[ANNOUNCEMENT] DAOHAUS - DAO collaboration event @ NEARcon

Event name: DAO HAUS

Event date: September 14th, 2022
6pm-2am / 18:00-2:00

Venue: Arroz Estudios

DAO HAUS is a multi-DAO collaborative creative mixer and educational event organised by DAOs on NEAR. DAO HAUS creates a space for various NEAR ecosystem contributors and newcomers to the web3 space to enjoy games, education, art, and music related to Decentralised Autonomous Organisations.

So far we have the following DAOs involved as collaborators and we are open to proposals and collaborations with any other DAOs in the Creatives DAO Ecosystem:

The Kin DAO will be premiering "METAOPOLY"
Metaoploy is collaborative DAO education game, both physical and digital, created and hosted by The Kin DAO in an effort to teach foundational DAO concepts through play. Metaopoloy is the opposite of Monopoloy and encourages collaboration over competition. With the intention of expanding awareness around DAOs contributing to the NEAR ecosystem, Metaopoly will facilitate an opportunity for different communities to connect through experiential learning. On Sept 14th at DAO Haus, the first phase of Metaoploy will be released in the form of a life sized game board alongside our beta virtual game available for anyone online.

We are still awaiting some confirmations but we have lined up a diverse showcase of local and interantional acts that include:

Whole Ball of Wax
Rhyme Taylor
Arroz Residents @StevenR & @lvgs759

Costs for the event are being collectively funded from the various DAOs, so this post will act as a point of reference for that, as well as information about the event.

Initial design/artwork for the event, created by @ted.iv


Thank you for making this post @ted.iv! We are so excited about this collaboration, see you all soon! :slight_smile:


Full Line-up announced!
See you tomorrow in Arroz Estúdios

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