[APPROVED] Guild "Afrika Burn - Save The Clan"


You have received the funds in your AstroDAO

Check your treasury balance here.


The funds should be in the wallet of the DAO. From there you can issue payout requests to send funds to personal wallets via the Afrika Burn DAO.


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hey, thank you… I’ll check later on my private computer and let you know if it worked.

A question: is there a paper/manual that describes that process step by step?

Not for Astro just yet, though we’re working on implementing one.

@JulianaM from Creatives DAO has done an awesome version of this, it’s essentially the same but you direct proposals to https://app.astrodao.com/dao/community.sputnik-dao.near


hey @vandal and @David_NEAR
Thank you for your help. I clicked now on propose payout.
i added the link to the gov-site in the external-link. i hope that was correct.


Make sure to approve the proposal from the DAO and if there are other council members they will need to do the same to ensure it passes!

hey @vandal & @David_NEAR

I need to find voters again? The councils already approved it, didn’t they? Here I see: approved!

and today, i did this: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/afrikaburn.sputnik-dao.near?tab=0
→ now i can see that there is another voting… but who do i send it? because it was not really a guild. it was this special set up for the one-time payout.

and if i try to vote, because i am the only one in that guild, it says error when i want to confirm the near-wallet.

Can you vote for me?
or who can i ask?

login to the DAO with the afrikaburn.near wallet and then vote through the proposal :slight_smile:. We set up the DAO with that wallet, so you’ll need to use it to vote through any proposals that come through the DAO.

i tried that now for the 5th time but when i do there is an error message.
and according to it i need tons of yocto near :slightly_smiling_face: what is that?



Ok walk me through it.

Head to https://app.astrodao.com/dao/afrikaburn.sputnik-dao.near?tab=0&proposal=afrikaburn.sputnik-dao.near-0 and vote yes.

If it doesn’t work again it might be because you need to have some Near in the DAO and are not able to “empty” it. Maybe @chloe or @David_NEAR knows if this is the case. That would be my guess if it’s not working…

A solution would be to send 5 N to the DAO wallet address and then try and vote yes for the proposal.

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okay, i transferred 5 NEAR to afrikaburn.sputnik-dao.near, then i confirmed and now it looks like this:

approved on https://app.astrodao.com/dao/afrikaburn.sputnik-dao.near?tab=1

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It worked! glad to see that we figured it out :slight_smile:

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thanks for sharing it @David_NEAR :blush: hope it helped @claudinhabelha :smiley:

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Hi Createbase Team

I’m not sure if I am doing it the right way to apply for budget. Let me know how to proceed.

I’d like to apply for new budget for January-June 2022 for Save The Clan.

Here is the list of work that has been done and has to be done daily/weekly/monthly in the future.

Marketing & Communication

  • Giving live or online interviews for newsletters or magazines (AB newsletter, Store of the week, sota.xyz, etc.)
  • Planning and organising of advertising in magazines or other platforms
  • Planning and organising online events (for example crypto voxels)
  • Planning and organising to be part of rise’n’grind event (youtube talk-interview)
  • Information about new artists or new NFTs in about 30 different telegram channels
    Working hours per week: 4 hours
    Budget: 160 USD in NEAR per week (Budget for 6 months: 960 USD in NEAR)


  • Introduction of the project at different events (for example Afrika Burn meetings or other gatherings in Cape Town)
  • Exhibitions like NearCon or others
    working hours: 2h per week
    Budget: 80 USD in NEAR (480 USD in NEAR per 6 months)

Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Discord)

  • Creating content for 1-2 posts per day for Twitter, FB, IG
  • Creating content for Reddit and Discord (not yet used 100%)
  • Briefing for the graphic designer
  • Taking part of Twitter and Instagram Live-Talks
    working hours per week: 8h per week
    Budget: 320 USD in NEAR (1920 USD in NEAR per 6 months)

Onboarding Artists

  • Proactive sales approach to get more artists on board
  • Personal education calls (usually one hour per artists)
    Working hours per week: 5h per week
    Budget: 200 USD in NEAR (960 USD in NEAR per 6 months)

Onboarding Investors

  • Proactive sales approach to get more investors on board
  • Personal education calls (usually 30-45min)
    working hours per week: 2h
    Budget: 80 USD in NEAR (480 USD in NEAR per 6 months)

Education & onboard people to NEAR

  • Live or online meetings with business partners or other people to tell them more about NFTs
  • 1 NEAR link drops to activate wallets of onboarding artists & investors (suggestion: 50 NEAR drop links)
    working hours per week: 2h
    Budget: 80 USD in NEAR (480 USD in NEAR per 6 months)

TOTAL Budget for 6 months = 5520 USD in NEAR
TOTAL BUDGET near drop links: 100 NEAR (1 NEAR each - not 7 like in the past, too many scammers)

→ Work will be done by @claudinhabelha

Thank you ladies for checking my budget-application: @reginamintbase & @marianeu


Hey @claudinhabelha

I think you should open a guild, or a DAO, for ArfikaBurn.

Why? All these actions are really nice and needed for AfrikaBurn, even NEAR, but they do not directly work for mintbase.

What do you think @tabear, isn’t this a perfect dao set up? even with 6 months roadmap?



Hey! Thanks for the link!

Creating a DAO or Guild sounds like the best thing to do for 2 reasons:

  • The Creatives DAO does not fund projects from individuals but only other DAOs or Guilds, and only on a monthly basis
  • not sure how it works within the community fund/if this would be approved, but if you set up a DAO/Guild, and as you already have a plan for the next 6 months, you could also apply directly for a grant through the new tiering system:
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hi @marianeu and @tabear

Thank you for your information and the links.
I will set up a new business and will integrate Save The Clan.

But until then it is an indendent project. I don’t think we should open a guild or a DAO only for 6 months. Because I am already doing the work since January and will do until June. After that it will be a different set-up.

What do you think?

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Thank you for the clarification.
I believe you received funds from the community fund previously, just for clarification: The Creatives DAO does not fund projects/work that has already been done in the past; projects are discussed and approved first, and then the work will be rewarded. But as the Community Squad handled your previous proposal, it seems that all is sorted for now. Looking forward seeing how this develops!

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@tabear actually @claudinhabelha wants to be paid from now until august for her work, and we from MintbaseDAO believe that it is better for AfrikaBurn to open their own DAO instead of relying on MintbaseDAO.

As you can see, they have a guild (over 100 artists in the stores) + they have a guild leader @claudinhabelha.

Perfect, I agree a DAO sounds reasonable but if @claudinhabelha knows that the process will be finished in 6 months and she prefers to set up the DAO later, it is her call I would say. But generally a DAO for those kind of projects sounds reasonable :slight_smile:

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