Collaboration on DeFi4DAOs in Near (motionDAO and muti.DAO)

Hello friends, I this is Marlon from MotionDAO. I have been in conversation with Tabea about the importance of Defi knowledge and actions for DAOs in the Near ecosystem.

MotionDAO would love to realize a joint venture creating a series of three one hour workshops: one a month for three months we will get together and invite a DeFi specialist or facilitator on the topics.

We will do it in a partnership MotionDAO/Muti.DAO.
We will provide the Zoom space and link you, we will distribute in our networks and social media channels. We will invite other DAOs. We are excited to have @chloe as the first speaker.
We request 8.19 $mmj from muti.DAO and MotionDAO will send half of it back to MotionDAO.

The tentative date for the event is May 24th at 1pm EDT / 6pm GMT.
We will be creating the design of the Event.
Looking forward to start this collaboration.
In Motion,


Looks awesome, looking forward to learning more about DeFi & passing it on to the other DAOs. I will post updates such as the event here once it has been created!

Feel free to request 8.19 $mmj from our Astro DAO to your DAO :slight_smile:


Great initiative!! Which social media can i get announce and updates to share with our community? :slight_smile:


We’ll share the links here once they are created and then you can share them :):slight_smile:


Event link is here :slight_smile: Info for sign up is in available in the event. DeFi For DAOs - with Chloe The Dev

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