[Open Call] Looking for Live Performers

Hello NEAR fam!

(Live Performers DAO) is hosting it’s debut party in the Metaverse (Voxels), and we are looking for Live Performers to give folks a taste for what’s to come!

We have slots for 4 performers. We are open to any kind of performance, lasting anywhere from 3 to 7 minutes. This can be a comedy act, a poetry reading, magic tricks, dance, live VR painting, or a musical performance, to name a few. Anything you can do live, on stage in the Metaverse is something we will consider.

We will be using Twitch to stream the performances. Ideally, we would like acts that would be happening live in the place of origin of the performer at the same time.

We realize that in some locations around the world, internet consistency is unreliable, so we would consider pre-recorded acts if that were the case. The only stipulation is that the performer(s) must be present in the Metaverse, when the party is happening.

What we need from you:

  • A reel of your previous performances.
  • A detailed description of what you are planning to do and where.
  • The length of time you will need to perform.
  • The commitment that you will be there, in the Metaverse, at your allotted time.

What you will get from us:

  • $100 usd in DAI.
  • exposure to the crowds of people spending time in the Metaverse.
  • a chance to compete in our up and coming series “The Metaverse’s Got Talent”.

The Deadline for submissions is August 30th.

The event will take place mid-September, exact date tbd.

Please leave a link to your reel below along with your detailed description.


The LP DAO team :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:


Greetings @GeminiRising :smile: where can I send to you all the requirements and my performane (to which email or DM)? I’m an Artist and a Music Performer and I would like to send to submit one of my previous music performances from the first and most recent crypto rock tour here in Mexico? (First in the World) I would appreciate it and I also would like to participate in it.

Comando Burrito live @ Puebla, Mexico, 2022

Flyer from the Crypto Rock Tour, July (2022)

Hope you are having a nice day :slight_smile: .


LUVRworldwide LIVE VR PAINTING Application

  • description - live VR mandala NFT painting​:sparkles:
    (Can also be accompanied with meditative storytelling) & possibly can auction NFT simultaneously with AGAH

  • where: I wld be streaming from an indoor location. Not sure yet where i will b on the planet in september

  • The length of time: 15 min

  • commitment: yes!

Video 1: IRL Tamarindo Art Wave Fest live Costa Rica 2018 + Art Reel - The Guild member Feature for Decentraland Games interview.

Vid 2: Live VR meditation painting with live improv sound healing. (Livestream)

You may browse my youtube channel for additional performances: ie SXSW 2022

…& linktree: @alissachristine
Twitter @LUVRworldwide

Many thanks + Blessings!


You can post all links right here on the forum!



Thanks for this opportunity.
I would love to participate. I would be doing rap music and keyboard solo.

Duration is 5minutes and I am from Nigeria.

Here is a link to one of my live shows.


Comando Burrito LIVE (Music Performance) Application :shamrock:

  • Description - LIVE Virtual NFT Music Session :love_letter: :saxophone: :microphone: and possibly can auction NFT simultaneously with Mintbase.io (or even Tamago)
  • Where: I would be streaming from my backyard’s house. I definitely would be around in Sepember :slight_smile:
  • Length of the performance: 15 min - 20 Min
  • commitment: Yes, I’ll be there at my allowed time (I live in Mexico, so I hope the time zones coincide as much as possible :smile_cat: )

Video 1 (IRL): Comando Burrito (Digital Hardcore Set Live) @ Puebla, Mexico, July 2022.

Video 2 (URL): Comando Burrito (Pop Set Live) @ Necropalooza, Worldwide, October 2020.

You cans also browse my Youtube Channel for additional performances and more music
…& my feature fm: Comando Burrito - Generacion Encryptada
Instagram: @comandoburrito

Thank U so much, hope you all are having a nice day :musical_note:
:heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration:


It was stated that the performances should last between 3-7 minutes. If you feel that you need more time for a particular act you are doing we will consider it. Thank you.


Hello LP DAO, my name is Roxy. A Co-founder of Thespians DAO. I love what you are doing and would like my DAO to present a comedy skit (pre-recorded) during the event.

The comedy skit will be hilarious and directed by me

This is the link to the Trailer of our last staged Drama Comedy, which we minted as NFT:


Oh, okay well I think 10 minutes max if is it possible ofc :smile: if not 7 minutes is also good I’m okay with it :+1:


I plan a seven-minute musical performance in my apartment of voice and percussion instruments of indigenous and African origin, revisiting music NFTs I released on Nomade Label this year to debate decolonialism.

My performance starts at 2:55:31 in the following video: Tenda Nomade - YouTube


Wow. This is really nice n i would love to he part of this​:heart:


Show us what you’ve got!!


Just updated my post with the video of the performance I have in mind!


Hello @Jeromemrys
Show some cool music here.

@Sheksman too


I’m so glad to see so many people applying :smiley:
This is going to be awesome!!!


Hello Team LP I’m Jeromemrys from Nigeria and I will be dropping the link to a song I did during the Lockdown period, it has conscious lyrics and addressed the daily struggles of Life “Ginger Me”.
• I plan to do a series of performances from Pre-recorded Video to Live freestyles too if I qualify for at least 30mins
• I would be streaming the party from my house
• Yeah, I will be available for the party too…

Link to my song:

My songs are also available on Audiomack



Good morning
My name is Chidera Chukwu,I am a graduate of Biology from the university of Abuja Nigeria,I am currently an Abuja based Makeup artist(Derazglam) https://instagram.com/deraz__glam?r=nametag
Been doing this for the past three (3)years

I’ll be creating a “Near” bridal look on a model in my house where I have space

1 hour would cover this procedure

Commitment:yes I would be available at the stated
Link​:point_right::point_right: time.


My name is Elizabeth Ramos, I live in Brazil and I’m a visual artist, I work with the languages ​​of ceramics, performance and audiovisual.
*I would like to present a 4 to 7 minute performance that explores the relationship between ceramics/clay, music and the body.
*The performance will be held in my house and studio, previously recorded and edited by me.
*I am available to attend the party


I’ve been trying to upload the video here bur it’s not coming up cause it’s not in Png…maybe i could share this via Google drive i guess


Yes you can do that!