[Proposal] Afrostar Guild Web2 to Web3 Female Digital Art Creation and Onboarding projects

This period of time we wanna support 30 web2 female digital artistes to create and participate with us on this Ecosystem.
@NEY is gonna be providing 20 Female artists, while I will be providing 10 Female Creatives from the web2 platform on to the Blockahin.

The Purpose of this project, to:

Educate Newly onboarded artiste about the NEAR blockchain platform, NEAR Tools and dapps Such as the AstroDAO (for onchain activities and dao treasury) MINTBASE, PARAs GORILLASHOPS (how to mint NFTs their-self ) NEAR.SOCIAL (For socialising on the NEAR Blockchain)

30 ARTISTES TO CREATE & MINT 1 digital art each = 30 ARTs
20 arts will be minted on PARAs and 10 arts Will be minted on Mintbase


Of This project will be 3weeks, in MAY(1 week to onboard, 2 weeks to create, educate and mint)

This project will be anchored & supervised by me, @ney and @bgem (abhaa.near) on our Telegram Channel,

All the artists will be rewarded with $50 each immediately after work is done and Minted!

Live process and illustrations of each art by each artists will be recorded and also be shared on artists’ web2 social medias and the NEAR.SOCIAL dapp to show prove of ownership.

All arts will be minted by artistes their-self, after being taught how to mint on NEAR

All artist will claim their rewards by themselves on our AstroDAO


  1. Onboarding and Supporting of 30 artists
  2. Educating all 30 artistes about the NEAR dapps, descentralization, NDC, and diferences web2/web3, Minting, smart contracts etc.
  3. Creation of 30 digital arts
  4. 30 NFTs will be minted by artists with their NEAR wallets themselves
  5. 30 wallets for 30 artists will be created & activated
  6. all 30 artistes will be added to our astrodao, to claim there rewards and be part of us onchain
  7. all 30 artistes will have the NEAR.SOCIAL account
  8. all 30 aratises will be LIVE on our telegram

total amount required for all 30 artists is $50 reward for each x 30 = $1,500

@sterryo @bgem @abby @Aniike