[report] 9ja musical april activities/further plans

Hello NEAR community!

The month of April was a great one for us at 9ja Musical. We received funding here. We attended the conference (details found here) and also had some activities on our social media handles on Twitter and on Instagram, Telegram these activities helped bring an increase of followers and knowledge about the ecosystem to our community members


After our normal session, we had a better time with a few students who gave interest in music and wanted to grow rapidly. This helped us to teach more about the ecosystem and bring them into the system carried out by OWS to get their hands on many aspects of the ecosystem.


Given that we had to travel back to our destinations, it has taken a long time to record and produce the songs by the three winners of the music competition. Though this will be done in the coming days.


As a body, we have decided to rebrand the official logo of 9ja Musical to what defines its association with the NEAR ecosystem.

Also, we plan on increasing our activities to launch full fledge into the world and no longer ‘hide’ under the umbrella of Tertiary institutions. We consider the recent presentation on Minting Music at the April Town Hall as additional gear to how we should take things seriously. By this, we have a road map that will take us a few months to achieve and make things possible by affecting the Ecosystem positively.

We have also given in to work hand in hand with OWS in fully onboarding people into the ecosystem and not just leaving them behind after an event.

We see our music competitions as a proper way of marketing the NEAR ecosystem to a wider range of people given the extent to which Music affects humans. Moving forward, we plan on bringing up a proper voting system for our competitions that will either be through the governance forum or the use of the NEAR wallet.

This is our road map summarised.

  1. Registering as a Non-governmental organization, will give us better power to carry out all activities with freedom within the country while being sponsored by the NF.

  2. Music competitions: This will grow us and spread the gospel of NEAR faster due to the spread of music worldwide.

  3. Raising more artists into the Music/NFT world

Thanks to @marketingdao-council for all the support so far and we are given to growing the community more.


Moving forward is the sole aim. The progress is see all over. The team is doing s great job

Good evening, Great job :muscle::muscle::muscle: