[Proposal] DJ DAO Live - KL 004

With the successful execution of DJ DAO Live - KL 003 we are ready to continue with the August episode of the series!

The event will take place at the Sri Hartamas branch of Drum Asia Studio on the 2nd of September 2022 at 9PM [GMT8+] (9AM EST) and will also be live-streamed to The Playground; our Cryptovoxels venue partner managed by @vandal. Marketing materials will be designed by pij.near.

As for headlining artists, we are currently organizing with @djlethalskillz.near to bring in some established artists from his collective. These would be veteran performers who are new to web3 but are curious and awaiting a point of entry to the ecosystem. A tentative candidate we are liaising with is DJ Circle, a locally-based DJ who is originally from the UK.

Once again, there will be no entry-fee to the event. Instead, a near wallet will be required to reserve a ticket. Preference will be given to audiences with pre-existing near wallets, for this first event. Interested parties who do not already have a near wallet may fill in a google form (that we will be preparing) that asks them for their preferred wallet name; after which a member from the DJ DAO council will reach out to onboard and create a near wallet for them.
This serves as a way for us to both reward pre-existing near wallet holders, and also onboard new participants.
This is an example of the google form from the first show: https://forms.gle/Efv69o66n4T2orFG6

The aim of this event is to
1.) Showcase Malaysian DJs, producers and electronic musicians who have been active on the NEAR Protocol and it’s many networks of creative DAOs
2.) Spread awareness amongst more Malaysians (creatives, audiences, crypto-currency investors, etc) about the NEAR Protocol
3.) Provide more opportunities for local creative professionals to become involved in web 3.0 and it’s many outlets for performance and creation
4.) Onboard more DJs and artists onto the DJ DAO and NXM
5.) Serve as a monthly networking-hub for the local NEAR community


  • Headlining artist performance fee @ $400
  • Supporting artist performance fee @ $200
  • CV Venue rental & set up @ $25 N (x3 hours) = $75
  • Physical venue Hire = $500
  • Marketing posters for various socials = $125
  • Event management = $500
  • On-ground crew = $200
  • Event photographer = $150
  • Stream facilitation = $150

Total Request: $2300 (449.2N)

Target: netuno.near

managed by:


Venue partner - @vandal
Desa Sri Hartamas – DRUM ASIA (drum-asia.com)

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Event has been rescheduled to 2nd September 2022 due to booking error with the venue.

Hellow there, hope everything it’s okay.

Love the art of the 003 event and i think 004 can be a great event too. But I have 2 itens that i dont get it, maybe you can help me to understand

  • for me the resources expend are a little bit to high. Dont know about economics in your country, maybe you can explain a little.

  • who will manage the event? the council? cause that was put in the facilitation list of the dao.

Thank you for your attention <3
wish you guys the best

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Hi there!

The council handles the marketing of the event mainly and does only include that under the dao facilitation. The event is managed by the venue and its own crew whom we work in tandem with to plan and execute these events. As such they are paid for the venue rental and event setup, management and overall backend execution.

We additionally hire freelancers and collaborate with local event platforms to handle the photography, additional marketing and on-ground tasks on event day itself.

In reference to the budget of the event, we are currently paying industry standard rates for the freelance professionals involved above. However we do intend to optimize the budget further as the event brand establishes itself; to achieve this we are already making efforts to gain sponsorship from local companies and brands involved in this sect of the music industry. Allowing the event to require a lower scaled budget to run.

Furthermore we are also looking at additional venue options; seeking to find a good balance between rental rates and ability to accommodate and work together with our DAO to build a mainstay event in the KL music industry.

Hope this helps shed some light on your queries. Thank you for reaching out.

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thank you. voted in astrodao <3

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