[Approved] - AFROSTAR GUILD FUNDING PROPOSAL FOR [May/June] - [2023]


  • DAO introduction

Afrostar Guild is a community which is 80% centerd on black Female creatives worldwide, Celebrities & Social Media Influencers. This community was founded with the purpose of adding value to talented female creatives after discovering lots of black female creatives existing with almost zero support which makes the majority bury their talents because of lack of support and a community related to their talent to engage with. Women can be mostly sellable and however, we selectively choose quality, packaging it for the web3, web2 & real life marketing value. We give them an opportunity to experiment and explore their talent with the NEAR blockchain platform in terms of creating music & art content, tokenising by minting them as NFTs. At the moment, we are looking forward to growing our base digitally where everyone around the world can come together, share ideas, create and learn about the blockchain and its application to their talent, music/art.
Onboarding creatives already exist on the web2 platform to add up with the figures of potential active web3 users in our DAO.

  • Why team is best for the funds

We are all working towards one goal, honesty, trustable, experienced and accountable.
They convey the community well in building, teaching, guidance, quality control and planning towards longevity, sustainability

  1. @bgem abhha.near
  2. @sterryo iamsterryo.near
  3. @ifeoluwa ifeoluwa1.near
  4. @xahra22 zahrah.near
  5. @ABBY abisola.near
  6. @Aniike aniike.near
  • Achievement information about the DAO

According to what we have proposed for since the existence of Afrostar Guild, we’ve been able To Support lots of talented female creatives across Botswana, Filipino and Nigeria, in terms of project funding, supervising and web3 education.
The musical NFT Content we created for one of our Female singers happened to be her first studio recorded Track, which was also sold the day same we minted it on our Mintbase store, After some weeks of dropping the NFT content, she posted it on her Instagram page, which ended up giving her a record deal in march 2022.
-We still have some copies of her NFTs left in our store
-We have Hosted 2 IRL events to gather female creatives for web3 education, onboarding and project building.
-We have collaborated with celebrites and social media influencers (male & female) on terms of content creation which is minted as NFTs in our store and advertisement of NEAR & our DAO
-We’ve sold 9 NFTs
-We onboarded females from University
-We’ve discovered the content that have the tendency to go viral and one of them is trending with over 20k views on youtube already without ads
-We’ve began the processing of our legal wrapper and will be ready soon
-We bougth moblie Recording kits for university reach outs
-We hosted bounties for all female creatives

                        **Relevant Links**
Platforms Numbers
Mintbase Store 738 NFTs minted, 159 NEAR Vol. 12 Owners
AfroStar Youtube 22,958 views, 391 subscribers
Astro DAO 33 members
Instragram 3,379 Followers
Twitter 81
TikTok 21


Jan 2022 AfroStar
Feb 2022 AfroStar
March 2022 AfroStar

April 2022 AfroStar
May 2022 AfroStar
June 2022 AfroStar
September 2022 AfroStar
Website Proposal

NO of Councils 5
TELEGRAM Community 123 Members
Metavers Events nil
NFTs in AstroDAO 10
IRL events 2
  • Genre - Category
  1. Art
  2. Music
  3. Culture
  4. Mixed-Media


  • Female Artists supporting

  • Collaboration with Celebrities

  • Creating Quality Content to attract builders and potential investors

  • Creating Awareness for NEAR Blockchain

  • Onboarded Coin holders off-chain

  • Creating NFT content which will only be minted on the NEAR blockchain

  • Creating a big phase in the Blockchain entertainment industry, Web2 and IRL Mainstream

  • Supporting dao to dao collaborations especially in NFTs fair for creators who created and minted in various dao times ago

  • Onboarding active users of NEAR Dapps To announce about NEAR blockchain with our Content being shared on Social Media to keep introducing the NEAR Blockchain.

  • We discovered the types of content that goes viral most on Youtube and we will be working on it heavily,

  • To help growing NEAR blockchain in the female Creatives world

  • To onboard Celebrities and make NEAR very familiar to them as they be part of us in our community

  • To introduce NEAR as a blockchain technology to first time web3 users

2nd QTR 2023
-To Support & Participate with New Artists, from Web2 & the Mainstream industry
-Artist Engagement for use of NEAR Dapp
-Focus on Onboarding and Education

3rd QTR 2023
-Creating our AFROSTAR GUILD THEATRE On the NEARHUB SPACE, Spoken with JEFF, but our present projects wont gives us chance to pay on this round of fund, so we are starting by July!
-Utilising NEAR HUB space for most of our ACTIVES on Metaverse
-Focusing heavy on Education and more onboarding
-Networking with more Female Creatives,

4th QTR 2023
-To Hit the 4000 Hour Viewers Time and 1000 subscribers on YouTube, the be able to be set for stream royalties from our contents for future sustainability.
-Marketing Campaign
-Artist Engagement for use of NEAR Dapp

1st Quater 2024
-Networking with more Female Creatives,
-Creating More Music
-More Active On Chain users.

