[Approved] 9jaMusical proposal for the months of June-August

Hello NEARians!

It has been a great past two months with reports for April and May.

Concerning the two reports/updates, we at 9jaMusical look forward to making this proposal span within three months. The reasons for this are

  1. Time to plan and hit our event goals 100% (Specifically, the Music competition). Planning/organizing a music competition/education activities attached within a month is very stressful and limits maximum success
  2. Help grow organically by implementing plans strategically

Our proposal is for the months of JUNE-AUGUST.


  1. Registering our community
  2. Social media management.
  3. Music competition/education


For us to actively reach out to a wider audience given our line of activities, the team deems it fit that we register 9jaMusical as a non-governmental organization. This will place us where we belong as to receiving sponsorship funds from NF. Also, give us authority in holding our events without fear. THE PROCEDURE AND COST TO REGISTER AN NGO IN NIGERIA | FOUNDATION REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS


Referencing our April report, it will be noticed that we have expanded to Six social media handles which all need good management hands


As we plan to use music to onboard people into the ecosystem, educate them and give way for music/NFT within Nigeria, we deem it fit to hold an open music competition for only +18s. Also, we have an upcoming Twitter space with Minting Music to help educate our community members. https://twitter.com/mintingmusic1/status/1531375839841079296?s=20&t=vWRa7GEFbSoESLqCBdFP8g

Proposal Details

S/N Activity/Platform Details Funds required
1 Registering as a Non-governmental organization Funds cover Registration and Lawyer fee $500
2 Social media management






Medium|This includes graphics work, other content, moderator compensation, and events on handles/rewards|$200 For Twitter for three month= $600

$200 for Telegram for three months=$600

$200 for Facebook/Instagram for three month= $600

$300 for Medium/Discord for three months=$900|
|3|Music competition|Funds will cover onboarding, rewards for winners, event hall/sound renting, branded swags, advertisements, and compensation for ground workers|Rewards for winners =$500

Event hall/sound system renting for four days within four weeks $200*4=$800


Compensation for ground workers=$200

Branded swags (shirts/caps=40)=$350

TOTAL FUNDS for three months=$5200|

Target wallet: 9jamusicalnftdao.sputnik-dao.near
Thanks, and we look forward to feedbacks

@marketingdao-council @Dacha @Klint


Happy to support. Have a great day :wink:


Thanks for your support!
We are ready to do more

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Great strategy for a massive project :muscle:

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Great sir! Would really love to see the outcome of this. wish you success

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Thanks mate.
How is your event going?

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Going well sir, thank you.

Also happy to support. Good luck with your plans


Thanks for the support sir.
We ready to do more!

Great work you doing there, lets keep the near community alive.

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@Klint @so608
How was your weekends?
What is your comment on our proposal?

Thanks, and waiting for your feedback.

Great work Sir @IgbozeIsrael

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Thanks Sir, we do more

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I’m happy to see your good works in spreading the good news of Near protocol to Nigeria. More good work sir. Congrats :tada::tada:

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Wish you all the best sir

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This project appears to be a great fit for the Creative Dao. I cannot support.

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Good day @Klint !
Our proposal has social media marketing, our music competition (which is marketing targeted) and the registration.

What aspect specifically do you deem fit for creative DAO sir?

Thanks for your proposal!

I’m willing to support this proposal, a couple of notes:

  • Please ensure that you provide monthly reports, even if the funding period is three months.
  • An important factor in approving three months was the relatively low amount per month
  • As much as possible, highlight how the NEAR tech stack is enabling music in Web3 - think of developers and users on other protocols as a target audience: can the work and accompanying content done by 9ja be something that the entire NEAR ecosystem can hold as an example of what is possible?

Moving this proposal to approved now. You can proceed with the AstroDAO poll


Thanks for finding value in our proposal.

Sure, we are going to give monthly report of activities.

We will push much more forward to accomplish this.

We do much more!

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Hello @marketingdao-council . thanks for finding value in our proposal.

Here is the AstroDAO poll link.