[Report] NxM DAO Monthly Report for October 2021

Monthly Report - October 2021

With NEARcon all wrapped up we’ve finally got some breathing room as October was a jam-packed month with so many cool community initiatives! If you want to find out more about what was proposed for October you can read our funding request for more details!

NxM Social Media Team

Throughout October we’re been getting things on track with our core Social Media Team through Telegram. We’ve added a Social Media Manager to help implement some new processes and smooth the flow.See the current team below.

The team has also received support from Marketing DAO!

We also created a form for event organizers to submit their events for promotion.


After consolidating bounties moving into October our central focus has been on how to incentivize community members to participate in events and other NxM Activities. There’s now an NxM Event Bounty Form that is customized for each event in Cryptovoxels. For this we’ve mostly used the Multisender app but you can see the transactions here.

Bounties were also offered to attendees of our Community Calls.

NxM Resources

As promised, @vandal created the Open NxM Guide for artists looking to mint their own NFTs. Currently we have 4 people fill in the form and one has minted.

Community Calendar

@vandal has created a calendar for NxM Community Events & Activities. Have a look at the calendar page here on the gov forum.

Community Calls:

You can find the report for Community Calls hosted by @vandal here

Events & Activities:

  • The NxM Mintbase Store has 142 transaction with a total of 158.23 N earned!

  • The Open NxM Store has one item minted thus far.

  • KIL x NxM was a big hit! Trophy Knives released their first NFTs on the Keep It Local store and had their first concert in the metaverse!

  • Trafka Halloween Party was totally awesome, I was personally there to enjoy it. The event page is here for those who want to see it.

  • NxM Live 6 also went down on the 28th! featuring amazing NxM artists inside Cryptovoxels.

  • NxM Anthem 4 is finally ready and will be released officially next week! You can see it here on Mintbase.

  • NxM Anthem 3 is still having the final touches put on it and will be ready for release really soon!

  • Round 4 selected their winner and minted the NFT on Mintbase.

  • Necropalooza went down the other night in Cryptovoxels and will be streaming again next week with a recap!

  • DAOdrops S2 ended with a bit of disappointment and if we continue it we will be changing up the team and concept.

  • Check out all the activity on the NxM DAO to see how our funding is being allocated!

Thanks for your continued support of NxM!!!


That’s right, we’ll be rebroadcasting NECROPALOOZA this saturday so hope you don’t miss it guys :)) !!!

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This is awesome :clap::clap::clap: