[APPROVED] Guild "Afrika Burn - Save The Clan"

Guild Name
Afrika Burn - Save The Clan

Guild Leader(s)
Claudia Peter @claudinhabelha

Guild SputnikDAO Address

Guild Communication Channels
Telegram for Artists: Telegram: Join Group Chat
Telegram for close team members: Telegram: Join Group Chat

Guild Vision/Mission
Caring is the act of the heart to support others with of love. Care is what Afrika Burn needs now to survive. Sustainability is the only thing that can ensure the survival of this cultural gathering. Without financial support, Afrika Burn is in existential danger and timely gathering is harder to accomplish.
This magical place of gathering has gifted unconditionally over the years with an indescribable abundance, without ever seeking anything in return.
And that’s why it is our turn to give something back!
Let’s build a sustainable passive income for Afrika Burn.

Guild Tasks - Education

  • Coordinating and briefing the One Pager “Why is NEAR Protocol a green blockchain?”
  • Explaining how to buy NEAR (example: Binance, Kraken, etc.) and to transfer to the NEAR Wallet
  • coordinating and briefing for the documentation “For beginners”
    what is a blockchain? what is a crypto? what does a “block” mean? what is it compared to the real world? how can I use a blockchain as a person? what is a miner exactly doing? is there always a miner (in every blockchain)? What is Proof of Stake? What is Proof of Work? What is a smart contract?
  • coordinating and help writing the documentation “Q&A”
    “Why should I invest in an NFT?”
    what is my advantage? taxes? whatelse? People ask me a lot “why should someone buy a painting that he won’t put on the wall in his home?” or "why does someone buy virtual land if he can’t really live there? “only to see the paintings on the computer?” “Where do the original of the artpieces go”? “Do I need to send the digital artpiece to the buyer?” “What is the buyer doing with the artpiece?”
  • Schooling of people about the advantage of an NFT is, why they should invest
  • Schooling of people about mintbase and NEAR in General
  • coordinating and briefing for the Education Paper “Artist Guide” in EN, PT, ES, IT, DE (the actual writer gets paid through the other channel. I delivered a briefing)
  • coordinating and briefing for the Education Paper “Investor Guide” EN, PT, ES, IT, DE (the actual writer was paid through another channel. I delivered a briefing)

**Guild Tasks - Onboarding Artists & Investors and Community Management **

  • coordinating posts and Newsletter content with Afrika Burn in order to approach the burner community through their database
  • sending emails to family and friends
  • regular Social Media Posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • regular Posts on the telegram channels: mintbase, createbase, green nft, nft projects, etc.
  • 24/7 Hotline for the onboarded artists who have questions = direct messages to me (Questions from: what is a crypto actually? what is afrika burn? can you explain the principles a bit more? How can i profit from that? Why should someone buy an NFT painting when he/her can not put it physically on the wall?)
  • 10% of the artists need a zoom-meeting to have everything explained
  • coordinating the telegram channel ARTISTS
  • 10% of the artists wanted to “socialise/network” and we had virtual meetings
  • giving feedbacks to artist because they ask for it
  • welcoming new artists in a special way

Guild Tasks - Marketing & Communication
→ all tasks were communicated by the gov-site or in the telegram channel. And i had virtual meetings with everyone to go through the briefings in detail.

  • explaining the mintbase concept to artists via email, sms, whatsapp, telegram or zoom
  • explaining the NEAR Protocol to artists via email, sms, whatsapp, telegram, etc. why is NEAR Protocol Green (some text came from Mintbase, some text i wrote bymyself, some text are copy/paste from the website)
  • Texting for Afrika Burn in EN and PT
  • Texting for Afrika Burn Outreach
  • coordinating and briefing for the project-brand-manual (project logo, project font, project icons, projects, visual elements, etc.) (task itself paid by another request)
  • coordinating and briefing for the Promotionvideo “long” and "short (task itself paid by another request)
  • coordinating and briefing for the Cryptovoxels gallery (task itself paid by another request)
  • coordinating and briefing for the social media content AB (jpg, gif, etc.) (task itself paid by another request)
  • coordinating and briefing for the social media content AB Outreach (jpg, gif, etc.) (task itself paid by another request)
  • coordinating and briefing for the online virtual gallery (tasks itself paid by another request)
  • coordinating and briefing for the Social Media texts (tasks itself paid by another request)
  • planning the social media posts & every marketing activity (post AB, post AB Outreach, introduction artists, introduction collectible about the AB principles), Screen at NEARCON with 7 NFTs), coordinating that we are on the homepage of mintbase for 1-2 weeks, coordinating that we one or two auctions are visible on the homepage of mintbase, etc. etc.
  • planning the social media posts, newsletter of Afrika Burn
  • building a discord channel to collect all the material in an easier way (organise meetings, display photos, explain the process, build an education channel, etc)
  • creating QR-Code directly to Afrika Burn Store
  • coordinating with Artists that they should introduce themselves with text and pictures
  • coordianting with Artists about following each other on twitter, instagram, etc. → different initiatives.

