[Approved] Live Performance & Afterparty Djs - Halloween Special

Event date : 30th October 2021
Code : Halloween
Dress code: Your own preference encouraged
Runtime : 8pm to late
Programme :

  • warm up DJs 8-10pm
  • Live Performance from 10pm - 11:30pm
  • Afterparty DJs from 11:30pm to late

Fellow community members,

We would like to introduce a new and slightly innovative event to the existing live performance repertoire. Indeed, we are used to orchestras performing live to movies so having bands do that is much less commonplace and this is exactly the plan here. Musicians from Arroz resident music collectives Trafka & Mazarin together with composer Karl Godard will attempt to perform music to an underrated cinema gem live. The performance will be mostly improvised.

We are currently 5 participating musicians ( The Cinematic Alliance) for the film scoring preformance, expect 3 Dj sets by Digital Black, Karl Godard and X-Sober and MCing from Vandal. Trafka composed 3 musicians will perform on the 30th if adequate licensing is not obtained by this date.

Licensing negotiations are still ongoing with distributors so The Cinematic Alliance was only able to present some of the music created for the film on the 26th at the Arroz NearCon afterparty so we are requesting only rehearsal fees for this performance from the Arroz budget.

Musicians from Trafka Studio performed on the 30th instead of the Cinematic Alliance again due to pending licensing so we are also requesting performance fees for them

In terms of budgeting we would like contribute (@ N=10.6$)

  • Rehearsal fees for performance on the 26th- 400$ pledged by NxM : 3x 100$ for full attendance for Halison, Vicente & Tolga & 2 & 70$ partial attendance for Tomas,Joao & Romao = 440$
  • 300$ for Trafka performing live on the 30th (100$ each for 3 musicians)
  • 100$ Halloween decorations and artist rider [Arroz budget]
  • 350$ AKG Drum Mics ( Arroz does not have a set so it will be an acquisition available for future events and music studios) [Arroz budget]
  • Promotion fees= 100$
  • Admin fees =200$
  • Venue Fee 150$
  • License negotiations (ongoing) and projector hire = 350$
  • DJ set fees (3x100$) 300$ : Digital Black, Karl Godard, X-Sober
  • 3 VJ met at NearCon networking event performed all night at the Halloween event on the 30th. They are fathom.near, goodvibes.near, nitram.near. Their reward is 3x70$ .
    Total = 2200$ = 207N

Seems really good party on the way! :heart: Ten Years Sober are ready to play in afterparty DJs if you’re interested guys!


Hey @squattingPigeon we’ve allocated $400 to support covering performer fees in our October budget request. If you can add that into the proposal that would be great!

Also, replace September to October in the ‘event date’ line at the top!

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Sure i’ll update that asap…Date is already corrected!..I don’t seem to be able to get out of September:))

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yes it would be good to have you guys participate!


Hey @squattingPigeon can you submit the payout request for the $400 to Nxm DAO pls! I’d mark this proposal approved but I think we need to figure out the details around the licensing of the film, as we weren’t able to do that part of the program.

I think it’s also a better idea to split this into 2 proposals, one for October (edit this one?) and the 2nd for November to adjust for the changes.

Speak soon!

Sure good idea to spread the cost. Quite a bit of work was done with the distributors for various licensing scenarios, i’ll try gather a report with Dan who has dealt with that.

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@squattingPigeon You can go ahead and submit to NxM for the $400, that’s ready to go for this.