[Approved] Global Youtube promotion on near protocol and near ecosystem - March - April 2022

Hello Everyone
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PROPOSAL: [Global Youtube promotion on near protocol and near ecosystem - March - April 2022]


Funding : Monthly

ThankYou so much for your Support and Love towards Talks on Near Channel

We Started Youtube Channel in Vision to Spread the News and Educate People About Near Protocol Ecosystem.
Attaching Previous Month Proposal: [Approved] Global youtube promotion on near protocol and near ecosystem - feb 2022 - #27 by Albhion

Attaching Reports and Milestone We achieved in month : [February] [REPORT] Global YouTube Promotion Channel on Near Protocol Ecosystem - #11 by Albhion

Once Again Thank you So much !!


This Month: March to April 2022

We have Onboarded New Members Video Making profile Model and this Time we are also Onboarding girls too, This will help the audience make more clickbait, Establish a Talkz Environment and have Ama or Club House with Near and other projects talks inside the Ecosystem.

As we are building our Youtube Profile we also got a request from Bluebit Finance | Auctions Project | For Creating an Explainer Video Which is best in terms of Collab.

Near Insights X Talks on Near Blockchain, Through these collaborations, All the Videos on Near Talks Youtube Channel also going to be Promoted on IG TV of NearInsights

As Our Channel Grows and we are hiring more members to make video and editing and Youtube Video Optimization

OVERALL BUDGET = $700 ( 70 NEAR as on current price )

Spending Structure :slight_smile:

**700$ Breakdown - **
3 New Video Model Face | 2 Boy and 1 Girl
Buying Tube Budy for Video SEO and Optimization ( Considering in Option )
Buying Ring Light for IG TV Video on Near Insights
Target Video March - April Mid: 8 Long on Near Ecosystem and Further New Project development & 10 Shorts posting will be done on youtube shots

Hoping for a positive response!

Total Video Posted Now :slight_smile:


Thanks for this proposal – I read the Feb report as well.

I noticed @satojandro suggested getting a green screen, but that is not part of the budget. He’s definitely an expert on creating pro videos. I would consider his advice!

Can you share what the video topics will be for the upcoming long form videos?

What are you doing to promote the videos outside of YouTube? Are you addressing a particular community or demographic? I think from a marketing standpoint, that is important to understand. You can create a ton of great content, but ultimately, the goal is to reach new audiences and continue to build community. I think your strategy there should be included into the proposal. Note that I am definitely not recommending starting all the platforms that most people propose. I personally think that it is too much to start multiple platforms and try to grow them all at one time. But that said, I do think there should be thought around a growth strategy, and I would like to understand your thinking there.


Thank You.

@Monish016 @naveen_in what you think about proposal? Maybe @Albhion can help you with something. Thanks

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@Albhion is doing a good job :clap:

Some of my views for his work.

  • He is a young face, much needed right now to connect with the Gen Z audience.
  • He is quickly adopting the ecosystem culture and using his skills to fill up the necessary marketing work needed for our stakeholders.
  • Recently, one of his video’s clip got shared by mintbase Twitter account showing the acceptance his work within the community.
  • We (with @Albhion ) already had a chat few days ago for paid promotion of NEAR NFT projects via his channel.

Suggestions for now.

  • Start building your community on one platform (Telegram/Discord/Twitter) to connect with your audience. Something like NEAR WEEK, or NEAR INSIDER.
  • Video background needs improvement. Maybe hanging crypto/NEAR related quotes/content frames on the background blank wall is good to start with.
  • The channel is at the initial stage, I won’t suggest to experiment with the new faces for now. You are already doing an amazing job. :100:

Thanks for the Instant reply @so608 @Dacha @naveen_in

From the last one, my vision is to bring a proper platform where users from around the world and watch the video, Near is a big Gaint Sleeping Project, and more and more and more things coming to Near Protocol Ecosystem. Wheater its Defi, NFTs, Trading, Metaverse, or Gam-fi .
Talks on Near Main Vision is to Cover all the Near protocol aspects and its ecosystem videos.
Currently, we are working on a Video on Ref Finance, Which is the main core of the Near Ecosystem Project .

The Upcoming Videos are will be Refi finance, Octopus Network, and other Projects which is based on Near Ecosystem

As we are doing Collab with Near Insights Instagram Channel all the Videos of youtube Will be uploaded and published on IGTV…

One of the major things is that all the Video are can be reused f and uploaded on a number of platforms for a wider audience.

About the Green Screen, Yes All the Videos are shoot on that, also I am getting Tshirts with the name of Near logo and backside Talk on the Near Blockchain logo,

My Vision is to Build create Value in the ecosystem to Our Social media just like Instagram, Youtube is the Second Major Serac ENjine in terms of any resources want That’s Why Coinmarket cap itself more emphases and working on Its youtube Channel.

Not today … But Tomorrow IF a person wants to learn and is not able to understand the project, he can directly search on Youtube and Our Videos will be the best way to understand the key concepts of the Project and why he/she should Invest.

