[CLOSED] Talks on NEAR Youtube & Socials - SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER

Hello Team Near

Just Completed MY 2 YEARS with NEAR has seen remarkable growth, thanks to the support and engagement from the NEAR community.

We are excited to present our plans for the expansion of the “Talks on NEAR” YouTube channel, which has been dedicated to promoting and fostering the NEAR ecosystem through insightful interviews, development discussions, and community engagement.

The primary goal of our proposal is to further enhance the “Talks on NEAR” YouTube channel’s content and social impact, aiming to create more valuable and engaging videos that cater to a diverse audience. We plan to achieve this through a series of initiatives detailed below.

Content Creation:

  1. Interview Sessions (5 videos): We will conduct in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, founders, and influential figures within the NEAR ecosystem. These interviews will provide valuable insights into their projects, experiences, and visions for the NEAR blockchain.
  2. NEAR and Development (3 videos): Our team will produce informative videos that delve into NEAR’s technical aspects, showcasing its development, updates, and innovations. These videos will serve as educational resources for developers and enthusiasts alike.
  3. NEAR Ecosystem Videos (2 videos): We will create content that highlights the various projects, applications, and initiatives within the NEAR ecosystem. These videos will spotlight the diversity and vibrancy of the NEAR community.
  4. Developer Insights (2 videos): To add a new dimension to our content, we plan to feature developers who have integrated NEAR’s blockchain for their decentralized applications. These videos will provide firsthand experiences and insights into using NEAR’s BOS - Blockchain Operating system.

Social Media Strategy: To amplify the reach and engagement of our content, we will execute a comprehensive social media strategy across Twitter and Instagram:

  • 40 Twitter posts showcasing highlights from our videos, engaging questions, and behind-the-scenes content.
  • 30 Instagram posts with visually appealing snippets, quotes, and previews of upcoming videos.
  • 10 Instagram Reel posts to leverage the platform’s short-form video format for quick, engaging content.


Youtube Channel
Videos : 12 x Video on NEAR & ECOSYSTEM

Metrics: 400 Views - 600 Views
(Budget: = $1500 )
Includes : Videos + Thumbnails + Model work + Editing

Instagram Page
Post : 30x Post + 10 Reels ( Cover - Updates | Insights | Ecosystem Talks )
Metrics: Gain 400 -500 Followers
Budget: 200$
Includes : Infographics + Research + reels + Editing

Twitter Page
Post: 40X Post ( Cover - Updates | Insights | Ecosystem Talks ) + Retweet all the ecosystem
and Near official page tweets
Metrics: 200 - 400 Followers gain + Growing Telegram Community
Budget: $300 (Including Giveaway and making the community active )

:point_right:TOTAL BUDGET: $2000 ( FOR 2 MONTHS )

Our Team’s mission is to expand the arena of Near within the Global community and for this,I want your support.

Near Wallet Address: shubham007.near

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Great proposal love there work Like to see it working MarketingDAO :heart:


Thank you very much for your proposal. It will be reviewed soon.

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Upcoming Video on Talks on NEAR will share the detail comparison with other layer1 blockchain

Hi @Albhion thanks for the proposal. Congrats on your 2+ years participation in the community!

Here’s what is needed to review this further:

  • Can you please outline how your content will achieve the KPIs the MDAO is focused on for September and Q4?

MDAO September KPIs

This month, we are focused on supporting projects that can demonstrate the following Key Performance Indicators ( KPIs):

  • Increasing numbers of active Developers
  • Increasing numbers of active Users and Transactions
    • On-chain onboarding
    • On-chain engagement
    • On-chain participation in ecosystem dApps
  • Increasing numbers of Tools, dApps on BOS
  • Increasing the number of people educated about NDC governance, BOS and active projects in the ecosystem

As part of that, we ask that proposals clearly state how their activities will achieve these key performance metrics. For example:

  • How do their activities drive builders and developers?
  • What mechanisms will they use to track and report onboarded users, engagement, transactions?

You have posted some details about volume of content, but this proposal does not outline how you will use that content to further the KPIs we must account for in order to allocate community funding at this time.

Also, is there a link this channel or examples of previous video content you can submit with your revised proposal? Depending on timing, this proposal may be postponed for further review in Q4.


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Thank you for your proposal.

Few questions:

-Link to your previous video content and channel link

-Your team experience in content creations

Again, check out our September KPIs and align your proposal contents with it and respond to the key questions raised by the other member, this doesnt guarantee approval too.

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At Talks on Near, our mission is to drive user engagement and education about the NEAR Protocol. We have been actively working on several fronts to achieve this goal.
Firstly, we are focused on on-chain onboarding. We aim to bring users onto the NEAR Protocol Telegram Channel, NEAR Social, and help them create and verify Near Wallets as proof of community participation.

In terms of developer onboarding, we’ve initiated BOS Dev Sessions. These sessions involve interviews with two developers from the NEAR and NEAR Ecosystem who share their feedback, experiences, and reviews of using BOS on their DApps and projects.

Our content journey started with NEAR videos and ecosystem project videos. We have also begun interview sessions with prominent figures like the Sweat Economy Founder, Meta Pool Founder, NDC - Blaze, NEAR Ecosystem Project lead, AVB, and Marketing DAO Council Member.
In addition to YouTube, we are actively updating our Talks on NEAR Twitter Channel to keep the community informed about the NEAR Ecosystem.

I would like to kindly request that we do not delay our activities to Q4. It has been over three weeks since I made the proposal, and my team is already hard at work creating YouTube videos and engaging with the community.

Furthermore, we are in discussions with NEAR BALKANS, NEAR ROGUES STUDIO, REFI FINANCE, and QSTN, which presents exciting opportunities for collaboration.

In line with our budget of $2000, we plan to create a total of 10 videos, including interview sessions and developer talks. We are committed to delivering content .
I appreciate your understanding and support in ensuring that we can continue our mission without interruptions.

Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/@talksonnearblockchain9929/featured
Twitter Channel : https://twitter.com/TalksonNear

Our Previous Proposal Approval :slight_smile:

Thanks Bakaka for showing interest

Checkout the Videos whihc we posted on Talks on NEAR

About my Team Memeber :
@Albhion : Working as Interview Person , Co-ordination , Managing Youtube Channel , and Social channel
Sakshi : Video Script creator & Video Spokeperson
Piyush : Video Editor , Graphics and Creatives

As I metioned , We will taking 2 Video Dveloper Session where we will talks to NEAR Dveloper those are building on NEAR or Ecosystem using BOS on their Dapp
Through this Video our Aim to create awarness about the Why Devloper Shoul on NEAR and Why BOS is Next geneartion tool for them to build their Dapps , and Transit from Web2 to Web3 .

About tracking , Yes we always give the report , for clearly fication this time we share insights data from our youtube channel, and also share the excel sheet we will update it according to milestone we gonan achive.
Onbaording Verfiy Community with NDC Proof of Community
NDC - I am Human Verification .

Please, can you share your previous funding reports?

@Albhion checking in on the funding report request - we are closing out the review process today – would be good to see those to finalize consideration. Thanks!

Hi @Albhion Thank you for submitting a proposal to the MDAO this month.

As of the close of the MDAO review period, this proposal has not received majority support from the MDAO council. This can be due to a number of factors (outstanding questions, lack of reply, KPIs, etc.), and we encourage you to reach out via Telegram with questions and consider resubmitting in the future. We are moving this proposal to closed.

We appreciate your participation in the NEAR ecosystem and look forward to future collaborations.