[CLOSED] AFRO STAR Guild Marketing March

Hi Family, I’am SterryO, Co-Founder #AfroStar-GUILD

DAO: AfroSTAR Guild

AfroSTAR-Guild the guild that works with only The Female creatives world-wide, celebrities/ social media influencers. we also worked Talented Kids in January & February, but we stopped because Creatives DAO advised us to leave working with minors for now, even tho they are super talented.

Project: Social Media Management March & NFT Marketplace development

Links: @AfrostarGUILD

March Creatives DAO proposals

Creative DAO Proposal

The monthly tasks for the social media management position are:

  • Buying AfroSTAR Guild member’s NFT on Mintbase,
    the reason why we come up with this idea is because our creatives always wonder what next after weve created big potential projects for them and its only available as an NFT.
    For this reason, our members are always happy to work with us, and how much more would they be happy and announce us when they make NFTs with us and even sold, this attracts more new members to us automatically and it grows our eco system. Each NFTs in our Mintbase costs 10 N ($115) and we have 9 NFTs in our store, which will turn to 12 by the end for This march
    120 N ($1,371) will be required to purchase 1 copy of our member’s NFTs each

  • We wanna register Our Guild as a legal company in Nigeria

  • We wanna do sponsored ad on AfroSTAR Guild Insgaram account, we currently have 2,727 followers on IG. Boosting 8 Contents on IG will bring more exposure to us as a whole $40 budget on each posts $320 for 8 post

  • Telegram Management 87 Members $100

  • Youtube : 7 subscribers

  • TG: 117 Members

Total amount requested: $ 1,791
Target: afrostar.near /KCY through @sterryo

Proposal Comopleted

Okay, Now, pls cross check over again, for the updated funding request without the Youtube advertisement, thank you @so608 :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!


Good evening, could you please share links on your guild’s social media ? Thanks


Thank You so much @Dacha I personally have been busy with our multiple physical projects.

Thanks for replying

Our Social media handles are


lets speed up wheel.


I can as well help in growing your youtube to reach wider range! we can talk on telegram group


every thing made clear after our community call today! we await @marketingdao-council comments :heart: and approval :slightly_smiling_face:


The idea of supporting/encouraging our guild members by buying their NFTs Sounds Epic :fire: you know what, while we start selling the NFTs in NEARest future. they still earn their 10%

Lets begging our campaign for wider range!


It’s a no for me.

You won’t be able to publish ads for NFTs on the the following platforms:

Youtube / Google Ads
(unless you’ve gone through the certification process)

Facebook / Instagram

As much as I wish it were possible to promote crypto / NFT related projects through the main ad platforms, it’s just not possible at the moment.


Okay Chief @Klint, thanks for your reply,

What I actually meant is to use our YouTube platform to create awareness for our Mintbase Link,

But if you think that would not Work, Could we leave it and move on to the other things to deal with in the proposal?

Thank you so much.

@marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors

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Can you share an updated funding request with us that does not include the advertising?


Thank yo so much, @so608 pls cross check again now, for the updated funding request, the Youtube advertising has been removed, :pray:

Hi @marketingdao-council

Can we hear a feedback yet pls?

thank you

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hi @Dacha we have this proposal wasnt approved last month, and anyways we have the same propoal applied for this month… lets hear from you after reading this again, thank you.

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Good evening, maybe make sense to close the proposal and create a new one based on comments from Marketing DAO councils?

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Yes please create a new proposal for current month that includes updated funding request. Also, I do not see a lot of support for this from the council yet.

I think to improve it, it would help if you are able to:

  • Explain mission/purpose of the project with more detail
  • Share who is involved and creating content (is there anyone else involved active on the forum?)
  • What is the outcome/goal you are hoping to achieve through funding?
  • What metrics will you use to show the progress in your report?

I’m closing this proposal for now. Thanks!


thank you so much. gonna be done just as you said :heart:


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