Guild Task - Administration & IT

  • writing the Afrika Burn Fundraising Concept
  • creating neutral co-templates for education papers (NEARA & Mintbase)
  • introducing the concept to the boardmembers of Afrika Burn
  • weekly calls with Afrika Burn
  • creating a new google drive for Afrika Burn with all the documents, including access-management for the single folders and collaborators
  • collecting photos, movies from different photographers, film-makers, etc. (through afrika burn or private contacts) so we have enough material for the GO LIVE
  • coordinationg with mintbase delevopers if we find bugs or irregular things that seem strange.
  • artists are receiving ridiculous offers like 0.01 NEAR from random people and they approach me directly what do to do and questions like “how much is 0.01 NEAR” … we then try to find out who the offering-person was to talk or just let the offer expire. It needs a lot of explanation on both sides.
  • writing all the requests on gov.near.org
  • splitting all the NEAR-Links, checking 150 single links if they really work and send it to onboarded people.
  • calls with people from NEAR and Mintbase, Denis, Rosanna, Grace, Evgeny, Chloe, Ricardo and 4-5 more.

Guild Task - Fundraising Event Zürich

  • ordering canvas and colors
  • organise an atelier to paint
  • adverstise the event in the atelier in different channels
  • group painting and art-creation for Afrika Burn
  • showing artpieces at a fundraising in zurich and introduce the visitors to the AB project
  • 2nd event will happen in November 2021 (4-8 people in another atlier of other friends - they offer their space for free. I still have colors from the first event. But no canvas left. These i have to buy. it is not yet announced because they are moving to another place with the Atelier right now).

private painting sessions at my place

  • ordering canvas and colors
  • group painting
  • onboarding how to start the process and mint on place = in my home
  • ongoing task

GUILD Request - Budget

I would love to do most of the work on a volunteer basis because i am a “Burner from the bottom of my heart” and it was my intention to give something back to those people who organised the Burn in the past and of course to the nature.
Since i started the project the initiative turned bigger and bigger which made us happy but at the same time the ressources were not available to do more.

In the beginning, in July i worked maybe 1-2hours a day, in August maybe 3, in September 6h a day and since October every day 8h.
June-July: 20h (Concept-Phase)
August: 40h (Implementation Phase)
September: 130h (Onboarding, Education, Administration, etc.)
Ocotober (until 06.10.2021): 20h
October - December: estimated 90h (marketing plan, marketing implementation, coordinating with afrika burn)

Therefore I talked to Yessin about the budget.

Part of my work I still want to do as a volunteer because it makes me happy to do it.
The other part I would love to have budget for my tasks and the things I already did since July and will do until the end of the year (November, December only social media marketing activities)

Budget: 3000 USD in NEAR (USD for the whole period July-December)

The tasks that are paid through another community you’ll find here: AfrikaBurn "Save the Clan" NFT Fundraising Project
The tasks above are/were my tasks for which i didn’t for money yet.

(for future climate projects i will organise a guild from the beginning and include the task-budget)


@claudinhabelha - thank you for this great accounting of your activities and it was great to have the opportunity to chat with you about all this last week.

Could you also link to these other proposals you mention with “task itself paid by another request” here for everyone’s reference? Would be great to establish how much work you’ve been doing in the ecosystem since July.

Additionally, please post details for your second fundraising event you’re hosting in November - especially in case any of our community members in Zürich may be interested in attending.

Thank you for all of your work and when the above points are added, please also indicate your budget request equivalent in NEAR.

A reminder as a leader of a Creative Guild to join the Creatives DAO chat to get to know your fellow Guild and DAO leaders and to stay connected to this DAO vertical that will be funding the creative activities through your Guild for Afrika Burn. I have also recategorized this introduction and initial proposal to fit under this ‘Creatives DAO’ subcategory so this will appear to the attention of the Creatives DAO council. Feel free to post your future proposals and updates to the “Creatives” category and use the ‘afrika-burn-guild’ tag created now for your reference.


Could you also break this up into two posts? One post for the Guild into, which should be posted to the Creatives - NEAR Forum Category.

Then you can feel free to post a [PROPOSAL] to the Creatives DAO here.


I am not sure what has been discussed with outside parties, but the Creatives DAO does not fund work done retrospectively. Proposals should be submitted and approved by the DAO for any funding that should go out.

Also, it seems like this would be more appropriate fort he Marketing DAO


hey @chloe and @mecsbecs

Thank you a lot for your feedback for my first guild-proposal.

