[Approved]NEAR Stars Guild ⭐ DAO creation and plan for December budgeting

NEAR Stars Guild DAO creation and plan for December.

Good day people of NEAR!

Since we are growing rapidly and want to become more decentralized we want to ask for funding for our DAO for the next upcoming 3 month work plan.

Our past work that we did before.

On a start we managed to get work with first influencers and gathered 8 video reviews and 4 articles about NEAR Protocol and it’s products.
In total spendings were 4760 USD in NEAR

After talk with @marketingdao-council we reorganized our workflow on giving visibility to projects built on NEAR Protocol, therefore concentrated on NEAR products and due OCT and NOV created 16 (waiting for another 2 to get finished) review videos for RefFinance, NEAR CON, Gen C, Cheddar Farm, Mintbase, held two AMA sessions and general reviews (so that youtuber subscribers get familiar with NEAR).
3 Telegram group posts.
17 articles by Steve on https://hiddengemteam.com

In total for youtubers and guild administration we spent:
RefFinance promo 3975 USD (600 USD are paid to LJ alves and waiting for his video to come out, he’s moving with his family to new house, so let him take his time)

Mintbase promo.

Prestito skipped Mintbase promo, cuz doing some travel with his family (requested 1000 USD).
So we changed him to these two youtubers:

@koreacryptoplanet organized them both for 500 USD and 400 USD bounty is held till a second channel video is created.
3550 USD were granted and some bits are left for video creation bounty.

NEAR CON and GEN C promo is fully created with 2 vids and 3 TG group posts.
And spent 4900 USD

Cheddar Farm promo was filled.
Crypto Top Things To Know youtuber was replaced by Club Crypto Millionaires for same 400 USD and 200 USD with small “welcome bonus” for work were paid to @sundradelune
In total 2350 USD were spent

Hidden GEM Team promo was made perfectly by Steve
Yana did fantastic work for her small bounty
I got myself some funds as travel money
And 4300 USD were used

In total 19’860 USD in NEAR were received by Marketing Council
Aprox 18’800 USD in NEAR were spent
About 1000 USD are in treasury to pay Firoz (youtuber) and @koreacryptoplanet (agent fees for 2 vids)
25 NEAR are held in our DAO SputnikDAO as bounty to Thomp for video creation with Lite Lidger

For November we still own Hidden GEM Team 300 NEAR
For work with them (4 vids and 2 articles) 1000 USD are owned to Steve
For Yanas assistance and SMM 1000 USD
For myself 1500 USD for managing Stars guild, gathering community and work with agents.

So in clear numbers for 18800 USD in 3 months we got:
24 videos
21 article
3 Telegram group posts
And a splendid twitter account https://twitter.com/nearstarsguild with Telegram group to join Telegram: Contact @nearstarsguild

How NEAR Stars Guild team looks now and where do we plan to go?

Greet our members!

@Zhunda Myself - Guild Leader. Connecting the dots, bringing influencers and agents (educating them trough), crossworking with NEAR guilds.
@holuongduc Steve - OG of Stars Guild. Cooperates with Hidden GEM Team, writes articles and does SMM for them.
@agobanan Yana - best assistant that can be imagined, takes care of Twitter and our Telegram news feed, will cover “earn and learn” platform and tracks down NEAR product admins.
@Hsmoney aka Stephen is a cool dude, studies in Nigeria University and has a HUGE view where blockchain can lead us. Since in Nigeria not so many youtubers, he will cover whole Africa with promo.
@koreacryptoplanet aka Martin is full of energy and enthusiasm, idk how, but he tosses youtubers from nowhere who want to partnership. For now he will take care with Korea (and assist their guild) and Russian youtubers. He mentioned that wants to work with Chinese and Spanish too but will keep on this for a whyle.
@luca is a professional he worked for company that does exactly same thing what NEAR stars guild does, he already provided me huge contact list of his clients and so many good offers he already can launch.
@JThompson123 works with Lite Lidger and now gathers new influencers for collab.

Our plan for the next 3 months.
Gather 50 videos connecting influencers for shouting out promo about NEAR projects with additional articles and promo on sponsored Telegram groups.
Launch ambassador program promoting it outside NEAR commune to get at least 20 videos.
Create a “learn and earn” platform with 20 educational videos about crypto, blockchain, smart contracts for child to understand (will pause till January, need to do more research).

50 video creation.

I will continue to work with these youtubers:

Luca @luca will work with these:


@JThompson123 and @Hsmoney
Are still on the hunt for fresh youtubers. Gathering info and price quotes together.

Influencer list will be updated, boys are catching last updates from youtubers.

Launch ambassador program and gain 20 vids.
More details are here:

To get these ambassadors from outside NEAR we will promote our campaign trough:

They might ask us to pay for visibility on their forums, it’s cool, we can go one by one to see which one brings new influencers better.

Learn and earn platform.
To be honest, the hardest part is to get developers. For such a reason we plan to get 2 devs for 2000 USD trough NEAR Semilia Labs.
Concept is simple.
People of NEAR create educational videos for a reasonable bounty (150 USD).
We will provide them with topics and structure.
On the same page, a user who’s connected through a NEAR wallet for the right answers will get a few bucks. Such a motivation will get people of NEAR more educated and surly will reach out audience outside our commune.

What budget we need for Stars Guild DAO to reach our given plans for December?

  • Admin Zhunda 2000 USD per month for leading
  • Yana for assistance and SMM 1000 per month
  • Steve for doing his magic with Vietnam 500 USD per month
  • 20 videos budget for influencers (average is 1000 USD per vid) 20000 (USD for 20 vids)
  • 20 video bounty for agents (flat 200 USD for each produced video to agent) 4000 USD
  • 2 developers work for “learn and earn” 4000 USD for both (will start in January)
  • “Learn and earn” platform 10 video authors (150 USD per video) 1500 USD (will start in January)
  • “Learn and earn” platform manager fee (for now Yana will rule it, after will get another admin) 500 USD per month (will start in January)
  • Ambassador program treasury for 20 vids (average 500 USD per created vid) 10000 (USD for December)
  • Ambassador managers bounty for 20 vids (for each successfully managed ambassadors video agent/moderator will get 200 USD) 4000 USD for December
  • November work payouts (Zhunda 1500 USD, Yana 1000 USD, Steve 1000 USD for his past work and to Hidden Gem Team HG Team 300 NEAR) 5900 (for November)


Any questions, recommendations or feedback are welcome.


@David_NEAR @jcatnear @cryptocredit @norah.near @Grace @satojandro
Let me know your thougts, recommendations or critics.
Still, feel that will catch you up for a call by next week. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I don’t understand why we spent money for promotion Mintbase, Cheddar Farm ? They have their own budgets.

Also, I don’t understand how many new users in Near ecosystem brought these promotions videos?

What the reason asking questions to youre if you ignoring them? I not sure that we can believe you.

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How much is this promotion? Swine Guild did promo on this platform for free.

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They do, but most of NEAR projects need assistance in PR, so there we come.

Read 5 times, don’t understand your question. Please describe it in different words.

On which platform?

We paid to you and your bloggers. How many new people in Near Ecosystem we got with these videos?

ICO drops

Still waiting information about transactions. Who and how much.

Give me idea how to mesure it and ill tell you.

All mentioned in this post.

If you get money you should give us information , how can we measure your guild success.

May be your YouTube bloggers can prepare report how many new uses opened Near accounts, for example.

We pay to you $2000 a month for leading. I think you find right measures .

Near already has great “learn and earn” platforms, videos and guilds.

Transform guild
Sankore 2.0 guild
Merchants guild
Wizard guild
Degens syndicate guild
OWS guild


Could, you please explain why we need extra one?
Also, Yana, doesn’t have enough time to manage this project, because does full time work for Flying Rhino guild (ssm and council) and many other projects. I think you can find another one person . Please open equal access to this role for all Near Community members.

  • 20 video bounty for agents (flat 200 USD for each produced video to agent) 4000 USD

When I can find the form for agents?

No answer on this question.


Near Community, not Near Protocol.

This sentence violate community etiquette. I clearly understand how does it work, and how true the metrics can be.

Recently, I put your attention on your bloggers who used fake ways of increasing views on their channels.

Waiting for your proposal on our official TG channel Telegram: Contact @cryptonear

It’s the reason why I said to you that she wasn’t have any time for this role.

Ok, thanks.

Oh no! Will i get suspended from NEAR now? I hear some siren sounds closing my way…

NEAR is written with capital letters.

If she doesn’t want to work with you, there might be a reason. :wink:

I don’t know lol.

Depend how much NF money you ready to spend on her work.

Man, it’s not a joke, please find another person for this project. Contact with Near University team, they have great people there or write a post on our TG channel.

Dacha and Yana sitting in the tree…

Why, give me a reason to remove a guild member that suits all my needs, is talanted and covers work that normaly is given to 3 people?

