Where is NEAR this week?

Want to know where NEAR will be this week and into January?

Here are the latest events and appearances. If you’re around, make sure to come say hello!

London, UK

  • Jan 19 (5:30pm): London Blockchain Summit - Marieke Flament will be a keynote Speaker covering her “Journey to Web3 and Beliefs on the Future of the Web3 space.”
    • Tickets can be found here here (use the code 'NEAR’ to claim free access)
  • January 21: London Blockchain Summit Bootcamp & Hackathon - Led by Altan Tutar, this bootcamp and hackathon will provide an overview of the NEAR Protocol and how to start building on NEAR.

Davos, Switzerland

  • January 16-20: DAVOS/WEF - Lei Lei from the Business Development team will be in attendance. A panel with ESG DAO and an whiskey-tasting event are in the pipeline.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

  • January 28: Rehydr8 & NEAR - The Intersection of Web3 and Well-being. A 4.5-hour event developed to introduce PodLabs Rehydr8 to the local wellness and tech communities in the heart of Los Angeles. Supported by the NF Community Event Grants program.

One day, Near is gonna come to Africa; the whole world awaits.