[APPROVED] - Chill&Shill Budget September

What is $NEAR Chill&Shill?
NEAR Chill&Shill is a twitter space in the NEAR ecosystem. We aim to educate our audience about the application and capabilities of NEAR By interviewing founders of projects on NEAR, we simultaneously spread awareness about NEAR, give founders a platform to spread the word about their project, and educate our listeners about NEAR. Our Twitter Space also includes community spaces where members of the NEAR ecosystem can connect and engage with each other, creating a strong and engaged community around NEAR . Our mission is to enhance the NEAR ecosystem by promoting the growth of projects, fostering engagement within the network, bringing our listeners the information and education to further their growth in web3 space.

Vision for September
Same as before, our vision is centered on our core objectives. We prioritize onboarding newcomers to the NEAR ecosystem with clarity and efficiency. We aim to deepen the existing community’s knowledge, emphasizing key components like NDC and BOS, ensuring our members are both aware and informed about these critical elements, and are actively participating in them.
Additionally, boosting activity on NEAR remains essential. Through targeted initiatives and insightful sessions, we’re set to vitalize the ecosystem, promoting heightened engagement. Our actions this month underscore our commitment to elevating the NEAR experience for all members.

Previous Work
You can view some spaces we have hosted with various guests before:

Previous funding
[Approved] Chill&Shill budget August - #6 by waxnear

[REPORT] March $NEAR Chill&Shill Monthly Budget
[REPORT] - Chill&Shill August


  1. Content - Audio - Twitter Spaces

$NEAR Chill&Shill twitter spaces is exclusively around the NEAR and NEAR ecosystem.
$NEAR Chill&Shill’s distribution is done through @waxnear twitter account, which is the main social media account of $NEAR Chill&Shill where we post spaces, threads, articles, and any other media content produced by $NEAR Chill&Shill. This month, we want to host 3 spaces a week, with a total amount of 12 spaces for the month.
12 spaces * 270= 3240
Giveaways for space visibility:
12* $20 = $240
Total: $3480

  1. Content - Written - Threads

To complement our Twitter Spaces, we plan to produce in-depth, high-quality thread recaps. This initiative is designed to cater to our audience who may have missed the live sessions or those who simply prefer written content. It’s our way of ensuring that all valuable discussions and insights from our Twitter Spaces are accessible to everyone in our community.
Example: https://twitter.com/waxnear/status/1685059779201224704?s=20
12 threads* 80 = $960

  1. Social Media - Promotion/Distribution - Twitter

To promote and distribute all our content we use @waxnear, which is the face of $NEAR Chill&Shill. @waxnear has been tweeting exclusively about NEAR since its creation in December 2021, Alongside our main content, we have created and posted over 5,000 pieces of short-form written content about $NEAR, including educational, community building, news, analytics, and of course high quality memes. At present schedule, there are 7-10 pieces posted daily, which results in approximately 250 a month, as well as communication and further engagement in the comments.
Link: https://twitter.com/waxnear
$600 /month

  1. Social Media - Community Channel - Telegram

We not only create content and educate our listeners and readers, but also organize them in an actively engaged community to keep growing and learning more about NEAR blockchain together and collaborating with each other. This is also a channel of distribution for our content, but it is mainly a community environment where we post interactive games, announcements, and create activities for our members.

  1. Content - Video - Short educational videos

Each video, approximately a minute long, is designed to demystify complex NEAR concepts, transforming them into understandable, accessible information. The aim is to diversify our content offerings and cater to our audience with an array of engaging educational content. The central idea behind these videos is to create simple yet engaging animations that effectively communicate the unique aspects and advantages of NEAR to a wider audience.

4 videos * 200 = $800

Total funding:

Spaces: 10 sessions x $250 = $2,500
Threads: 10 threads x $80 = $800
Twitter Content Creation: $600
Telegram Management: $300
Educational Videos on BOS and NDC: 4 videos x $200 = $800
Total: $5000




Educating NEAR is the ultimate GOAL.
Always at it, Keep up :raised_hands:


Just put this dude on the payroll already lol we know wax is putting in work.


Haha thanks for support. The community has spoken :joy:


Thank you for proposal and your outstanding work Wax

I enjoyed your spaces and recap one of my fav read, you have done a great job in NDC election amplitude without obfuscating.

A suggestion, can we go with this again, your last month’s activity breakdown with a cut on giveaways, and experiment with the outcome for September without giveaways?

Spaces: 8 sessions x $250 = $2,000
Threads: 8 threads x $80 = $640
Twitter Content Creation: $600
Telegram Management: $300
Educational Videos on BOS and NDC: 4 videos x $200 = $800
Total: $4,340

Hi @waxnear thanks for the proposal – I want to note community support and all the visibility you gave to NDC elections and the ecosystem in general.

Echoing what @Bakaka has asked, are you willing to revise the proposal to the numbers he’s outlined above? I generally am not in support of giveaways as they have historically failed to result in long-term engagement.

Additionally, the reality is that we are reviewing 70 proposals this month with limited funding, and we’re aiming to allocate funds as widely as possible while still supporting high quality contributors.

Hi, thanks for your feedback.

We understand the constrains and are open to making adjustments to our proposal. Taking into account your suggestions, we propose reducing the number of spaces from 12 to 10 per month. Here’s a revised breakdown:

Spaces: 10 sessions x $250 = $2,500
Threads: 10 threads x $80 = $800
Twitter Content Creation: $600
Telegram Management: $300
Educational Videos on BOS and NDC: 4 videos x $200 = $800
Total: $5000

Please let us know if this version works or if we should make more revisions.

Regarding the giveaways, I’d like to provide some clarity specific to Chill&Shill. Our platform is partially a learn&earn environment, and we employ giveaways as a strategic incentive, encouraging our community to partake in our in-depth educational sessions. While we understand MDAO stance on this matter, learn&earn model, implemented through giveaways, had proven to be effective long-term for Chill&Shill and combined with genuinely good content and intentional community-building, has resulted in a strong and active community.

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Giveaways have been banned since the October 2022 and on request from NF following lack of transparency, reports of some communities cheating and the bloating of metrics. MDAO has allowed for these to go on for way too long.


Hi @waxnear thanks for the revision – I think we need to remove giveaways from the funding request. If you can do that and revise accordingly, happy to support.


Hi, thanks for the feedback.

In my last reply, I’ve already removed giveaways from the budget according to your suggestion.

Spaces: 10 sessions x $250 = $2,500
Threads: 10 threads x $80 = $800
Twitter Content Creation: $600
Telegram Management: $300
Educational Videos on BOS and NDC: 4 videos x $200 = $800
Total: $5000

Thank you for support

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I’ve also just updated on the proposal itself. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thanks @waxnear happy to support. You have received majority council support for this proposal. Moving to approved.

Next steps:

Your application was approved by Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO at NDC. The approved proposal will be included in the next MDAO budget request to NDC trust. The trust needs to authorize it first and then transfer funds to Marketing DAO treasury: the expected payment date is the last week of September.

So, during this time, please do the following:

  1. Fill out the form to pass KYC

  2. Wait for future instruction from Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO and an invitation to create a transfer on Astro DAO.

  3. Please join NDC Marketing HUB to discuss this and future projects.

  4. Refer to the Marketing DAO Funding Guide as needed.