I am new to this business and that is one reason why i didn’t make a proposal in the beginning of the project.

The second reason is that the project turned bigger than we thought and I also took over the explanation to artists and investors about:

  • what a blockchain is
  • how the NFT world works
  • what NEAR is
  • what is Mintbase
  • what is the connection between Mintbase and NEAR
  • why I work with NEAR
    This work I handled via email, whatsapp, telegram, facebook, facebook-messenger, zoom meetings and private schooling lessons in switzerland.

And my volunteer work of 2h a day turned into 8h-10h a day. Therefore I had a call with Yessin on the 23rd of September to tell him what i did and due to that he asked me to send a list of what I’ve done so far and what my work is for the next months.

The third reason is that i want to do more climate change projects in the future and he asked me to build a guild for that. But i don’t want to mix those two projects because they are so different and my role in it as well.

Of course i will prepare a Project-Plan, Business Strategy, Marketing & Communication plan for my climate projects in the future and will apply for a guild in the very beginning. And only then, and after that, i will start a project. Lessons learned - promised!

This would be a “one-time” payout for the work in the past months and for the months until december for the tasks listed above and not related to specific tasks.

i hope this helps as explanation. If i should apply for it in a different way, let me know.


Setting up a Guild definitely seems like the correct choice for moving forward with the Afrika Burn project. The main issue, in my opinion, just comes from funding past work. The Creatives DAO does not have processes in place to accommodate such funding flows.

More details on the Creative DAO funding process can be found here:

We do not have a process to fund work done in the past, but we (the Creatives DAO council) can definitely support you in setting up a Guild within the ecosystem which can then be used to request funding from various resources.

For the work that you have planned from October → December, the general pathway for the Creatives DAO is for there to be specific projects that get funded. If you have a more general marketing plan, it may be more efficient to request funding from the Marketing DAO for these marketing based initiatives.

cc @David_NEAR / @jcatnear

As for the past work that you have completed in the ecosystem, I am not personally aware of a pathway for funding. Potentially a grant would be most appropriate here? Or maybe the @Community-Squad can handle this request?

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Fair points, @chloe.

Since the Marketing DAO budget has just been issued for this month, let’s post the USD $3,000 ask for work completed to the Community Squad SputnikDAO.
And then all future Afrika Burn proposals can expect to go to the Creatives DAO as outlined above.

@claudinhabelha to help facilitate this, @vandal (who I believe you’ve already met!), @tabear or @JulianaM will be reaching out to help you get set up with a DAO. Stay tuned and thank you for your patience as we settled on the best fit.


Hey @claudinhabelha,

Thank you for this extensive post! I agree with everything mentioned above and the Creatives DAO council is more than happy to set up a meeting with you to create the Africa burn DAO :slight_smile:


hey @tabear @chloe @vandal @mecsbecs

Vandal just introduced me to open the DAO. Thank you.

Check out the DAO:


Just helped @claudinhabelha set up the Afrika Burn DAO on Astro and submit the payout for this proposal on Sputnik to Creatives DAO :slight_smile:


Awesome that there’s now an Afrika Burn DAO, although I voted NO on the proposal because funds are to come from the community Squad DAO.

As stated above, the Creatives DAO does not fund work done retroactively. Looking forward to looking through their first Proposal for future projects to the creatives DAO so we can [APPROVE] it and fund the Afrika Burn DAO as well :two_hearts:


Thanks for the clarification @chloe.

@claudinhabelha will need to re-submit the same payout request to the Community Squad DAO, correct? I’ve guided her through the process (that went to Creatives) so she should be able to do it! If not, just buzz me!


Correct! it was just submitted to the wrong DAO.


finally, @vandal and i did it again :smiley:

here the link: SputnikDAO

thank you in advance for everything.

@chloe @mecsbecs

Dear Chloe and Rebecca

Last week I made my first payout proposal on sputnik.
How do I proceed to be paid? I heard that i need votes. How do I do that?

My proposal expires in 6 days and therefore I’d like to finalise this today/tomorrow (before the weekend and NEARCON).

I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you



This is with the @Community-Squad for voting.

We’ll get it passed ASAP, seems everyone is in consensus.

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hey David

Thank you for the answer. Do I need to do something else for that?
Let me know how i can help or what I should do.
I am new to this world :slight_smile:

No, no action on your side it’s all good.

I’ll give everyone a nudge right away.

And huge welcome!


I’ve marked the proposal approved and also added the community-squad tag

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Thank you so much guys. I really appreciate it.


Dear everyone
@vandal , @chloe, @David_NEAR @mecsbecs

I hope you all are well and enjoyed some free days after NEARCon.

May I ask why i haven’t received yet the payout? According to the sputnik-proposal it is approved and confirmed. But so far i didn’t see any income on my near-wallet. Can you maybe check again, please?


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