[CLOSED] web3thamizhadao -august-2022 | funding request

Web3 Thamizha DAO” or “We” saw that the Indian Community especially in the Southern region of India has a vast interest in the emerging era of Blockchain, Web3, Metaverse, NFT, Crypto and mainly sustainability. We are one step for all sustainable Web3 projects in NEAR Protocol and educating the South-Indian Community on the emerging era, Near Protocol as a sustainable/climate-neutral Blockchain.

Council Members:




Total Requested Funding Amount: 2000 USD in NEAR

Web3ThamizhaDAO workshop - 500 USD in NEAR
Web3ThamizhaDAO council work - 600 USD in NEAR
BBB NFT project artist onboarding - 600 USD in NEAR
BBB NFT project promotions on IRL - 300 USD in NEAR

Total budget - 2000 USD in NEAR

Previous report:

[Report] Web3 Thamizha DAO Monthly report -July-2022

Previous Proposal:

[Proposal]Web3 Thamizha DAO X Kalakendra DAO

Previous project:


Project Timeline For August 2022

Week1: Web3ThamizhaDAO content and creatives will be done for entire month.
Week2: Web3ThamizhaDAO website launch.
Week3: BBB NFT artist onboarding.
Week4: Web3ThamizhaDAO IRL Chennai chapter.

Metrics for purpose:

  1. Building a Community through our Discord, Genesis Artist and Promotional activities
  2. Educating and Onboarding South Indian Community into Web3 on Near Protocol and providing them with work opportunities in their skilled and preferred aspects.
  3. Emphasizing Content for Articles and Social media posts especially on regional languages and International languages. Publishing content regarding Web3, NFT’s, Crypto Currency and NEAR Protocol.
  4. Promoting the DAO and the Protocol on which the DAO is built upon along with all the sustainable projects and activities related to SDG (Sustainable Development Goals).

Official Links:

Twitter: Web3ThamizhaDAO

Instagram: Web3ThamizhaDAO


@creativesdao-council is $1500 a standard set for every DAO under Creative DAOs to ask for their council work irrespective of their work?

If I’ll create a new DAO to contribute to Creatives Community, am I eligible to get the same for council work? And not like they hire council but get their own team on council.

Cc: @Dacha @FritzWorm


Thanks for the inquiry, @Kv9990! No, $1500 isn’t the standard council reward. It should be 30% of the overall funding. For this instance, given that they have a $5000 funding request, 30% of it (which is $1500) will be allocated to that team.


Who defined it should be 30% of overall funding?

What’s the work of council and how much hours is needed for it?
Is it more than 100 hours of work per month?

They’re already paid for every work team does in organising event, growing twitter and stuff, why extra payout for council?

Will this help creating sustainable DAOs?

Thanks though @kc_sollano for replying. Appreciate your quick response.

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Thanks @kc_sollano for the quick assist:)

Hi @Kv9990 nice to meet you,

In our scenario the entire council team doing more field work and since we are not taking pay from other works we taking pay individually. and in our Dao we have 10 council member’s each get 150$ out of 1500$.

We summited our field work proof with some links kindly do check it out.

Thanks for clarifying this by asking important questions.

Sounds great. Seems alot well decentralized than other DAOs here.

But for what work are these council Asking for pay? I see there’s already budget for social media handling and for content they produce.
Even for events held by your team, there’s a seperate budget.

As a general question, does this sounds sustainable to you helding a single event in a month and getting paid $1500 as council for that?

Thanks though for your contribution, I’m not against it and do support it, it’s a lot better than proposals I’ve seen in the past.


Thanks @Kv9990 for this support and motivational lines,

The social handling and content was done by freelancers, since we have to travel different places in tamilnadu for deploying proof of work this 150$ for each will help to fix travel and other expenses.

since we have huge activities planed in the month of august, I hope you got my point again thanks for making this conversation more healthier and clear.

CC: @shreyas

Just add them as transportation/ travel costs on the proposal and give a breakdown on how these funds are being used instead of asking it as funds for council work.

Although with a team of 10 people and travelling locally for each event, hope everyone’s contributing something to the event. :eyes:

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With a team of 10 people, you needed to hire more freelancers to do social handling and content? :eyes:

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Hey @Kv9990 the entire team contributed a lot for this project, and our team is full of young talents from India, we have collage students too.

Here is the report for our July work BringBackBees

Thanks again @Kv9990 :3

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Thanks, Happy to Support. :slight_smile:

But my query was regarding Council Funds that every DAOs request from Creatives DAO and since they’ve approved a total of $273K in July out of which more than $50K went for DAOs Council work, just wanted to get details regarding that.

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  1. Regarding who defies the 30% funding, we are following this guideline. Feel free to check out:
    (Only for Creatives DAO initiatives)

Thanks for these questions, allocation of funding without proper breakdown will be reviewed thoroughly and with situations like this, Creatives DAO moderators will ask appropriate questions about the overallocation of funding to the council members.

It’ll be tackled tomorrow, once we start reviewing proposals for this month of August.


since they work on different things like metaverse, nft, dapps and the main thing is to educate people about web3 so 10 members are engaged with different works, we are doing more things, instead of talking we would like to show our progress in august month report.

Thanks for Bee-Leave-ing us.

Thanks :smiley: Acknowledging the problem and knowing the pain points is necessary in order to solve those problems and make a more sustainable structure where DAOs can really make sustainable decentralized organization is necessary.


Thanks for the sentiment! The Creatives DAO mods give this concern a high priority.

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Hi @blusw @Cryptonaut @kc_sollano @Paul @williamx

When we get the updates!
since we already submitted the report and proposal.

CC: @David_NEAR

Thanks for your proposal.
How exactly are you guys educating?
Who are being educated?
How many people?
Where are these educational activities happen?

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Hi @Cryptonaut nice to connect with you,

  1. As we mentioned Web3ThamizhaDAO is to educate Tamil peoples in the regional language and onboarding web2 people to web3, we do educational post in English and Tamil and we gonna conduct workshops, webinar and metaverse events to educate people.

  2. our first target is to educate students and onboard them to near ecosystem and other web 2, web 3 peoples.

  3. As we mentioned earlier Web3ThamizhaDAO is one month old DAO and here is our last month report : [Report] Web3 Thamizha DAO Monthly report July So from this month we are gonna do workshops, most probably from next report you will have count and proof.

  4. Twitter, Instagram, G meet, Zoom, Metaverse & IRL.

Our educational post links (We are the first DAO in india to put post in both English and Tamil):

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Web3ThamizhaDAO/status/1554486569020817409?s=20&t=QJ7izClftnlJapc73g4_7w

Instagram: Login • Instagram

CC: @shreyas @David_NEAR

This is, if at all , a marketing proposal. Tagging @marketingdao-council to look into this.

This proposal was approved by kalakendra DAO. You have to submit a report to them and not to the creatives. They will share your report as a part of their report.

Please share the contents of the educational plan.

Also can you please explain how is this proposal creative in nature?

Hey mate, We already submitted report by tagging kalakendra DAO.

Contents for educational plan:

  • Web3 101
  • NFT and its Standards
  • Tokenomics 101
  • Smart contract deployment (Hands-on)

The above mentioned curriculum planed for two months.

Also the main creative plan is to do this in tanglish (Tamil + English), no DAO in india is doing this, so this is an creative idea to attract tamil crowd and will create more engagement.

and we using satori to distribute onboard invitation and a near wallet.