Where is NEAR over the next week!?

Hey everyone, here with your weekly NEAR events fix!

Los Angeles, CA USA

  • February 11: Rehydr8 & NEAR : The Intersection of Web3 and Well-being - A 4.5-hour event developed to introduce PodLabs Rehydr8 to the local wellness and tech communities in the heart of Los Angeles. RSVP here. Supported by the NF Community Event Grants program.

Tokyo, Japan

  • February 14: Web3 @ AWS Startup Loft Tokyo - Jacob Lindhal will present NEAR to the Japanese audience at the fireside chat “What is the company? What do you do at the company? What are your company’s goals for 2023?“.

Barcelona, Spain


  • February 15: Flex-A-Tech Hackathon - A new kind of regular hackathon presented by Ready Layer One & NEAR. The goal is not to have generic hackathons but to highlight great ecosystem tools from the community and Pagoda.

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