[February] [REPORT] Global YouTube Promotion Channel on Near Protocol Ecosystem

Hello Team Near
@Dacha & @marketingdao-council @David_NEAR @Klint @so608

We Started Youtube Channel in Vision to Spread the News and Educate People About Near Protocol Ecosystem.
Attaching Previous Month Proposal: [Approved] Global youtube promotion on near protocol and near ecosystem - feb 2022 - #27 by Albhion

MEMBER: @Albhion

Funding: Monthly

ThankYou so much for your Support and Love towards Talks on Near Channel

Overview :slight_smile:
Last Month I started My journey of creating a youtube channel for Near Protocol and Its Ecosystem. Thanks for Approve My request and as the Result, I like to Show Some of the Milestone and Achievements.

Metrics :slight_smile:

Youtube Channel Name: Talks on Near Blockchain
Subscribers: 161+
Total Views: 1.5K+

Attaching Metrics Screenshot for Better Understanding
Below Analytics are from Youtube Analytics


Audience Based


Overview of Analytics


**Within 1 month We crossed **
100 Subscribers Milestone | Above 1K Views | Global Audience Watch | Impression Rate Above 6%


Once Again Thank you So much !!


This Month: March to April 20

We have Onboarded New Members of Video Making profile Model and this Time we are also Onboarding girls too, This will help the audience make more clickbait.

As we are building our Youtube Profile we also got a request from Bluebit Finance | Auctions Project | For Creating an Explainer Video Which is best in terms of Collab.

Near Insights X Talks on Near Blockchain, Through these Collaboration, All the Videos on Near Talks Youtube Channel also going to Promoted on IG TV of NearInsights

As Our Channel Grows and we are hiring more members to make video and editing and Youtube Video Optimization

OVERALL BUDGET = $700 ( 70 NEAR as on current price )

Spending Structure :slight_smile:

**700$ Breakdown - **
3 New Video Model Face | 2 Boy and 1 Girl
Buying Tube Budy for Video SEO and Optimization ( Considering in Option )
Buying Ring Light for IG TV Video on Near Insights
Target Video March - April Mid: 8 Videos on Near Ecosystem and Further New Project development

Hoping for a positive response!

Total Video Posted Now :slight_smile:


@Dacha @David_NEAR @marketingdao-council

Because of the New Approval process of Near Funding, It’s Takes almost 2 weeks for funding .

Pleased Let me know about the report Status

Kindly checkout the report , Need to funding for Next Videos and Content purposes …

Looking forward to get instant Response on thread

Thanks ° Albhion °

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Hello Fellow YouTuber,

Thanks for supplying the February Report. Very exciting to see channel grow. Just subscribed and saw a couple of your videos. Few things:


  • I would recommend buying a Green Screen you can place behind you, making it easier to add virtual backgrounds.
  • Timestamps: there are several videos that explain how to create them. The important thing here is that the timestamp title gets indexed by google searches, so for instance if you include a section such as “Why is NEAR protocol…” it could be featured in google, etc.

I am happy to support this project. However, I do want to make it clear that we support passion projects - initiatives members of the community were going to do anyway, we just want to empower people to do more. Do not hold back one creating as much content as possible - the real value accrual will come from accumulating an audience, not from monthly grants from Marketing DAO.


Thanks for your Feedbacks suggestion @satojandro

This Month we starting Video with Green screen only and Also about the Time Stamps , that’s was really good idea , I ll implement that on our all the Videos

About Seo and Indexing part , we are at beginging stage and growing Bit By Bit , so keywords and optimization play important role , because of So many competitons , Our video is now showing at 4-5 index in YouTube if they serach on Particular keyword that’s we used in YouTube.

Looking forward to see other response Too !! :rainbow:
@Klint @David_NEAR @Dacha @marketingdao-council

This is amazing. Love to see more growth in the future

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Thanks mate , Love to see your positive response

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Hello, Morning NearTeam

Just want to know What the status of Funding and and analytics report , Thanks
@Dacha @David_NEAR @marketingdao-council @Klint

Also, I want to know how to get Community Builder Role in Near Forum :+1:

Can you give me an example of someone with the role, please?

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Like this … It not showing on the Profile , Just want to know How to earne that @David_NEAR

You can go here and select your role from the drop down.

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:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: It’s works … You save me :sweat_smile:

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Now, let’s BUIDL Community :raised_hands:

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That’s My Greatest motive … To become part of Near Family … :rainbow:

Also Please Bring some light and let me know the What’s the Status for My Next funding because I alredy started my Next work

It’s not clear that this is a proposal, since it’s structured like a report and has the report tag.

Ideally, you should split proposals and reports into separate threads. That said, if the @marketingdao-council wish to review and approve/reject they can do so here.

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Understand, So Now I have to make different Thread for proposal for funding and including what I need , This is just report thread … noted Thanks

You always help … Man No words for you , Thanks again :rainbow::heart_eyes::crossed_fingers:

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Thanks for Proper Guidance | Here is my new proposal link

@Dacha @marketingdao-council @David_NEAR