[REPORT] BeatDAO Funding Proposal for September - October 2023

I. General Info

BeatDAO on Astro DAO

BeatDAO on BOS

Current balance:

Link to previous proposal:

[Approved] BeatDAO Funding Proposal for September - October 2023

Project Report

[PROPOSAL] Project 1 Beatdao on Beatstars Phase 1

  • We produced 19 beats and will add more in the next month

  • connection with the Beatstars community

BeatDAO joins a worldwide community of musicians on Discord, this is the first step to onboarding them into the Near Ecosystem

Beatstars on the beatdao.io website

  • We promote BeatDAO and Creatives on our YouTube channel and put the Near logo on our promotional social media

  • Make a type beat/beat for sale promotional video on youtube by including the Creatives and NEAR logos, this will attract people on web2 to join BeatDAO and Creatives on web3

[PROPOSAL] Project 2 Only 1 Bizzy EP

This is a promotional and label distribution agreement letter with IDE Timur


EP mastering studio from Only1Bizzy

artwork created by @duOCELOT


The Director of this Music Video is @BigM007 & Jovan Arvisco (Indonesia)

  • This music video will be released on Eckoshow’s or IDE Timur YouTube channel

  • The number of subscribers is 1.76 million, this is very good for promoting artists, creatives and near ecosystems

Project 3 Rok the Blok “Near Community” Sponsorship

Hosted by the animated version of DJ/producer Jon Blok. This late night style talk show features web3 creators and their amazing projects. With 1.5K - 2K views per episode on youtube, the show is well produced and a great way to spotlight the Near community in an exciting and highly entertaining way.

Funded episode 01: Alissa Christine, VR Artist and Healer

652 views within first 2 days

Funded episode 02: Vandal, MC and web3 entrepreneur
(Episode in production)

Funded episode 03: Pending

Funded episode 04: Pending


Our guests for the 2 remaining episodes have to be replaced because of their current standings within the Near community. It’s come to our attention that some members are still in the process of repaying funds owed to Creatives Dao.

As a result, we’ve decided to postpone the release of their interviews until those matters have been resolved within the Near community. We will be selecting new creatives to interview who do not have any current accounts balances due and are in good standing with the Near community overall.

Our expected outcomes are on track

  • Showcase Near creators on a youtube show with 1.5K - 2K views per episode
  • Increase engagement with Near projects for a brand new audience
  • Inspire the Near community to showcase their projects outside of the Near ecosystem
  • Release 4 episodes of the show featuring Near creators exclusively
  • Produce informative and engaging videos. Mix educational content about Near Blockchain with entertaining elements related to music and entertainment.
  • Make sure the video is well paced and visually appealing to keep viewers engaged.
  • Create eye-catching thumbnails that accurately represent the content of videos and entice viewers to click. @jonblok

Project 4 Funding Request - BeatDAO at NEAR APAC 2023

Flight ticket

1. Vietnam Airlines E-Ticket Jakarta - Vietnam.pdf (80.1 KB)

2. Air Asia - Vietnam to MY.pdf (138.3 KB)

3. Citilink - MY to Indo.pdf (86.7 KB)

Instagram Doc 1

Instagram Doc 2

Project 5 Trivia Quiz Always on BeatDAO

Questions, answers and gifts to the community in this telegram link


(June - July) Internal structure and systems
• Creating the Beatdao.io website
• Organizing our public facing content, contests and initiatives
• Crafting our media and press materials
• Collecting data on the needs of our members

(August - September) Wave 1 Rollout
• Attending IRL events
• Releasing content and projects
• Setting up revenue making opportunities for our community

(October - December) Wave 2 Rollout
• Attending IRL events
• Releasing content and projects
• Promotion in all member countries

DAO’s Milestones for proposal

  • Generate profits for our members and new ways to market and sale music
  • Spotlight the new release of a Beat Dao community made project
  • Collaborating with one of the best music labels in Indonesia (IDE Timur)

Internal Interaction with NEAR dapps

BeatDAO near.social

BeatDAO Mansion on Near Hub

BeatDAO on Mintbase



BeatDAO on AstroDAO

Sputnik BOS BeatDAO

Activities are focused on artists’ support

We’re hosting a listening party to chat with the producers about their process along with skills sharing
Partnering with NXM and Dao Records to host Cypher Alley for producers and MCs

Beat Dao


External World Engagement

BeatDAO on Spotify

BeatDAO on Beatstars

Activities and Payment

Beat DAO Transfer


  • Connecting with other members of Creatives DAO in person
  • Obtain information, increase the level of insight and knowledge about NEAR Blockchain technology
  • Held a music showcase with @vandal from DAORecords
  • Enter the web2 community to evangelize them into the web3 Near Ecosystem

Community engagement











We’ve learned that we must be leaders in web3 and pursue new opportunities beyond our borders.
Music is future forward and our design materials must match that vision and we’ve received more interest and community activity as a result

Next steps

  • Will create worldwide Beat Battles within the Beatstars community and onboard them into the Creatives and Near Ecosystem
  • Activate our events and other community engagement for 2024
  • This creates entry opportunities into the International music industry

Stay Creative, Thanks

@jonblok @BigM007 @skthealternator