[APPROVED] Funding Request FEMINU DAO August 22

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General Report / August 2022

Project: Funding FEMINU DAO August 2022

Status: Concluded


Astrodao: feminu-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Counsils Members


  • filmesdeinfiltracao.near
  • cleusaraven.near
  • biancavictal.near
  • giogoretti.near

Members that left the DAO:

  • marciaboni.near
  • najunft.near

Marcia Boni and Naju requested to leave as a member, both for personal reasons and the proposal was made on Astro.

Metrics of success:

  • New Mints on the Mintbase Near blockchain - 56 new art Near NFTs

  • New Mints on the Mintbase Near blockchain - 19 new Near NFTs from the certificates (9 from the FEMINU MUSIC and 9 from the FUNDRAISING WOKSHOP)
    TOTAL of new NEAR NFTs: 75

  • Newcomers: 11 ( counting onboardings done for the classes)


Store Metrics:


This month we had many highlights.

Two events were very important when it comes to inclusion:

  • One was SONORO, considered the first sound art exhibition at Voxels, bringing the discussion about visual centrism and how much our lives and art have been focused on the visual for centuries, leaving other senses that can be explored and valued artistically in the background.
  • The other was the FOLKLORE bounty which was very positive. We had onboardings, lots of interaction among the community, and the incredible presence of Severa Paraguaçu as a judge to choose the winners. Severa Paraguaçu defines herself as a “crippled drag queen and incomplete model.” She is also a curator and has loss of part of her vision. We asked the artists to describe the images of their works. The act of describing the image is a form of inclusion for people who are visually impaired. The difficulty that the artists had in describing the images of the works, shows how this is a practice that is almost unused.

Bounty Forum Engagement: 631 views, 258 likes, over 85 replies, and 13 new NFTs from Near minted.

Another very important sound-related event was developed this month - FEMINU MUSIC, which brought great engagement and diffusion of the NEAR application, ENDLESS, providing a large number of onboardings (5), generating 3 new NFTs and which continues to draw attention on FEMINU’s Youtube channel.

We also started a series of Fundraising Courses, which had a large number of interested people, attracting other DAOs that are on the path of their sustainability and for that this course was very valuable.

Two amazing exhibitions also happened this month: WWWomens with 12 unpublished works by Carol Cavenaghi, minted especially for FEMINU and Unsaid words, an exhibition of great sensitivity.

Visibility for Near blockchain: a big party in the courtyard of FEMINU was animated by DJ May feat Junix with the opening of 5 simultaneous exhibitions, being four of visual arts and one sound one. It was a success, given the number of visitors we had, 355 on the opening day alone, and for this reason we were among the top 20 most visited exhibits of the week in the Voxels metaverse.

The proposals that were part of this event were all carried out successfully within the schedule, contributing to the metrics achieved.

Prints from the opening day visitation

Acquisitions made for the FEMINU Collection:

(we clarify that it was not possible to buy 30USD in FOLKLORE bounty works as most artists did not list their works)

Daniel Aldano - 0,80N

Habitat of Brazilian folklore beings on Mintbase

Naju - 4N

Unsaid Words: agora, estou livre! on Mintbase

l3v1at4 - 0.25N


Manu Ranilla - 5N


LulucaL - 1N

Nunca fiz sucesso on Mintbase

João Miranda - 1N

Wonderful women #1 on Mintbase

Flygoa - 1N

٨P A G Uﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨

Augurs - 1,5N


Raffa Gomes - 3N

Shiu…Escuta on Mintbase

Thais Grootvelt - 0,7N

prophecy by thais grootveld on Mintbase

Iago 1,5N

Cores do Brasil on Mintbase

Kel - 0,7N

Pisante on Mintbase

Kel - 1N


Felipe de Vicente - 1N


Silvania Cerqueira - 2N

Chá de arruda on Mintbase

Marcos Palhano - 0.77N

Cazumbas, wizards of the forest

Concluded Proposals:

  1. Fundraising Workshop
  1. Workshop FEMINU MUSIC – Breaking Barriers
  1. Sonoros: Another perspective
  1. Unsaid words - Everything I feel and don’t know the name
  1. FEMINU DAO honors Carol Cavenaghi in: WWWomen
  1. FEMINU August Show
  1. Bounty: Folklore Exhibition


Write reports, create polls, vote to forward payments, logistical organization of projects run in the month, meetings with project proponents, orientation and support to new artists who have onboarded regarding how Astro works, the Forum and how to mint.


  • Include as a rule in upcoming bounties that works are listed.

  • Continue bringing in more nearcomers to interact with DAO and help them with their proposals and engage in the community

  • Establish at least one solo exhibition by a non-binary, trans or cis artist prominent in the community

  • Keep our community united by our purposes and values, which will guide the direction of our bylaws

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