[Approved] Global YouTube promotion on Near protocol and Near ecosystem - JAN 2023

Hello Team NEAR @marketingdao-council
Nice to see you again.
First of all Wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Thanks for approving my previous Proposal

Talks on Near Blockchain already reached 1000 Subscribers and now it’s heading to its next milestone on monthly bases organically.
To make it simple Talks on Near Blockchain like to make a proposal for its JAN a NEW Year Begining with attracting a new audience.

Our Main Objective is to PROMOTE, EDUCATE & ONBOARD Community through 4 Major Source Platforms - Twitter | Youtube | Telegram | Instagram

**What we have achieved so far **
:point_right: Youtube Channel with 1K+ Subscribers
:point_right: Twitter Channel with 600+ Followers
:point_right: Telegram Channel with 500+ community
:point_right: Instagram Channel with 1k+ Followers

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@talksonnearblockchain9929/videos

Twitter Channel: https://twitter.com/TalksonNear

Instagram Page: Talks on Near Blockchain (@talksonnear) • Instagram photos and videos ( Merge with NearInsights )

Telegram Group: Telegram: Contact @talksonNearBlockchain

Whats coming these Jan 2023 -

Youtube Channel
Videos : 7x Video on NEAR & ECOSYSTEM ( 3 Videos on Near | 4 Videos on Near Ecosystem )
Metrics: 400 Views - 800 Views
Budget: $70 per Video ( $70 x 7 = $490 ) + $100 AMA ( Any 2 Ecosystem Project )
Includes : Videos + Thumbnails + Model work + Editing

Instagram Page
Post : 20x Post + 5 Reels ( Cover - Updates | Insights | Ecosystem Talks )
Metrics: Gain 400 -500 Followers & Redirect to Telegram Community
Budget: 250$
Includes : Infographics + Research + reels + Editing

Twitter Page
Post: 20X Post ( Cover - Updates | Insights | Ecosystem Talks ) + Retweet all the ecosystem
and Near official page tweets
Metrics: 200 - 400 Followers gain + Growing Telegram Community
Budget: $60 for Giveaway and make the community active

Total budget - $900 per month
Near Wallet Address: shubham007.near

Thank you,
Wish you Merry Christmas & Happy Near Year


Hello! Could you please fill out the form? Thank you


Hi Albion, thanks foe your proposal and patience.

Congratulations on hitting an important followers milestone. I am happy to support this proposal for another month.

If you haven’t already - please join us on the NEAR Content Creators Working Group where we are looking to share tips that may help us all grow.

Important - you must submit the Tally form that Dacha has linked above prior to this proposal moving forward (even if you already have my support).


Hi @Albhion – thanks for the proposal. Can you share some details about the content/topics you’re planning to produce in the videos? You mentioned 3 videos on NEAR and 4 on the NEAR Ecosystem. Is there any way for community projects to submit or connect with you for coverage?


Hi @Albhion

Thank you for your proposal.

Telegram: I’ve been reviewing your telegram channel with 500 members - the majority of the messages are from just a couple of accounts.

Yotuube The ratio of views to comments. And the nature of these comments don’t strike me as genuine.

Instagram The engagement rate and nature of engagement is also giving me the impression these followers were purchased.

Overall, the quality of content and nature of engagement of your channels don’t quite add up for me. Unfortunately, I cannot support this proposal at this time.


Hi @Albhion

Thanks for your proposal and the comments from fellow council. I am happy to support you in continuing your work but it is important that you respond to the questions and provide additional information requested.

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Thanks @cryptocredit , I got quarantined, and Because of that not able to work respond
Now I am back full of my energy.
I share one excel sheet after the month’s End !!
It Includes slight_smile:

  1. AMAs with Project
  2. Social Media Milestone
  3. Total Videos Posted and shared
  4. Collaboration with NEAR Ecosystem Project and Highlight.
    Last but not least - Instagram Reels & Post

So there are so many aspects where we can cover NEAR Project and Ecosystem
Ex. Near VS Solana An Full overview and stats
Ex. Why Near Sharding is NEXT Big Think 2023
Ex. Near New Community Drive Approach … etc
Ecosystem Projects from different categories

  1. Defi
  2. Gamefi
  3. NFts
  4. IDO or Launchpad
  5. Metaverse & Infrastructure

Thanks , Happy Near Year


Hello @Albhion :slightly_smiling_face: Happy to support! You can now

1)Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO.
2)Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad.

How to create a poll? Here is instruction.



Thanks :blush:

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Talks on Near Blockchain shared a post on Instagram: "Reason to Chose and Built on Near Protocol Over other Blockchain Technology, Near and Its Sharding Technology , Fast Transaction and low cost in gas fees ... Builsing Over 1000 Dapps on Multiple...

Nee Year with New Face of Near Creator

Here Our First Video on 2 Massive Layer Comparison Video on NEAR PROTOCOL VS SOLANA

Our Second Video is out on Near Fundamental Analysis !!
Do Check out @community-team @marketingdao-council @Community_Moderator

I appreciate the content you guys are putting out :clap: but as little suggestion I’d probably refrain from calling it ‘Fundamental Analysis’ since it’s a term commonly used in TradFi to back an investment thesis - unless that’s the audience you’re targetting.


Thanks for feedback, Next time we will make sure about the title and video capation

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Requesting Near Foundation do Tweet about these Video … We took 2 days for gathering information to give full overview about near foundation

@satojandro @Dacha

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