[report] 9ja musical music competition

Hello NEAR community!
I first apologise that this report is coming in late.

It’s a fact that we started our journey here. The music competition started well and all activities as said were carried out.
It came to a point where we needed more funding to onboard more people into the ecosystem and we had this additional support from @FritzWorm. Further more towards the final stage of the competition, we needed more funding again to onboard new people and @Dacha helped our after this post.
We started out with 20 registered singers for the audition, held for two days. 10 people advanced to the next stage, 2 were eliminated and 8 proceeded to the next stage. 2 people were also dropped after this stage and 6 made it to the finals. After the finals, we had three winners. @Omotola first. @KJay second and @Sheksman third.
We’re producing their original songs at the studio presently and will be done by this week.
Details of the onboarded wallets, videos of seminar are found here


  1. Due to the fact that the proposal wasn’t approved on time, and we kept to the date we proposed, he had to include activation into the main event which slowed down our speed.
  2. It was a little hitch getting required gadgets to rent and carry out all activities effectively. Especially a projector.
  3. There was little time to educate the students in details.


  1. We planned on having an activation period before main event in future
  2. Possible purchase of projector to help intensify seminars.
  3. Proper schedule of proposal/event days will be made such that our planning will work effectively.
    Also, using NEARDROP for onboarding new people will save us stress of manually onboarding them.

Team members that helped during the events are @Vicky @Veekish @Jeromemrys.

The event was a huge success and we plan on having a more educative event again to keep the students up to date with knowledge of the ecosystem and NFTs.
Special thanks to @marianeu who has been putting us through and overseen this event.

Also @Dacha and @FritzWorm for their support.


Hello everyone. My name is Omotola. And I am the winner of the 9ja musical competition. I want to thank you for the opportunity and for the awareness on blockchain and NFTs. It was an enriching enlightenment. Thank you.


It’s awesome your singing ability. More great things to come.


Nice work bro got lots of positive responses from BUK loving the program


Thank you, Sir.
We do more…

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Hey people, I’m Jeremiah a.k.a KJay I came in first runner up of the 9ja musicals competition. I appreciate the effort the organizers, opportunity to express talent and the awareness given on blockchain, mintbase and the Near community. I look forward to more of Near protocol in my local community. Thanks again.


One song done and minted on mintbase.

Song by @Sheksman third place.


Awesome report . Thank You :wave::wave::wave:

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Hello @Dacha you can purchase this song :grin: la. It’s from the event


This was massive, I just kept listing to the song over and over. While we await the production of the remaining two guys, let’s make this song go viral. As we work MAYBE on the video soon.


Hi everyone it’s @Sheksman 2nd runner up…am really grateful for been a part of this awesome opportunity


You should request access to it

It’s not hidden Bro.
You are the first to day its hidden.

@KJay’s song minted

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@Dacha, @FritzWorm could you check this out la​:grin:


@Omotola’s song.

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