(report) 9jamusical for the month of june

Hello NEAR community!
Firstly, we apologise that this report is coming late…it was due to changes we needed to announce in the month’s report.

It will be recalled that for the month of May, we made this report [REPORT] 9jamusical report for the month of may - #3 by IgbozeIsrael and this proposal [Approved] 9jaMusical proposal for the months of June-August to engage us for the months of June to August.

We have come thus to report what happened in June.

  1. Social media activities
  2. Registration of our community with the government
  3. Our website

We had educative events, and materials available on all our channels with lead to the curves show below.




We moved to register with the government and it went successful and we are waiting the certificate of registration. Also, we had to change our name to be able to fit into the NGO category of which led to the new name; TNEsociety in short​:grin:
Despite we didn’t include building a website, the team decided to push for one and here we are with www.tnesociety.com
This will further make us more visible to the whole world.

Currently, we have a Twitter content contest, and an Instagram cover contest going on. Links to all handles are here HeyLink.me | TNEsociety. we are still changing all handles names and username. Should any handle is clicked and there is error display.
Also, our music competition to onboard more artists into web3 and the NEAR ecosystem is started with registration ongoing.

It was sad that a mistake on our side in requesting funding in NEAR caught us up in the volatility of the market, but the team has remained strong in carrying out all activities as mentioned in our proposal in May.

From hence, we will be known and all materials will display TNEsociety. This article explains more on the change of name WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT TNEsociety | by TNEsociety | Jul, 2022 | Medium

Thanks for all surport given thus far.


The month of june was filled with challenges. But still successful, we coming out stronger :muscle:.

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