Partnership Proposal from 9jaMusical

Hello creatives!
In our quest to onboard artists into web3 and the NEAR ecosystem primarily, we have had certain activities take place in the past. Our first journey began with Mintbase by December Last year, and as a community, we have grown to an extent.

We have had great social media activities, educating community members about web3, Music, and arts generally.

By this, we have an up coming event in August that is set to be our biggest so far after registering with the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The event is supposed to create an avenue for musicians and artist to show their talents and win prizes. Also get I boarded into the web3 space via Mintbase and NEAR ecosystem.

Link to our social media handles | 9jaMusical all in one. Also, we have our website in progress which will be unveiled in coming days.:grin:

Details of the proposal is found in the file below
9ja-1-1.pdf (341.9 KB)

Target wallet: 9jamusicalnftdao.sputnik-dao.near

We will be glad to answer questions to give a better understanding
@marianeu @reginamintbase


Hello Igboze, nice to read from you after such a long time!
You are in contact with @reginamintbase right? let me know if you need me at some moment.

My feedback for now would be:

we need to know the amount of funding you a looking for, a timeline & milestones.

Thank you

Hello @marianeu!
Specifications, timeline and amount are all found in the pitch deck attached.
I can screenshot to show you…but much more details are contained here

There is 500 USD but not written what for and when it should be paid - after completion of which tasks

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As stated but probably needs explanation, funds are to be used for inclusion of sponsors on all marketing mesh, in-depth classes with contestants about projects which include detailed use case of platforms, aiding prizes for winners of competition and to also help winning artists to have own store and little resources to start up their minting carriers.

Also, event is to begin from Fist week of August up to last week of August.
Hence funding will help publicity, and as stated above.

If funds are received from within the Month of July, its a good go for us.

…btw, our website laughing soon is going to link redirect to websites of funding projects.

Mentioned here… The pitch deck is generally made to pitch before different project, hence the summarised notes

Hi Igboze! Thanks for submitting the proposal. I think, as Maria said, we’d need to know a little more in detail what value would be added to the community. How many people are you expecting to onboard? How many NFTs will you be minting? What will the funds be used for? It’s ok if part of the funds go to general admin costs, but we need to understand what’s the benefit for the ecosystem. For example, XX NEAR to go to linkdrops to make contestants onboarding easier, 6.5 NEAR to deploy a store for the event, etc etc.

It would be great if you could be as specific as possible! And please note that this would only be paid after the event.

Thank you,

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Here are basics of our target.
We look forward to having 30+ contestants for the Music competition and 20 for the Arts Competition. This will mean a linkdrop of 0.16 NEAR for all contestants when they register (FREE) for the competition.
Further a linkdrop of 7 NEAR to all 5 Music contestants who make it to the final to have own store and mint their personal works moving forward.
For the Art Competition, first 5 best works be chosen and 7 NEAR linkdrop to open own store and further ahead with exploring minting their works.

All songs from Finals which will be self written songs, and Art works from event will be minted on our Official store and all artists added as royalties.

We look forward to also onboarding spectators/fans into the ecosystem via 0.16 linkdrop (we don’t want to push hard in this for now till first stage of the auditions so we can ascertain expected number) we have funds for spectator onbaording ATM.

All participants to go with branded T-shirts of sponsors (To be used during each finals) amounting to 50 (5)+

Also, we this time hiring Music producers and Music experts (we can pay) as judges for event.

First class with all contestants will be online to educate them and sponsors can be present too.

So to recap:

  • 0.16NEAR x 50 contestants.
  • 6.5NEAR x 5 winners to open a store

=42.5 NEAR (around $141 dol if NEAR =$3.5)

I think we can commit $300 to take into account the amount above + extra funds for admin costs and help with printing the t-shirts. Could you also include in your program a workshop (online preferably so other community members can join) to teach people how to deploy a store/ mint?

Wdyt @marianeu


Sounds reasonable for me - but this won’t be in a sponsoring, pre-paid, model. right? We can give out the neardrops but the 160 usd missing just after the event happened.

Does that sound ok for everyone? :slight_smile:

Yes, as mentioned, our first class will be online with all those that register for event.

Since it will be an open event, anyone can join to witness it

Well, funds are needed but since this is the model Mintbase operates in, we will work with that. The initial intention is sponsorship btw.

Cos we can’t put all weight on one body​:grin:.

Above all, we can cooperate with this.

Yes, that sounds good to me too. We can share the linkdrops ahead of the event and also the funds for store creation, the remaining $160 would be paid after the event.

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We will share update to when event is starting so link drops be available.

Overall, event is starting by First week of August.

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Great, thank you so much!

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@reginamintbase trust you have been good?

We have began the competition process and the need for the NEAR DROP links for opening wallets will be needed.

We have first class with all contestants this weekend, and we hoping to begin usage.
If this will be possible now, we will appreciate

Hello! Just sent you the 50 links via DM, as agreed.

Keep us posted and send pics :slight_smile: Good luck for the event

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Thanks, and sorry for late reply. We have a call on sunday. It’s weekend but if you can attend, I will send link via DM. Thanks

Ops sorry I couldn’t make it! How did it go?

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The class went well.
We will try have the next one within work days so anyone online can attend.

Having first stage of the competition this Sunday!

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