[Report] Live Project Development

members & targets : tolga.near, hlp.near, vgb.near, dan802.near, jcav.near, ohmaas.near, ojm.near, Romao (mazarin drummer still to be onboarded)
Details and payouts can be seen here.

A studio wide project was initiated this months by resident musicians and open air cinema to develop in house projects and innovative events. Negotiations were undertaken with a film distributor for licensing films for live performances.

Description of the negotiations by Daniel (Black Cat Cinema) can be read here:

  • Company: ABKCO.
    Speaking with Vice President Robin Klein. rklein@Abkco.com

  • Enquiring about
    Starting on 7.10.21 - general enquiry regarding two screenings, dates, costs, availability.
    Discussion of venue size, anticipated numbers, open-air screenings, ticket sales, projection format, other catalogue films. Dates and quotes. Pitch of crypto payment option & online streaming platform. Benefits to tech community-ABKCO, potential revenues, and new channels of distribution. Payment methods and currency. Crypto exchange rates. Cryptovoxels hosting platform. File location. Streaming method. Film file type, security of file, anti-piracy and file destruction. Live music to accompany film. Film score live performance vs newly composed. Lawyer. Phone calls - unanswered. Precedents of live music films. Issues of unofficial recording of events.
    That’s a general overview of what we went back and forth about.

  • Regarding hours worked = approximately 15 hours of emails, details and research. And then time at the events/practices discussions is about 15 as well.

Description of musical work done:

  • rehearsals were organised on the 5th, 6th, 8th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 21st, 22nd & 25th
  • writing/performing/conducting music to film was explored at length for various sequences of various titles in a private studio and stage setting.
  • a live show was developed but could not be fully presented due to ongoing licensing negotiations
  • some of the music developed was presented live at the NearCon afterparty at Arroz
  • another live show resulting from some of this work was presented at the Halloween event on the 30th October.
  • more of the Arroz community was onboarded to Near protocol

This was a substantial piece of work rich in learnings for each involved member.
It has produced 2 live shows which is also quite a decent result.
In the longer term, we are hoping to eventually develop a partnership with a film distributor to take things to the next level possibly with an orchestra and an ever evolving pool of musician.