Where is Near this week?! (April 12)

Hi all - it’s time for a weekly update on Where NEAR is in the following week, and it is shaping up as a dynamic week. Read on!

DAO Tokyo April 13: NF BD team to attend - Robbie Lim

ETHTokyo April 14-16: NF BD team to attend Robbie Lim

NEAR in HK April 14, 9:30 am -12:30 pm: Organized by Lit Tech. Mark Mi from NF to attend.

NFT NYC April 12-14: BD team to attend Sam Wang, Lei Lei, Maggie Sun

The Fashion DAO X NEAR Event During NFT.NYC April 14, 9 am - 12 pm: Brought to you by The Fashion DAO, supported by NEAR Foundation. Use the code ‘TFDfriend’ to register.

Web3 Hackathon with Arkweave, NEAR, Gelato and Context (Barcelona, Spain) April 14: David J & Guillermo to mentor the University Hackathon.

Ethereum Zurich April 14-16: Yessin to speak on From Ethereum to NEAR, a journey between friendly siblings. (Friday, April 14)