Curious about Where NEAR is going to be in the next few weeks?

:computer: Hack Summit - March 31 - April 1: Virtual event.

  • Full agenda here; register for free with the code NEAR
  • Apr 1, 11 am PST Illia will be presenting NEAR’s vision for the future and the BOS
  • Apr 1, 10 am PST Fireside Chat w/ Alex Shevchenko, Co-Founder of Aurora

DAO Tokyo - April 13: BD team to attend

NEAR in HK - April 14, 9:30 am -12:30 pm: The first NEAR meetup in HK with a full schedule of talks and panels to explore how NEAR brings mainstream adoption of the Open Web. Organized by Lit Tech. More info TBD.



Is there a way to create BOS Bounties for ETH Tokyo? I’ll be flying up.

Also, I’ve applied for DAO Tokyo but it seems like it is sold out. I’ll DM you see if I can squeeze in :wink:


There won’t be a Near presence at ETH Tokyo, however I’m happy to discuss what you have in mind, what this could possibly look like and if it makes sense :slight_smile:


NEAR is freaking everywhere, you love to see it (L) :heart_eyes: