[Approved] Global YouTube promotion on Near protocol and Near ecosystem - APRIL | MAY | 2023

Hello Team NEAR @marketingdao-council
Nice to see you again.

Thanks for approving my previous Proposal:[Approved] Global YouTube promotion on Near protocol and Near ecosystem - JAN 2023

Also sharing the report: [Report Jan | Feb & March ] - Talks on Near Social Media Activites & Videos

Initial Summary :

We are thrilled to announce that we have some exciting talks coming up in the near future to mark an upcoming milestone
In addition to the talks, Recently we launched a new YouTube podcast series. This series will feature interviews with experts in our field, Project Leaders, stakeholders of the company, and Founder & Co-founder, as well as insights into our ongoing work and future plans. We believe that this series will provide you with a deeper understanding of our work and its potential impact.

We would be honored if you would join us for these talks and our new Interview series. The dates and times for these events will be announced in the coming days, so please stay tuned for more information.

**What we have achieved so far **
:point_right: Youtube Channel with 1.5K+ Subscribers
:point_right: Twitter Channel with 1.5K+ Followers
:point_right: Telegram Channel with 700+ community
:point_right: Instagram Channel with 1.2k+ Follower

Our Recent Interview Session with Project Founders and leaders

Youtube Channel
Videos : 8 x Video on NEAR & ECOSYSTEM ( 3 Videos on Near | 3 Videos on Near Ecosystem & 2 Interview Videos )
Metrics: 400 Views - 600 Views
Budget: $90- per Video ( 70x10 = $900 )
Includes : Videos + Thumbnails + Model work + Editing

Instagram Page
Post : 30x Post + 5 Reels ( Cover - Updates | Insights | Ecosystem Talks )
Metrics: Gain 400 -500 Followers & Redirect to Telegram Community
Budget: 200$
Includes : Infographics + Research + reels + Editing

Twitter Page
Post: 40X Post ( Cover - Updates | Insights | Ecosystem Talks ) + Retweet all the ecosystem
and Near official page tweets
Metrics: 200 - 400 Followers gain + Growing Telegram Community
Budget: $300 (Including Giveaway and making the community active )

:point_right:TOTAL BUDGET: $1400 ( FOR 2 MONTHS )

Our Team’s mission is to expand the arena of Near within the Global community and for this,I want your support.

Our Main Objective is to PROMOTE, EDUCATE & ONBOARD Community through 4 Major Source Platforms - Twitter | Youtube | Telegram | Instagram

I like to share our upcoming Interview Session with Near Ecosystem and Leaders

Near Wallet Address: shubham007.near


Hello, @Dacha @cryptocredit @satojandro
As the Months already started and so many Interviews are lineup !!
We are waiting for your reply.


Happy to support. Have a great day!


Hello, team @satojandro @cryptocredit @marketingdao-council
It’s been more than a week and our team is looking for the proposal to get reviewed.

Upcoming Interview Session

  • NDC Blaze
  • Marketing DAO - AVB
  • RAIZ Farm
  • Mintbase
  • Veself
  • Polaris DEX
  • Mintbase
  • Reputation is king
  • Popula
  • Stader Labs ( Twitter Space )

Request you to please review it.


Thanks for your proposal Albhion,

I support this proposal. Notes:

  • Albhion has been a long time contributor to NEAR ecosystem.
  • It’s been a real pleasure to see the content evolve and improve over time. Some of the milestones achieved such as number of followers are quire noteworthy specially during Bear times. (Context, a minimum of 1000 followers and 4000 watch time hours are required for channel to become eligible for monetisation from YT).
  • I particularly like the work you are doing around thumbnails - looks very professional and I imagine it would have a noticeable impact on click-through rate.
  • The price point is very reasonable.

Disclosure of conflict of interest: I have been invited as an upcoming guest on the series. This has not influenced my decision making process.

P.S - reminder that the standard processing time is up to 14 days. Please be patient.

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Amazing work Shubham! :pray:

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Thanks, Shail, looking forward to NEXT Session with Creative DAOS leaders and DAOs founder on how they are creating an creators economy growth on NEAR

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Hi @Albhion thnaks for your proposal.
I have reviewed and noted the comments from fellow council and am happy to support. Now moving to Approved

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@Dacha @satojandro @cryptocredit

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@community-team Check this one on one chat between Talks on Near and AVB
Talks on @NDC_Comms @creativesdao-council

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