[Approved] Global youtube promotion on near protocol and near ecosystem - feb 2022

Hello Everyone



1 month back I got the opportunity to work with @naveen_in and created an Instagram page ( Near_Insights )
The main aim of this channel is to educate | Update | and Influence people about near protocol and ecosystems around the world.

About Instagram Page
Total Post: 70
Total Followers: 253 till now


After Getting Good Response from the Instagram page,I would like to purpose Youtube Channel for the Same.

Why did I choose Youtube Channel for Near Protocol Ecosystem?
After seeing a huge demand for youtube shorts, people in the youtube community are much more directly influenced by youtube shorts rather than a whole 10 minutes video.

My idea behind the youtube channel is to Promote the Near protocol ecosystem around the world not a particular country as all the videos are going to be in English with subtitles.

So, let’s Talk about Our Daily Topic.
Our Youtube and Shorts and Video will be based on daily bases on the following topics

  1. Basics of Near BlockChain
  2. Investing & Processing term
  3. Updates & Events
  4. Dialy Insights ( Talk on Near Volume | Trading )
  6. Cross-Promotion with Other Project or Youtube KOLS
  7. Weekly On topic Show ( Any new Project Announcement or Direct Talk with Project )
    ( All projects are based on near blockchain and ecosystem )
    Also, we add more topics according to community response.

Now, I would Like to talk on the youtube channel and Budget.
Youtube Channel Name: Near Talks ( LOGO | CHANNEL ART | THUMBNAIL )

Our offer:

  • Full Coverage on Near Protocol Ecosystem, Whether online or offline
  • Daily 1 Video on Topic Wise
  • Creating Telegram Channel and to solve the community query
  • Social media boost: Whatever we post on youtube we will promote on all the social media, Telegram, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook profile, and page also Medium Platform
  • We will Also do some AMA with crypto Influencers Online and LIVE Q&A

Metrics in Month Approx
Daily Youtube Video Views: 500 - 1k Views as its new channel
Youtube Subscribers - 100- 500
Average Watch time: We will make an interesting and engaging video so I believe we can achieve 4 -6 minutes average watch time in video and in shorts for the whole 1 minute.

Proposal -
We Would like to start with $400 in the first Month Including the Youtube Channel Creation | Research and Maintenance | Logo | Banner | Channel Art | Camera Setup | Pre editing and post-editing | Promotion offline and online.

Mission -
The Biggest Reason to create these youtube channels is to promote the near protocol ecosystem widely through different countries.
Near wallet creation and Investing near protocol and ecosystem.
Educate and make them understand about near blockchain and its utilities
Creating awareness, How near coin is different from other blockchains in terms of Gas fees, Transaction cost, NFTs, Metaverse, Web3, Scalability, Future development

OVERALL BUDGET = $400 ( 32.84 NEAR as on current price )

!!Hoping for a positive response!!


Good evening. Great idea. As I know we have one dedicated YouTube channel (except Near Official account) from Degens Syndicate . Unfortunately, they are temporary suspended YouTube production and probably, focused on collaboration with other Near projects (Human guild, Nodes, etc).

Your budget looks reasonable. I happy to approve your proposal. Let’s see on results.

Have a great day!


Dear @Dacha ,

We are thrilled to have your response and you approving our idea, have fueled our desires with much required motivation.

We will make sure we achieve the desired results.

Hope for the best!!


Should I rasise my payout proposal in DAO or I had to wait for new payout process


Hi @Albhion and @casrjohi thanks you for your proposal. It is nice to see a simple and clear presentation of your goals and what you intend to do.

Happy to approve - tagging @marketingdao-council for visability


Thank You So much sir , For your support and love :fire::fire:

How can I raise Payout Proposal ?
@Dacha @cryptocredit .

Thanks for this proposal.

I concur that there is great demand for quality content about the NEAR ecosystem and all the related product and events. Over the last several weeks I have both seen a lot of very low quality content - purely speculative, ill informed, undifferentiated, etc. and I’ve been personally producing more content for the Silicon Craftsmen Channel.

I am looking forward to see what the team is able to come up with! From the experience above, my only suggestion would be to focus more on quality over quantity. I know how time consuming researching and producing a video can be so I would not expect a video daily unless you are really satisfied with the quality of content.

I am also happy to approve this proposal and review in one month to see how the channel is tracking. Best of luck



Moving this to Approved. Thanks for the proposal.

You can find a guide for submitting a payout proposal via a poll and passing KYC at the bottom of here:


Looks legit! Go for it! Thumbs up on my side.


Just Filled the Google form and Waiting for KYC , Then I had to make Proposal in Astro DAO right ?

You can make the poll on Astro now if you like

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Thanks Done
here is the link


Hello Everyone
@Dacha @David_NEAR

Talks on Near Blockchain YouTube channel Offically Launched …

First Video is premiere by today 10 AM IST
Hello Everyone
Talks on Near Blockchain YouTube Offically Launch …

Now you can Get all the insights about near protocol ecosystem in Video format with proper Explainer .

Join the YouTube Channel Now …

Also my astro dao payment is still pending :sweat_smile:


Hello @David_NEAR , Expected time to get payout for these proposal

Please give up to 2 weeks:

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That’s a pretty cool video mate!

Hopefully looking to see more. Great stuff man

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Hello ,
@Dacha @Dacha @marketingdao-council

Our Next Video is Out Now .–

It will live in next 3 hrs


Hello Everyone ,

Our Next Video is Out Now .–


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Everyone Set Your Reminder for Next Video Gonna Live On Near Talks on Near NFTs Ecosystem