There are 3,000 people on your Twitter. Posts are liked no more than 50 times. There are from 20 to 42 people present at your audio lectures (viewing the month of August). What are the results of advertising on your channel?
Thx :blush:

Thanks for including some links. I’m glad people are taking unique angles on getting more engagement using cross-channel promotion.

You’ve got my support.


This sounds amazing! I would love to check out your space :smiley:


Personally would like to see project funding updates, major news, developer news, rather than just a hang out space which I see way to often in the Solana Ecosystem


Hi Wax,

Thanks for your detailed proposal.

I’ve been coming across your content on twitter for a while and the only reason why I don’t attend the Shill & Chill spaces is due to time zones.

Few thoughts and comments;

  • Team has been working without remuneration, building their audience and reputation long before applying for funding. This satisfies the criteria for a Passion Project
  • We can’t underestimate the importance of Twitter Spaces, specially NEAR branded. Why? Twitter Spaces are prime Real Estate that show at the very top of every user’s feed as long as at least one person they follow is in the space. This means the reach can be quite large, we have to cement NEAR as a permanent presence. Momentum, FOMO.
  • Spaces for the sake of Spaces are bad. The quality of the host matters - the audience they attract, the tone of the room, the level of insight, etc.

I support this proposal.

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Good morning. Could you please create a google form, so Near Community members/ projects can get a promo on your Twitter? Thanks

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We have co-hosted Twitter Spaces with @waxnear in the past and can attest to the fantastic job he does leading Spaces!

Between NEAR Chill & Shill and NEAR at NIGHT our community is finally getting the exposure it needs via the Twitter Spaces medium.


Reading through this proposal – noting the work already done to build an audience and show traction/engagement before requesting funding.

I think this is a good for for community funding via the MarketingDAO – happy to support.

I echo the comment from Dacha though – would be great to open up a public form so community can reach out to you to participate.

Moving this to approved. You can submit to Astro.


thank you so much, appreciate the kind words :heart:

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Hey thanks for the feedback, this is a great idea, will be working on implementing this along with everything else

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Thank you for your support, was happy to have you on the space :heart:

Thank you!
I will work on some kind of automated form for the community to use among other things, excited to grow NEAR Chill &Shill even more!

Hello, could you please share report? Thank you!