[PROPOSAL] Travel Funding for NEARCon Metaopoly Multi-DAO Collaboration Event

Travel Funding for NEARCon Metaopoly Multi-DAO Collaboration Event

Hello NEAR Community!

After The Kin DAO x Primordia DAO’s successful event in NFT.NYC where we distributed 103 wallets, 153 NFTs, collected 246 emails, and distributed 320 tickets, we would like to propose to receive support for our Metaopoly Multi-DAO Collaboration Event at NEARCon!

This proposal to the community is to request for travel funding to NEARCon to support The Kin DAO team of 5 in travel expenses, enabling us to successfully host this event, and sponsor NEARCon tickets to the collaborating DAOs participating in this event.

Goals & Objectives:

The Kin DAO provides onboarding education to existing social good projects, uses creativity to shift collective value systems, and develops regenerative systems that can be implemented both on the blockchain and in real life. Our project intends to collectively purchase farm land where we can implement, practice and refine our For Product Model. The For Product Model is a system created by our co-founder @Patrick-T-Anderson , where communities can trade work in exchange for land ownership using NFTs and our developing token EarthChange as tools in our decentralized governance structures. Our long term goal is to use blockchain technology to construct real life, decentralized systems where living communities can produce self sustainable micro economies. To help us better explain the For Product Model, our team has been developing a game called Metaopoly. Metaopoly is essentially the opposite of Monopoly where participants use collaboration and shared ownership to achieve success.

Metaopoly is a cross collaborative DAO educational event organized and hosted by DAOs operating on NEAR at NEARCon. The intention is to expand awareness around the established creative DAOs contributing to the NEAR ecosystem while merging different communities through educational play.

Metaopoly will be introduced to the NEAR community while simultaneously educating guests through play. During this event the Metaopoly game will be simplified and curated to reflect DAO functioning on NEAR. A life sized game board at the physical event will be created alongside a digital game board in The Kin DAO NEARhub space. This will create an opportunity for guests to enjoy the game while learning about DAOs. Other established DAOs on NEAR will participate in the event through game play, opportunities for speaking introductions and hosting booth spaces to educate and engage with guests.

Patricipating DAOs:

  • The Kin DAO - @adrianseneca @godofnfts @Patrick-T-Anderson
    • The Kin DAO uses blockchain technology to bring equitable systems to the physical through Art, Collective Land Stewardship and Regenerative Systems Creation. The Kin DAO has been operating on NEAR since September 2021 and has since hosted 4 successful events and has onboarded over 40 DAOs to NEAR.
    • Website: https://www.thekindao.com
  • Marmaj DAO - @chloe @Monish016
    • The Marmaj Foundation leverages Web3 technology to support social good initiatives in the Web3 space. Their goal is to spread love and positivity by developing and managing various projects that support the open web ecosystem. The Marmaj Foundation has been operating on NEAR since July 2021 and have continuously provided the NEAR ecosystem with education, engaging content and impactful support.
    • Website: https://marmaj.org
  • Muti DAO - @tabear
    • Muti DAO is a creative collective that organizes multi-disciplinary events in Portugal, which combine various different art forms. They want to blend the digital with the physical in a positive way and incentivize cultural movements in rural areas of Portugal. Muti DAO has been operating on NEAR since August 2021.
    • Website: https://muticollective.org
  • Incubadora DAO - @frnvpr
    • Incubadora DAO is a platform that aims to create a laboratory of experimentation in arts and technology by developing collaborations between artists, academics, curators, creatives and cultural professionals through technology. They have been operating on NEAR since November 2021 and intend to devise emancipatory solutions and help reshape the ecosystem of traditional art using Blockchain and DeFi technologies.
    • Website: https://incubadoradao.org
  • Cudo DAO - @hevertonharieno
    • Cudo DAO is an annex of CUDO FILMES created to be an artistic platform where immigrants can express themselves and professionally produce their work. Focused on audiovisuals made by Brazilian living in Portugal, they welcome and support producers from all over the world to produce works and made them available as NFT’s on NEAR. CUDO DAO has been operating on NEAR since August 2021 inspiring outstanding collaborations and audio visual content to the ecosystem.
    • Website: https://cudodao.cudofilmes.com
  • CODAME DAO - @starpause
    • CODAME celebrates creativity through inspiring experiences with events workshops, art galleries, performances, and installations. CODAME is most known for the annual ART+TECH Festival running since 2010 and has been operating as a DAO on NEAR since June 2021.
    • Website: https://codame.com
  • Garden Collective DAO - @ted.iv
    • Garden Collective DAO is a collective of like-minded people building a platform for artists to create, share, and collaborate across all areas of culture. Founded in Cork, Garden collective is now made up of a diverse group of people based in Lisbon. The youngest of our partnering DAOs, Garden Collective has been operating on NEAR since February 2022 but has been in operation as a collective since 2017.
    • Website: The DAO - Garden Collective

