[Approved] Marketing & Communication for "Save The Clan" (one time payout)

I’d like to apply for new budget for 1 month for Save The Clan.
(I tried to find the right DAO or councils in the last 2 months because I wanted to apply for it early enough. A lot of work is already done since Janaury)

ART store: https://www.mintbase.io/store/afrikaburn.mintbase1.near
MUSIC store: https://www.mintbase.io/store/afrikaburnmusic.mintbase1.near
COLLECTIBLE store: https://www.mintbase.io/store/afrikaburncollection.mintbase1.near

Here is the list of work that has been done and has to be done daily/weekly/monthly in the future.

Marketing & Communication

  • Giving live or online interviews for newsletters or magazines (AB newsletter, Store of the week, Rise’n’grind, sota.xyz, etc.)
  • Planning and organising of advertising in magazines or other platforms
  • Planning and organising online events or live event to paint with friends
  • Planning and organising to be part of rise’n’grind event (youtube talk-interview)
  • Information about new artists or new NFTs in about 30 different telegram channels
    Budget: 200 USD in NEAR


  • Introduction of the project at different events (for example Afrika Burn meetings or other gatherings in Cape Town)
    Budget: 150 USD

Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Discord)

  • Creating content for 1-2 posts per day for Twitter, FB, IG
  • Creating content for Discord
  • Briefing for the graphic designer & creating marketing material (GIFs etc.)
  • Taking part of Twitter and Instagram Live-Talks
    Budget: 400 USD in NEAR

Onboarding Artists

  • Proactive sales approach to get more artists on board
  • Personal education calls (usually one hour per artists)
    Budget: 100 USD in NEAR

Onboarding Investors

  • Proactive sales approach to get more investors on board
  • Personal education calls (usually 30-45min)
    Budget: 100 USD in NEAR

Education & onboard people to NEAR

  • Live or online meetings with business partners or other people to tell them more about NFTs
  • 1 NEAR link drops to activate wallets of onboarding artists & investors (suggestion: 20 NEAR drop links)
    Budget: 400 USD in NEAR (1 NEAR per link)

TOTAL Budget for 1 month = 1350 (inluding the NEAR drops)
TOTAL BUDGET near drop links: 400 USD = ca. 20 Links (1 NEAR each to activate the NEAR wallets) → they are not a payout to @claudinhabelha, they will be used to onboard people onto NEAR and then Mintbase.

→ Work will be done by @claudinhabelha (claudiapeter.near)

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@marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors


Hi @claudinhabelha – I read your proposal and have also looked back at the previous proposal and the lengthy approval process you went through last fall to get funding. It sounds like you are doing a lot of work in the ecosystem and have been involved with NEAR for quite some time.

Have you submitted any reports for past work? I didn’t see any posts mentioning reports. When a project is ongoing, the MarketingDAO typically wants to be able to review a report to evaluate progress on projects as the council considers funding requests.

You’re also requesting 6 months of funding. The MarketingDAO typically issues funds for one month at a time.


Good morning, propose reduce to 0.1 N

Could you please share links ?


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hi @so608

Thank you so much for getting back to me. Really appreciated.

Yes, I do work 2 days at least for Save The Clan since last summer (most of it is voluntarily because I love AfrikaBurn so much). Therefore I only applied once for a payout last year in fall.

And this year I achieved already a lot. Our community of artists is growing, NFTs are added to the store and a lot of marketing activities are ongoing.

how do you like to have the report?

I basically did all the social media activities

I did an online talk on Rise’n’Grind:

We were part of the NEAR magazine

Mintbase - Store of the Week Interview

List of new NEAR Wallets:

  • 44 new NEAR wallets this year (the list I can send you via email if you like).

Events local / south africa, cape town with AfrikaBurn Management, Artists and Employees

  • this I can’t prove because I was part of meetings that weren’t video taped. But I can send you a printscreen from my agenda. or forward you the calender-emails of those meetings.

here you find a lot of marketing-material
→ this folder is updated regurarly if we create new content. All the artists have access to it as well.

I tried to apply for that fund in February. Would it be possible to make a payout for February and March. And then I do the next one beginning of April?

Let me know what I can deliver/provide and I’ll do it :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your support. I am very grateful for it.


Good evening , glad to see your sustainably growing project. As I remember you already got $3000 grant from Community Squad in October-November. I hope report was provided (Unfortunately, couldn’t find it on the forum).
I believe at this time you’re ready to cover all marketing expenses from own budget and work as independent project. It means no from me.

Thank you.

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Dear @Dacha

Yes, I got 3000 - exceptionally as a payback for the months I already did.

The 3000 were for June-December.
Last year I worked around 3-4 days every week for 6 months for that project.
@tabear and @marianeu can confirm that. @marianeu and @reginamintbase had access to all my files and I also sent them all the documents we worked on such as Education papers in 5 languages, Promotionvideos, GIFs, etc. I worked with Maria very closely.

Also @Yessin who approved that 3000 USD payout for my job that I had done during that 6 months.

If this is not the right DAO, who can I ask for a funding for this year?
I am still working 1.5-2.5 days per week on that project.

@marianeu and @reginamintbase can you maybe help me out here?

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Hey @Dacha

All I can add to this discussion is that @claudinhabelha is a very very active member in the ecosystem and has been working a lot for this project.
The 651N earned are not going to her, but to afrikaburn, that’s what I understand at least.

Also - yes - her community produced a lot of material for mintbase, sadly with old logos, but they exist and can be used. So that’s nice.

I think, as I told you before claudia, you need to set up a DAO and then do the same as everyone:

funding request for the month to come, and then report at the end of the month.

I actually believe the marketingDAO is the right place to propose to - as afrikaburn is all about bringing in collectors and growing the ecosystem.

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hi @marianeu
hi @Dacha

Thank you for your answer.
All the work was done and implemented by me = one man show. Therefore the payout would be for me = my time/my work.
(my new business will be a guild with members, etc. and then the tasks and the payouts will be splitted accordingly - of course. But Save The Clan is basically only me and if I needed to pay something, I paid it out of my own pocket).

The only part that would be needed for the initiative are the NEAR-Drop-links to onboard artists & investors.

I am doing Marketing & Communication, Education, Onboarding, Social Media 2-3 days a week.
I worked Jun-Dec and had one payout last fall for that period.

Therefore I am applying for a fund that will pay my work/time for 2022, can be monthly of course.

Regarding the logos of mintbase & NEAR. Please send me the new logos, if there are new ones and we’ll change the GIFs that are scheduled in the next months. I am happy to change them of course. We used the media-kit that was sent to us a few months back for Save The Clan.

and sure, I will report monthly what I did.
But what about Jan-March that is almost over? Or should I include those tasks/time in this month? and then only a small amount in the next months? What is the best solution?

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I sent you the kits via tg, can’t share zip folders here

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Thank You very much for valuable feedback.

Would be interesting to see results of the fundraising campaign. Lack of information to make decisions.

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I am sure @claudinhabelha can show more information about how the funding is coming to afrikaburn!!


good morning @marianeu and @Dacha

very happy to give you more information.

We have 3 stores that we promote

AfrikaBurn ART afrikaburn.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store

Onboarded artists or investors since January (total beginners with no crypto background = education and onboarding required before creating a NEAR wallet

  • 32 (I can send you the overview via email)
  • total onboarded since October more than 100

Marketing Material
It is an open folder to which all the artists have access. They could use the pictures, GIFs, movies, etc. also for their social media channels, if they want.
Everything that we produce is saved here:

Magazines and/or live events

Social Media
I did at least one post per day (or two) on 3 channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)


The text was written last year, but we added stuff, adjusted and added paragraphs.
But mostly the content that I write it comes spontaneously and you can see that in all the posts.

I am in South Africa, Cape Town right now - in the AfrikaBurn office because I do other volunteer work. Here I had a lot of meetings with the board members and introduction of the NFT and the cryptoworld, because this area is new to them. I can only send you some printscreens or forward you emails when I sent them information after the meetings, etc.
Here you’ll find one example of a presentation I did for the ArtCommitee here at AfrikaBurn: Loading Google Slides

Most of them were written the last year, but now they are adjusted and changed. And will be again because of the change of the UX of mintbase.
They are save in the google drive too.

ARTISTS introduction
Everytime I onboard a new artist, I will promote them in different telegram channels, send messages to friends and family. The artis can fill in that form and I’ll use that info for the promotion:

QR Codes
We also produced QR Codes for our ART store and whenever I am at events or involved with AfrikaBurn people, I will hand out the codes to spread the word:

Newsletter AfrikaBurn

(I made a PDF from my email - so it is not the perfect format)

let me know if you need more details or more information. I am very happy to provide.

have a good start into the day


I will also add the initial Project Idea PDF

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good morning @marianeu & @Dacha & @reginamintbase

Hope you are both well and started into a fantastic weekend :slight_smile:

May I ask how we should proceed from here?

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i think this is between you and the marketing council now, right @Dacha ?

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Hello @Dacha

Let me know if you need anything else to proceed.

Thank you a lot in advance.


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Good evening, please, wait for response from other councils. Thank You :blush:

Cool, thank you. Will do :slight_smile:

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hi @Dacha

I know I am supposed to wait :wink: but I would like to avoid to miss another months end.
How is the process and the timeline usually?

I’d really like to proceed on that project <3

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Hi @claudinhabelha firstly my apologies for the delay in replying.

I have read this proposal and the comments and it seems that you have a good track record in working for projects building on NEAR.

I would echo comments regarding payment period - most on a monthly basis.

I am happy to support.

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