[Approved] - July Chill&Shill Monthly Funding

What is $NEAR Chill&Shill?
NEAR Chill&Shill is a twitter space in the NEAR ecosystem. We aim to educate our audience about the application and capabilities of NEAR By interviewing founders of projects on NEAR, we simultaneously spread awareness about NEAR, give founders a platform to spread the word about their project, and educate our listeners about NEAR. Our Twitter Space also includes community spaces where members of the NEAR ecosystem can connect and engage with each other, creating a strong and engaged community around NEAR . Our mission is to enhance the NEAR ecosystem by promoting the growth of projects, fostering engagement within the network, bringing our listeners the information and education to further their growth in web3 space.

NEAR Chill&Shill is a very special space, different to most twitter spaces out there, in fact, it is so unique it is almost impossible to understand it, without being there, so I will have to give a lot of context here. This is mostly due to the fact that NEAR ecosystem is in such unique position. We have a family-like community of people, who were introduced to NEAR by us, then educated about NEAR through over 100+ NEAR spaces with different projects, founders, and key players in NEAR ecosystem. As a result, they don’t just passively consume content. Every projects that comes to our spaces notes the quality and depth of questions our community asks, their deep understanding of NEAR ecosystem, as well as the fact that going to our spaces instantly brings users and community members to their projects, since our community members always interact with the guest projects, and often become their most active community members, if they like the project. Eventually, after learning so much about NEAR, our community members become creators, a good example would be @Devbose ,one of bigger NEAR KOLs, was introduced to NEAR through our spaces. I truly believe that we have created a record amount of NEAR maxis.

Moreover, Chill&Shill serves as a hub, providing NEAR projects with a platform to attract users, engage with the community, hone their pitches, and network with other NEAR builders. In turn, our community gets to learn about new projects, ask questions, and connect with others within the NEAR ecosystem. We’ve also fostered collaborations between NEAR projects, further strengthening the ecosystem, which we believe is very important considering how disconnected different NEAR projects and builders are from each other. In the future, we plan to collect feedback forms from projects to better understand the value they derive from our space. On top of that, as mentioned before, we also grow the NEAR community and onboard people on NEAR who have not heard of it before through our spaces.

Previous Work
You can view some spaces we have hosted with various guests before:

Previous funding
$NEAR Chill&Shill has previously received 3 grants for a total of 48 spaces.
[Approved] May $NEAR Chill&Shill monthly budget - #8 by waxnear

[REPORT] March $NEAR Chill&Shill Monthly Budget


  1. Content - Audio - Twitter Spaces

$NEAR Chill&Shill twitter spaces exclusively around the NEAR and NEAR ecosystem.
$NEAR Chill&Shill’s distribution is done through @waxnear twitter account, which is the main social media account of $NEAR Chill&Shill where we post spaces, threads, articles, and any other media content produced by $NEAR Chill&Shill.

Funding Requested:
16 spaces * 250 = 4,000
Giveaways for space visibility:
16 * $20 = $320
Total: $4320

  1. Social Media - Promotion/Distribution - Twitter

To promote and distribute all our content we use @waxnear, which is the face of $NEAR Chill&Shill. @waxnear has been tweeting exclusively about NEAR since its creation in December 2021, Alongside our main content, we have created and posted over 4,750 pieces of short-form written content about $NEAR, including educational, community building, news, analytics, and of course high quality memes. At present schedule, there are 7-10 pieces posted daily, which results in approximately 250 a month, as well as communication and further engagement in the comments.
Link: https://twitter.com/waxnear
$600 /month

  1. Social Media - Community Channel - Telegram

We not only create content and educate our listeners and readers, but also organize them in an actively engaged community to keep growing and learning more about NEAR blockchain together and collaborating with each other. This is also a channel of distribution for our content, but it is mainly a community environment where we post interactive games, announcements, and create activities for our members.


Total Funding:
5220 USD




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