2nd Quater 2024
-Focusing on Infrastructure
-Focusing heavy on Education and more onboarding
-Networking with more Web3 driven Celebrities

3rd QTR 2024
-Networking with more Web3 driven Celebrities
-More Active On Chain users.
-Buying Some VR Tools

4th QTR 2024
-Supporting Artists without dependence possibilities on L1 Fundings
-Council Rotation

DAO’s Milestones for proposal

  • To onboard upto 40 new Creatives and active NEAR DAPP USERS (TAMAGO, Our forthcoming AFROSTAR Theatre on NEARHUB (When its available), ASTRODAO, MINTBASE, PARAS, NEAR.SOCIAL etc.)
  • Creation of 5 music NFTs, and 5 artworks (To be minted on PARAS,MINTBASE, and TAMAGO)
  • Creation Of 5 videos
  • To support 30 Female digital artists from the web2 world into web3 on-chain
  • To mint 35 NFTs after work done
  • To Upload all Videos on YouTube for massive views
  • To split royalties between emarshal’s label, him, producer and the dao.
  • To host community calls every sunday on telegram
  • To educate all new members
  • To release all NFTs before the next round funding
  • To share all content in this projects across all social media and on NEAR.SOCIAL



Project 1

Expected Out come:
-Activation Of E-Marshal as an NFT artiste
-1 Music Track, 1 Performing Visuals WIth NEAR Logo on
-Onboarding of his MGT. Producer and everyone in participating in the project
-NEAR LOGO on the Musical Artwork
-Minting of music as NFT on near blockchain
-Wallet activation for royalties split
-Posting of video on Youtube, for Global outreach about the song and NEAR through Afrostar
-Sharing of the content across all Social Media for more awareness
Activities & timelines:
Production, Recording, mixing and mastering: May - June 2023
Visual Shooting and Editing: June 2023
NFT minting: June 2023NFT drop and posting: June 2023
Budget: $550

Project 2

Expected Out come:
Onboarding and Supporting of 30 artists
Creation process will be made by each artist to prove that they originally made the art.
30 ARTs from 30 artistes will be minted as NFTs on afrostar mintbase, 70% sales in future goes to artistes & 30% goes to afrostar store.
Creation process can also be minted as NFTs with artists’ wallets.
Activities & timelines:
Reaching out to artistes from WEB2 platform: May
Half-Payment to all artists right after onboarding all 30
They have 2 weeks to create
Complete payment after their works are all done
Minting of all arts with their activated wallet 1 week after all works ready
Web3 Education and also teaching of how to mint live on Telegram while we mint for them as an example

Project 3

Expected Out come:
4 tracks to be created and minted as NFTs by 4 female instrumentalists
4 music visual shot of the four artists will also be minted & uploaded on Afrostar Youtube channel for Global outreach
4 artworks to be created
All engaged new people involved in this project will be onboarded and their wallets will be activated for royalty splits
Activities & timelines:
Recordings, Mixing and mastering May- June
Artwork creation will be after all tracks have been mixed and mastered
NFTs Drops 1 week after all songs and artworks are ready

Council Works :$1,070
What is the DAO’s goal or objective?

  • Being an alternative solution to female creatives that lack financial support to activate their dreams.

  • Becoming an accommodative home for celebrities who wants to experience the blockchain technology in especially in Africa

  • Onboarding of various content creators and social media influencers into web3

  • Having a metaverse parcel very soon

  • Creating quality content to be able to give confidence in market value for web3 & web2 opportunity for the creators

  • To create more IRL events to entertain, onboard and educate new users/creators/members into the dao

  • Lifetime goal in partnerships

  • Self-sustainability through Youtube monetization and rental of our mobile recording kits & dapp building which will be happening very soon.
    *DAO-DAO Collaborations

Roadmap to reach the goal
Sunday community calls on telegram
Ensuring the usage of NEAR DAPPs
Buuilding Chemistry
Ensuring the artists creates quality content from the experience we have (April TO July)
Premiering The Content On our Youtube platform with the links to the NFT purchase in the details.
Partnering with social media influencers/celebrities/established artists to make us well known and trusted for quality music and art content making (July To september)
Create a AMA on Twitter (October-December)
We will also Create a Bounty for PDF to Explain How to mint on PARAS, Mintbase & GORILLASHOPS

How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

  • We will make sure to repeat the every project that gives us result beyond our expectations
  • We will be selective with the proposals received from our DAO members
  • We will try to repeats every successful processes, explore more while reaching each milestones
  • We will keep training artists even with their ideas, to know how to plan towards our practicing way to our goal.

What will the community or the team members’ role be?

  • To educate all new artists about the Uses of NEAR dapps
  • To vote for polls on astro dao
  • To monitor Projects
  • To create/review proposals and reports
  • To handle all the social media platforms
  • Networking
  • To guide the community
  • To attend to the need of community members
  • To answer questions
  • Quality control of content
  • Marketing
  • To host community calls and attend required meetings/events physically & digitally
  • We have also created a wallet afrostaronboarding.near tô administration our onboarding

Total request number: $5000 DAI

DAO on-chain address (afrostar.sputnik-dao.near):

Every details of each proposals have been upgraded now and Metrics of each proposals are in them.

Thank you @creativesdao-council stay bless and creative


Every details of each proposals have been upgraded now and Metrics of each proposals are in them.


The proposal was granted approval on April 16th within the funding vertical of CreativesDAO, delineating the following details:


Its a great honour for us to be given this opportunity to work at this present period.
Thank you so much @creativesdao-council we will deliver accordingly :heart:


We appreciate the opportunity to be allowed to serve the near community this time again.
Thanks for the approval :heart:


Thank you so much @kc_sollano

We will never let you down! It’s a privilege to be granted the opportunity to work with other creatives coming onboard to add value to this ecosystem. Gracias :pray:t6:


thank you to CREATIVES DAO for choosing us for the Work, we will deliver well!


Yes !!! Congratulations and Good luck, afrostar!
:trophy: :trophy:

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Thank you for everything my friend :heart::heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congrats Brooo… your proposal is very good :partying_face:


Thank you so much family​:heart: hoping some collaborations with Svara DAO soon 🫶🏾


Congratulations guys very impressive I must say