[APPROVED] NEAR Chill&Shill Twitter Spaces Monthly Funding Request

Hello, $NEAR Chill&Shill started operations in the new format not on the day of posting this proposal, but on the day of receiving the grant, 9/23, so I think its best to submit the report on 10/23. As it was our first time there was uncertainty as to the process and success of receiving the grant, as well as for personal reasons.

I understand the process now, and going forward will make sure that reports come 30 days from submitting the proposal, please let me know if it is okay, or if there is an issue we can further discuss.

To give you a brief update:
We had 6 spaces following the schedule (4/week) and interviewed 5 projects. Our most listened space with Lacrove NFT got 276 people tuned in total, which is a new record for chill&shill.

As was suggested on the forum, a calendly was created to make the sign-up process easier. There is a lot of promotion and collab work being done, and as a result, we have 12 more projects already lined up and scheduled for the upcoming spaces. In fact, the demand was so high that projects took all the available slots and didn’t leave any for community spaces, so now we are figuring out how we can bring back community spaces as well. Although we don’t see it as a big problem since AMAs are more educational and value-packed. The feedback from the community on these new spaces has also been very positive.

If there is an issue and you still want me to submit a monthly report now, please let me know and we will sort it out. Thank you.