Where: Lisbon, Portugal


  • Travel Dates: September 3rd - September 16th
    • In order to accomplish our events, we like to arrive at minimum on week before an event to get settled, understand the environment, walk the venue and get all of the supplies needed. (Sept 3rd-Sept 10th) Then we would like to attend NEARCon and any other events associated with it afterwards while giving us adequate time to rest and prepare to travel home (Sept 11th-Sept 16th).
  • Event Date: September 10th, 1pm-6pm


NEARCon is the biggest NEAR event of the year where thousands of NEAR community leaders gather in one space from around the world. We believe it is important for established creative DAOs that have been operating on, supported by, and contributing to NEAR should have a presence at this gathering. While our contributions are vast, we feel that our presence in the NEAR ecosystem could be far greater and this a step in making that happen. Through this event, we offer the opportunity for different NEAR communities from varying background to connect, understand one another and learn about DAOs together.

Target Audience: NEAR Natives & Newbies attending NEARCon who are interested in learning about DAOs.

NF Brand Alignment:

  • NF as the Web3 leader in usability
  • The NF believes in a multi-chain future in which interoperable blockchains work collaboratively to build simple, scalable, and secure ways to onboard the world to Web 3.
  • NF as a champion of DEI to decentralize power (eg: social impact, marginalized communities, DAO education)
  • NF Funding as the fund for the future of the creator economy (eg: NFT education, empowerment of creatives)


  • Onboard 150-200 NEAR Wallets
  • Distribute 150-200 NEAR NFTs
  • 250K Total Twitter Impressions on promotional content for event
  • Grow The Kin DAO Twitter to 900 Followers
  • Host 200-300 Event Guests
  • Highlight & Engage 5+ Established DAOs on NEAR
  • Deliver 1 Digital Interactive Game
  • Deliver 1 Physical Interactive Game
  • Expanded awareness around established creative DAOs operating on NEAR.


If approved, payouts can be made:

Total directly to The Kin DAO for further distribution —> thekindao.sputnik-dao.near


$16,700 —> thekindao.sputnik-dao.near

$600 (2 tickets) —> marmaj.sputnik-dao.near

$600 (2 tickets) —> muti.sputnik-dao.near

$600 (2 tickets) —> cudo.sputnik-dao.near

$600 (2 tickets) —> garden-collective.sputnik-dao.near

$600 (2 tickets) —> incubadora.sputnik-dao.near

$300 (1 tickets) —> codame.sputnik-dao.near

Thank you so much for your consideration!

  • $1600 per flight? Would you like to take a business class?

  • Hotel 13 days? Do you know the NEARCon dates: Sep 11 - 14, 4 days! Not 13 days.

  • You are now qualified for pier Diem because you are not an NF employee.

  • What stands for childcare, and why should NF pay?

@illia @marieke.flament @creativesdao-council @marketingdao-council


Absolutely not - travel from SFO to Lisbon, Economy Class with no extras is around $1600:

Yup, I explained that here:

We were not aware that daily funds for things such as travel and food were inappropriate to request for as we were approved in our last proposal of this nature for exactly that.

Childcare stands for full time care of 2 children for 15 days, actually done by another DAO we have onboarded into the ecosystem as we pull in essential skills to Web3. You can see our explanation below for childcare in our last approved proposal of this nature. In short - in order for NEAR to be an inclusive space for women and mothers to give their contributions, the invisible labor of raising the next generation must be recognized and supported, otherwise Web3 continues to be a male dominated space.


Not true. All round trip tickets bellow $1000


Could you share the search engine you are using? Flight costs are known to vary based on location of search, how often searched etc. I have been watching the prices for a few weeks so that could contribute to my search results being higher. I also predict, if we were to get approved, we would not get funding for another couple of weeks in which flights will most likely rise. We most commonly fly with United as we have membership with them but would be more than happy to adjust and get more affordable flights if we can access them.



This isn’t going ignored, don’t worry.

We’re working on a travel (and events, hint hint) grant programme which should be up and running soon.

Will share that here and advise as to the best route for funding.


Thanks @David_NEAR We appreciate you :slight_smile:


New Moderators also submit our proposal !

Hope to see you all in Lisbon :slight_smile: