[APPROVED] Guild "Afrika Burn - Save The Clan"

hi @marianeu and @tabear

we actually have this from last year: Astro
But we shouldn’t do it like this. Because Claudia Peter, a burner from the community, is doing the SAVE THE CLAN initiative, not AfrikaBurn as an organisation. And due to their Non-Profit-Organisation guidelines we are not allowed to use their name.

Therefore I am gonna open now a new DAO with my private NEAR wallet. Is that allowed?
I will call the DAO “Save The Clan for AfrikaBurn” and then make a council group as well as a member group. ok?

How to proceed from there?

That sounds good. I saw the DAO you are managing had 433N taken out of the dao (which was sent from communitysquad to the dao before).

We can also see that this money was sent to claudiapeter.near here: NEAR Explorer | Transaction

I am just trying to understand if the community squad gave you arounf 5k USD in NEAR in october, and if you need more than that to cover your work?

Hi @marianeu & @tabear

Yes you are partly right :wink:
It was 3000 USD that was agreed with Yessin - for the work I did from June to December, because I worked 4 days a week only for Save The Clan. Most of the work I did voluntarily because I love AfrikaBurn so much and the 3000 USD was a deal with Caro and Yessin who agreed to pay that as a “salary” for my work last year.

But what I did wrong last year was, that we called the DAO AfrikaBurn and that we used their near wallet. AfrikaBurns principles and company guidelines require that the Save The Clan initiative is independent from the organisation.

Therefore we would need to open a new DAO called SAVE THE CLAN and handle it through my account. The work I listed above is the work that has been done already in 2022 and will be done for the next 6 months.

Can we proceed like that?

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Dear Claudia,

So you can set up your new DAO and get funds directly from @creativesdao-council @marketingdao-council or the community squad.

What do you think?

hi @marianeu

I don’t have experience in this. Which of the 3 would you recommend?
And what is the next step?

I open the DAO on astrodao right? Or another platform? And there I add the council group for the voting. Right?

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You should get in contact with the @creativesdao-council they will help you!


Hey @claudinhabelha,

You open the DAO on Astro DAO, yes, you need 5N to set it up for storage.

Depending on the nature and plans of your project you can choose the vertical you want to apply for funding from.

Creatives DAO has office hours every Monday at 8PM GMT, so if you are interested I would recommend joining the group and the call directly in TG.

Marketing DAO funds Marketing proposals, i will link @David_NEAR & @jlwaugh here.

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hi @David_NEAR and @jlwaugh

I hope you are both well :slight_smile:

I’d like to set up the DAO with you, if you like the idea and the project. Would you like to have call first or should I open the DAO and add you 2 as councils? Let me know what you prefer.


Hi @tabear, @David_NEAR, @jlwaugh and @marketingdao-council

Do you have any news how I should proceed?
I really need to apply for that fund as soon as possible.

@tabear or do we have another options?

Hey, who is funding this? CreativesDAO?

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It previously has been funded by the community squad. Given the strong marketing component I suggested the marketing vertical. Creatives DAO funds projects with a strong creative component and also on a monthly basis, not for 6 months upfront.

Therefore I linked you @David_NEAR as well to see if marketing or community would be an option again.

hi @David_NEAR and @tabear

what would the next step be? You can let me know @David_NEAR if you need more information from my side or if I have to get in contact with someone else?
Can the @marketingdao-council maybe help?

Good morning. How can I help you?

hi @Dacha

Thank you for reaching out.

I started the initiative SAVE THE CLAN: afrikaburn.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store
We have 3 different NFT stores (music, art, collectibles) and I do quite a lot of onboarding (Artists, Investors) and handle all the marketing communication as well as social media (see list above).

@tabear and @marianeu thought it would be best to approach you for the grant. In the past it was Creative DAO and now the focus is more on marketing. And that is why we reached out to you.

I listed all the activities, including working hours, etc. in the beginning of this thread.

Would be very happy to keep on going with that initiative. I love to combine art, the green blockchain and create a win-win for all involved parties.


hi @Dacha, @marianeu, @tabear

Do you have any news how I should proceed?



I think getting in contact with the @creativesdao-council and creating a dao, then asking for monthly funding.

Or going through the grant process, which I haven’t ever done so I can’t help much

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as mentioned the proposal seems more focussed on Marketing so I would suggest writing a proposal for the Marketing Vertical.