Where's NEAR At?! Upcoming Events

GM gang, below is a list of events the NF or NEAR Community will have a presence at over the coming weeks.

Missed one? Feel free to throw your events in the comments!

GM! Want to meet members of the NEAR Foundation and community IRL? Drop by any of the following events and come and say hello. :wave:

November 17-18: Slush (Finland) - The world’s leading Web2 startup event; Alex S. (Aurora) speaks at Open Protocol (an official side event, the flagship Web3 event at Slush 2022).

November 18 Digital Assets and Crypto Regulation Symposium (UK) - Marieke Flament will be speaking about the best ways to access investment opportunities in the crypto space.

November 23-24 Next Block Expo - (Berlin) - Sonke Busch, NEAR Foundation’s Head of Product will be speaking about the challenges of onboarding to web3 and the approach NEAR Protocol takes.

November 28 - Crypto and Digital Assets Summit: Winter Edition (UK) - Marieke will be speaking on a panel about how safe and inclusive is crypto payments.

December 1-2 Art Basel Miami (USA) - The Foundation will have a large presence at the annual art fest, including an NFT Gallery, Speaking content, a Partner expo, and Networking happy hours.

RSVP for Art Basel here


Good job guys. I look forward to the day an event is hosted in Africa too.

That would be lovely.

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We in Africa are waiting to meet NF live too :blush:

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I’m sure there’ll be an event in that part of the world soon! :earth_africa:


Welcome back @David_NEAR

How was your lil break :blush:

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