About Addressing Community, I am trying to bring all the Audience to one place to get all the info about the near ecosystem. Crypto is for everyone so I believe there is no audience graph. Because Our Video is interesting and Simple to Understand.

I am Also Connecting with another project in the near ecosystem to have talks on Near Blockchain, General AMA. But Channel just launches, That is Why I am trying to get more and more audience.

I have my Crypto page on Facebook Where I published all the youtube Videos and shared all the telegram, Discord Channels to get more Engagement.

Working Video SEO Part … We are on the first rank we people search near metaverse


Thanks, @naveen_in You are my mentor in terms of Ideas. Because of Near Insights, I got this Idea.

Thanks for the Suggestion.

From Day One I’ll Share the Telegram and Discord link of Near and its Project only
I’ll create Discord Channel where all the users from around the world will join.
Video Background IMprovement yes Just Buy a Green screen so the next video will be much more immersive
Yes , There will be One Boy and Girl , Because Womens Talks on Every Subject Matters A lot.

Thanks for Feedback and liking my Idea >>>> Let’s Build the Community ! @Dacha @David_NEAR @marketingdao-council


Hello Near Team , May I know your Decision on these Proposal , and yes we are alredy building now community , I am also Planning to run some Campagin which going to be totally free for users to join .

I am thinking to have weekly Seminar With Youtube Subscribers and Install Near wallet on their phone for their Transaction , And if they are new to crypto , Make them also Understand how these things gone to work :cyclone:

Looking forward to get Immediately response and May I know the @marketingdao-council Decisions on these matter .

@Dacha @David_NEAR @Klint


I believe it’s a good one. I’m open to learning more.

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Hello Team Near!

I study the Market internationally and saw people are Charged for explaining video-sharing screens for around $200-400 Dollars according to their Youtube Followers and Subscribers, May be not today … But tomorrow this Channel will grow If I will Get Support from the Near … Because My vision is big for Talks on Near Blockchain.

I Proposed 700$ for Near Youtube Channel, Because I hired more members, But Now I decided to get
Video Model = 2 Person ( 1 BOY, 1 GIRL )
Upcoming all videos will be on Green Screen, With T-shirts Near T-shirt.
About the Content and script, I got one girl who’s into Crypto, She going to help with the content and Video script.
And Other works like SEO, Video Editing, and Poster, I create myself only.

So Now I breakdown my budget from $700 to $550
and My last Proposal was $400 Dollar which is approved, So because of hiring and content scripter writer and Video model and Maintaining Youtube Channel.

Upcoming Month "

  • Video Will be on 4 DEFI projects on NEAR ( 2 OLD & 2 NEW )
  • Video on Metaverse NFTs and Gaming Projects ( 2 VIDEO )
  • A long Video on Near Sole and Upcoming Projects
  • And Last Video Will be a one and talk with Project ( Any NEAR ECOSYSTEM PROJECT )

@Dacha @David_NEAR @marketingdao-council @Klint @naveen_in @satojandro

Thanks Looking Forward to a Positive Response

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Hi @Albhion – thanks for your replies and updates – to clarify, what is the final funding request? Is it now $550?

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Yes, Now it’s $550 For Month of April

Hello @marketingdao-council @Klint @Dacha @David_NEAR @jlwaugh

New Month Started but these Proposals Still not reached its Direction towards Yes or No

Give me Green Light , So I can have better idea about the Approved or Rejection

I know I am emphasizing this Proposal, Because its Mena more than 10 days that these proposal still not move forward .

Also I reduced my budget from 700 to 550$ -

Thanks :rainbow:

Looking Forward to Positive Response .

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Hi @Albhion – Here are my reasons for giving support to your project:

  • Transparent report from past funding
  • Clear proposal with deliverables and objectives
  • Reasonable funding request that takes into account market rates
  • Willingness to receive feedback and make improvements (ie greenscreen) adjustments (ie funding amount requested) to your plan.

What I would like to see in your report and in the future as you move forward:

  • Your plan for organically (ie not via ads) reaching new audience members
  • A clear, specific overview of the topics and content you will include in your videos so we understand how you are thinking about future content
  • Mention of your editorial perspective in the proposal – meaning, why are you choosing the projects you are choosing vs. others? Why do people need to see your content, your POV specifically? There is a ton of content out there. Almost anyone can create a publish a video. Why you and your team? What do you bring to the conversation that is not already being said? I am not suggesting that you answer each of those questions, but I think it is crucial for any content creator growing an audience and a project to define their editorial perspective as they grow so you can stand out, differentiate yourself and so audiences know why they should pay attention to you.

In terms of approval, I can give my support but need @marketingdao-council to comment as well for approval.


Hi @Albhion would echo the comments of my fellow Marketing DAO council members and suggest we can move this to Approve @so608


With the edits, it seems reasonable to me. You’ve got my support.


@Albhion This has been approved – you can submit your proposal to AstroDao.

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Thank You :muscle:

Good one, seems like a good one to me.

Good morning, @Albhion
Did you submit a poll on Astro dao? Thanks

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