It’s so easy to criticize work of others.
Which guild leader are you?
What projects have you built or currently working on?

Up to you . As I said she does full time work for some guilds. It definitely will affect on your guilds results and “play to earn” project. Best person for this role is expensed teacher.

No criticize , only facts. Sorry, for extra attention to your guild, but you requested one the largest amount in the history.

Community wanna see that you do everything transparency and give equal access to your guild for all Near Community members.

Hey guys!

Awesome proposal, and it’s great to see :tada:

We’re not positioned to be funding marketing requests for valuations this high.

Can you please amend the funding request and bring it down to the $10,000 range?


10k? Why it wasn’t mentioned anywhere before. Ok, will submit November month 5900 NEAR as debt o be paid out.

Anyhow then i don’t see how Stars Guild can go then viral as planned. Since month by month budget will grow by 50%.

@David_NEAR @cryptocredit @Grace @satojandro @jcatnear

Give me ideas how we can move forward?
Should those be 5 proposals to get the needed funding? One for ambassador program, one for payouts or just ask funding for each youtuber that will take me half of week just to write proposals? And october sample showed that it voting can take up to 3 weeks and third of youtubers just ran away and we had to find new ones.

Or are there any other alternatives that you could recommend to get funding for DAO like grants or something similar?

We have the team that is eager to start their work and influencers that are ready are waiting content to be given for promo.

We assess every proposal individually. There has been a sharp uptick from previous proposals to this one, at almost $50k.

Debt to be paid out? We always say never conduct work until you get the funding for it.

We can still move forward with MarketingDAO funding, but not at a scale of almost $600k/year.

The whole proposal should be reduced by ~ 80% to the $10k range, ideally.

Nothing which is geared toward marketing at the moment I believe, no.

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Sorry 5900 USD.
Ok, will resubmit for the work that Yana, Steve and myself did.

Whole monthly proposal or it shoud be divided into 5 proposals to fill the needs of the guild?

Idk, each week NEAR announces that 100M grants are given but one guild work can’t be sponsored properly… Something is really wrong in system in whole.

Ah gotcha,

The whole proposal is fine, but you can’t divide it into 5 separate proposals to get $50k rather than 10.

We fund a tonne of guilds and initiatives from the Community Fund and beyond, if we award every one of them $50k each month it wouldn’t be a responsible distribution of NEAR. The MarketingDAO have a responsibility to make sure NEAR is distributed responsibly and as many individuals, guilds, and projects, have an opportunity to fulfil their marketing goals.

With the goal of becoming self sufficient in mind, why not suggest to projects that they can get subsidised marketing e.g they pay x amount and the MarketingDAO will fund the remaining x? Might be a good idea to prep for the future when there is no NEAR Foundation.

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Hi @Zhunda just caught up on the latest comments.

The situation with the Marketing DAO is that we have limited funds to distribute each month. Our focus is to provide support to as many projects as possible - often providing funding to start their activities.

In your case, we have seen solid growth in activities combined with increasing funding requests. You mentioned in a comment above that you have plans for the month by month budget to grow by 50%

Even if the marketing DAO had an unlimited budget it would be difficult to justify this kind of increase.

I would suggest you need to take another look at your plans and objectives for the next months. We will always look at every proposal and provide funds where possible.

Take note of @David_NEAR suggestion regards becoming self funding and providing subsidized marketing to others… this will be the model we will be encouraging in the future :wink:


Why so?

@David_NEAR @cryptocredit thank you for funding ideas, really great to see your support.
Anoher look for plans and objectives would be do same thing with same youtubers, skipping ambassador program, staying small as team and not letting new members to join the guild and do work for guild and NEAR in whole. Does this sound like a reasonable plan?

Guys i don’t blame you, you do manage a lot and give to NEAR probably 80h per week of your life.
You all see that NEAR is growing rapidly and shrinking budgets just stops the growth. Everyone understands it. It’s just that things should be done differently since now there are 130 guilds and its great, maybe half of them will die, and only fifth gives worthy results, and marketing councils (or any other DAO councils) idea is to find the fifth that gives fine results. Still you can’t find the fifth without giving chances to all.
I understand that you are no the decision makers about “lets double marketing budget next month” but i don’t know where to go to give this idea for NEAR creators.

Give me a sample how Stars Guild can become self funding? There isn’t any cuz it’s paid content generation in general. So idea for future would be that doing something for advertising NEAR i should find 50% of funding myself and rest will be subsidized?