MDAO Founder Support

The Founder Support initiative by Chill&Shill extends comprehensive support to founders and their projects within the NEAR ecosystem through a multifaceted approach that includes hosting engaging Twitter Spaces, crafting insightful articles, and producing captivating video content. By leveraging these diverse platforms, we offer founders a broad spectrum of opportunities to spotlight their projects, delve into their unique value propositions, and connect with a wider audience. At its core, this initiative seeks to bridge the gap between innovative project founders and the wider community, facilitating a vibrant exchange of ideas, insights, and opportunities… Our mission is to not only educate our community about the diverse and impactful projects on NEAR but also to foster meaningful connections that can propel these projects forward, contributing to a robust, dynamic, interconnected ecosystem, and make sure that the knowledge about NEAR and the awesome projects on it is spread far beyond the NEAR ecosystem.

Alignment with CoA Metrics:
NEAR Chill&Shill’s strategy for the forthcoming month is closely aligned with the CoA’s social engagement metrics. We aim to amplify our engagement score by leveraging a mix of interactive content, strategic posting schedules, and community-driven initiatives. This approach is designed to increase our social media presence through numerous posts resulting in likes, new followers, and impressions, fostering a thriving community around the NEAR ecosystem.
Specifically, Chill&Shill is working on boosting the following CoA metrics:
P-1: Widening Adoption of NEAR
P-1.1: Outreach to New Audiences

Previous Work
You can view some spaces we have hosted with various guests before:

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  1. Content - Audio - Twitter Spaces

Our Twitter Spaces serve as the cornerstone of this initiative, providing a live, interactive platform for founders to discuss their projects in real-time with the community. These sessions are carefully curated to dive deep into the projects’ missions, technologies, challenges, and visions for the future. By facilitating open dialogue and Q&A sessions, we enable founders to directly engage with potential supporters, collaborators, and users, fostering a sense of connection and community around their initiatives.

  1. Content - Written - Articles

Complementing our live discussions, we craft detailed articles on each featured project. These articles are designed to narrate the project’s story, highlighting its significance within the NEAR ecosystem and the broader blockchain community. Through in-depth analysis, interviews with the founders, and exploration of the project’s impact, these written pieces serve as a permanent resource for both current and future community members interested in the intersection of blockchain and sustainability.

  1. Social Media - Promotion/Distribution - Twitter

Our social media strategy leverages @waxnear, the central hub and digital persona of NEAR Chill&Shill, to effectively promote and distribute our content across the Twitter platform. Since its inception in December 2021, @waxnear has been a dedicated voice for the NEAR ecosystem, sharing a wealth of content ranging from educational insights and community highlights to the latest news and analytics, complemented by engaging memes. Our strategy focuses on enhancing our visibility and engagement on Twitter, using @waxnear to not only disseminate valuable information but also to spark meaningful conversations and build a strong, interconnected community. Through this dedicated channel, we are committed to elevating the profile of NEAR, drawing in new enthusiasts, and strengthening bonds with our community, thereby reinforcing our mission to foster a well-informed and vibrant NEAR ecosystem.

  1. Social Media - Community Channel - Telegram

The Telegram channel of NEAR Chill&Shill serves as a dynamic community space where enthusiasts of the NEAR blockchain gather to share, learn, and collaborate. Beyond merely a platform for content distribution, our Telegram channel is the heartbeat of our community engagement efforts. Here, we bring our audience together through interactive games, timely announcements, and curated activities designed to foster a sense of belonging and collective growth. This environment encourages active participation, allowing members to dive deeper into the NEAR ecosystem, exchange ideas, and support each other’s journey in the blockchain space. Our focus on creating an engaging and supportive community atmosphere ensures that members are not just informed but are also empowered to contribute, collaborate, and advance together within the NEAR ecosystem.

  1. Content - Video - Short educational videos

Video Content: Understanding the importance of diverse media in engaging the community, our initiative includes the creation of video content that highlights the innovative features, goals, and achievements of projects built on the NEAR ecosystem. These videos are tailored to each project, offering founders a dynamic way to showcase their work through visual storytelling. By providing a clear, engaging, and accessible overview of their projects, we help founders connect with a broader audience, ensuring their visions are seen and understood. This multimedia approach not only enriches our community’s understanding of the NEAR ecosystem’s potential but also serves as a vital tool in supporting founders in their quest to innovate and grow within the blockchain space.

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