[Proposal] Afrostar Female Musicians/ Producers/ Instrumentalists Music Project (MAY, JUNE, ))

Female Musicians/Producers/ Instrumentalists Music Project

We have 4 Female Musicians/Instrumentalists to Compile 4 tracks musical project and 4 Viral video shots each with.

Purposes of this project

  1. To create more quality contents with female creatives and multiply the success which my first funded project by this platform made on Youtube. I See this as another pathway to one of the future sustainability plans for the DAO.
Youtube pays when you have up to 1000 Subscribers, and 4000 public watch hours.
My Video on Afrostar YouTube channel is presently on [21,314 views](https://youtu.be/PZIgscFbF6g), which increased the subscribers from 49 to 390, it increased the watch-time from 21 hours to 544 hours

The more consistent we can be with creating more quality musical content, (Especially with Females), the more opportunities we have to increase the streams numbers.

In The Videos each musicians are gonna make, the "Proudly Supported by Creatives DAO" will be from the beginning to end.

Every vital informations to tell people about NEAR, NEAR MUSIC NFTS, NEAR BLOCKCHAIN, Afrostar Guild and links to direct viewers to our community will be written in the video description.

To Educate the onboarded musicians about the NEAR BLOCKCHAIN, WEB3 MUSIC, NFTs, NEAR Tools and dapps, TAMAGO, Our forthcoming AFROSTAR Theatre on NEARHUB (When its available), ASTRODAO, MINTBASE, PARAS, NEAR.SOCIAL etc.

& How to mint NFTs ,Transact with NEAR wallet and make smart contracts with their wallets.

To Fund and create exclusive Musical NFT project that will be owned by each musicians, participating on this project.

All songs will be minted as NFTs on AFROSTAR GUILD MINTBASE Store by musicians their selves, with the revenue being split by %70 to the musicians, %10 to the artists who made the art covers and 20% to the dao treasury.

Musics will all be TAMAGO playlists
Snippets of songs will be shared on Social medias for introduction.

Perticipating Female Musicians

Aanuolin She’s a Canada based Nigerian born vionlinist

Chioma D She’s a singer and a bassist

Jaycee She’s a lead Guitarist


& VERRAAH She’s a singer/ bass guitarist


Activities & Timelines

  • Telegram Meeting - Ending of April
  • Creation, activation of wallet - 1st week of May
  • Production & Recording - 3rd week of May
  • Mixing & Mastering - 3rd week of May/1st week of June
  • Education & Enlightenment about web3 music and NEAR dapps - 2nd week of May
  • 50% 1st Payment to each artists - 2nd week of May
  • 50% Balance up after all jobs done - 4th week of June
  • Teaching How to mint - 3rd week of June
  • Minting by each artists - 3rd/4th week of June
  • Uploadings On YouTube - 3rd/4th week of June
  • Minting on Tamago playlists - 3rd/4th week of June
  • Artwork Bounties - 3rd/4th week of June
  • sharing of content on Social - 4th week of June


  1. Creation/Activation of NEAR wallet for each musician
  2. 4 Music NFTs to be created,
  3. 4 Tracks to be added to playlists on Tamago
  4. 4 art works to be created by already existing community members from other DAOs on the ecosystem
  5. 4 Videos to be shot
  6. Half of the money to be paid to 4 Artists for their premiumstudio time, production, mixing and mastering & viral video then balance to be paid when project is completed.
  7. 4 Artists to open accounts on the NEAR.SOCIAL
  8. 4 Artists to be added to our AstroDAO onchain Members!
  9. Education To The Musicians about NEAR DAPPs on our Telegram channel
  10. NEAR Wallet creation and activation for the 4 Musicians
  11. Videos to be uploaded on YouTube with NEAR LOGO and infos
  12. Artistes will also promote these songs on their platforms, and can perform it individually on stage
  13. Songs will be performed in the MetaVerse in future, at our forthcoming AFROSTAR Theatre on NEAR HUB is Live!
  14. To onboard producers of each artistes too


Program Amount (USD)
4 Musicians $50 x 4 & VERRAAH, Jaycee,Chioma D & Aanuolin $200
Studio Time for 4 Days $400
Recording, Production, Mixing and Mastering & (each artists will be working with their personal producers, but based on $200 budget each for) Including Aniike.near assisting with the mixing and mastering $200 x 4 producer = $800
Artwork (Bounty)$50 x4 $200
Viral Video Production $70 x 4 This will also be provided artist with the ones they already work with regularly. but dax visuals will color grade and add the NEAR LOGO and afrostar Guild $280
Totals $1880

@sterryo @bgem @ifeoluwa @Aniike